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Boredom Busters: Summer fun for Kids…

July 9, 2008

Here’s our second idea from the ‘big list’ to beat the summer duds and doldrums.

Help your kids put on their own Kid’s Camp!

We’ve managed it twice so far. First Sassy makes handmade invitations. She then delivers them to with kids up and down our street. They read like a birthday party invite, so of course everyone’s thrilled. They add: cost is $1 per kid. (Yeah, don’t usually add that for birthdays, eh…?). Mom has already fronted the cash for some dollar store crafts. Sassy and Sadie then make up some P-nut butter rice crispies, and (after finding out one of the little boys up the street is a diabetic) Sugar-free Kool-Aide.

Once the kids show up, they are divided into three groups (which my daughters insist on calling ‘centers’—school language these days has changed eh?) One group to the garage for chalk art and giant bubble blowing contests. Second group to the backyard for swinging fun and splashing in the kiddy pool. And last group was supposed to be at the art station.

BUT… have you seen the little make it yourself bouncy ball kits?

I thought they seemed like the perfect craft for kids to make and then TAKE outside, right? Wrong.

They do work up easy enough, just pour in mold (only one comes in the kit however), and dip in water. (Weird? The scientist in me really wants to know what the heck the reaction in water is doing!?) Here’s the but part. They take a while to dry out and be usable…as in play OUTSIDE with?? Plus I really had to do all the craft part, the tiny dust/beads were hard for little fingers to pour into the ONLY mold. And ONLY one person could be making one at a time…

Back to the camp.

After a few rotations. And the snacks were well eaten, (and the kids were well soaked from the splashing part). It was time for Ice Pops, and good byes.

Including mine, there were 11 kids total. And enough money to buy supplies for the next round…

As if.

But it does get some serious creative juices flowing in my kids for the preparation part. They planned everything out down to the last crumb. And they get so excited on the actual ‘camp’ day, it’s great to watch them!