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One Thousand Gifts

December 7, 2009

holy experience
I just came across this site… Holy Experience
and it’s not like I need an excuse to make a Gratitude list..
But this is SUPER intriguing… 1000 gifts? #onethousandgifts on twitter…?
goodncrazy blue dots

I’m going to start here and take it to twitter.

What are you grateful for?


  1. Long Drives with my family.
  2. quick trips to the grocery store.
  3. christmas in the city.
  4. small town charm.
  5. older children’s love of traditions (even small ones).
  6. younger children’s absolute and unshakable faith.

Thanksgiving With Joshua Bell

November 21, 2009
I’m Thankful for…

PhotobucketPeople who are building homes and remodeling. Why? Because they are keeping my husband in a job and therefore keeping our family warm.

Photobucket20 year olds who make the decision to go to college and become school teachers… even though they know the salary sucks, and benefits are getting worse. Why? Because they are teaching my children and sharing their dreams with mine.

PhotobucketA country of freedom, where immigrants are welcome. Why? Because my great-great grandparents didn’t grow up in this country… instead they immigrated here and I DID.

PhotobucketReligious bigotry in a country built on Religious Freedom. Why? Because the founders of my religion were likely made stronger as they were forced from their homes, banded together and eventually walked across the plains to create a new home. In the process deepening and solidifying their own beliefs, laying the foundations and organization of which my family is benefiting.

PhotobucketAll the changes and uprooting and moving during my married life. Why? Because I know literally hundreds of people all over the country I call Friend. Thank you for being part of our lives.

goodncrazy blue dots

May your life be filled with blessings and may you realize the story behind your blessings.

Here’s a Thanksgiving Treat for you.

joshua bell at home with friends violin music for Thanksgiving

If you click on the image above it will
open a pop up live streaming window!

Joshua Bell’s new album:
At Home With Friends

It’s great music for Thanksgiving Turkey Making!
The music is calm and moving and perfect for family time on a holiday.
(Plus, I am so in love with the Sting song…)
We will be putting up our Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving Day to this music.

When do you decorate?


Sony Music is offering one copy of Joshua Bell’s CD
to one GoodNCrazy reader!


REQUIRED: Please leave a comment…
Tell me at least one thing you are grateful for!

OPTIONAL: Click the tweet message below and share the giveaway with your friends! (Leave a second comment with your twitter time stamp)

Joshua Bell’s New CD is perfect for Thanksgiving! You can livestream it plus enter to win your own copy!

NOTE: Contest is closed.


Entries are due Thanksgiving day (November 26th) by 9PM PST. No purchase necessary to enter. Winners will be selected by me via You may enter your twitter option once per day. Entries are invalid if there is no email attached.
The winner will be notified and have 24 hours to confirm receipt of the email. If no response is received within 24 hours, another winner will be selected. Open to participants 18 years and older.

*disclosure: Sony Music provided a copy of Joshua Bell’s CD for my family.
*photo credit: yeragh

Do you RA(w)K?

December 5, 2008

RAK= Random Acts of Kindness.

Do you RA(w)K?

Random Acts

Small or big?

Here’s my plan. To actively find (at least) one RAK everyday for the month of December. Will I blog about each one…? Probably not. I hope to have some RAK for the bloggy world too… hmm have to get creative about that eh?

Here’s one big thing my family is doing this year. We found through our little town an organized program where you ‘adopt’ a family. You get the clothing sizes and the genders of the family members and maybe some small items on a wish list. You then do the shopping for these items, wrap them up and bring them in for the organization to deliver. Talk about the perfect thing to do with my family this year.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for us this year, nothing awful, ups and downs and lately I’m having a hard time listening to the me me me whines coming from three three three little kids. They will get so much more out of picking out a Christmas for another family, than continually whining and picking out more more more for themselves.

How about something small I’m doing? This might sound evil or selfish but honestly I am working on patience while standing in long lines this year especially when there are *not so smart* people ahead of me or whatever… Sure I’ll let someone in line ahead of me and all that… but my big..okay little RAK is to be kind while in line.

And for you?

Some girly shops. Why? Because you RA(w)K.

Dusty’s Designs.
Lately people have been asking –how can I get a great little 125×125 button, or –I just need an etsy banner or –how about a new holiday themed blogger header? My friends, this is the place. She makes these for $5, and from what I can see she will work up a custom banner in awesome style! FIVE DOLLARS? WhooHoo! Nicole is behind these great graphics!
I met this next shop girly gal via twitter when I noticed her talking about fabric…well of course I had to follow her and find out what/why/how…
Sweet Girl Boutique is her shop, and if you dig a bit you’ll find her fabric shop too! Are we in heaven? Girly stuff AND fabric? Yes.
And for the girly girl’s stomach? Wow, I’m in heaven looking through these. I think the grapeseed infused oils will make awesome gifts… I’ll be keeping one for myself, TYVM.
See Kristie’s Wildtree site.

And last… I love Funky Finds. I’ve had conversations with the girly girl behind this one and she cracks me up and finds awesome items. I see coupons and discounts over there right now… go take a look…


And remember..
reminders from the dashboard (RAK 3)
Photo generously allowed by Jill Allyn @ flickerJillAllyn


Church Chat

November 23, 2008

I often see bloggers who write about feeling guilty for not posting.

I don’t feel that kind of guilt.

I have neglected my personal blog for a few weeks. But I have been on a big internet ride lately. Twitter has sucked me in.
MommyGossip-GNO has taken off …..and wow?

A great idea about 2 weeks ago… Became a full fledged fundraiser this week. $1400 was raised for More than 10 people donated auction items and door prizes, and over 50 people donated cash. I was still getting requests to donate items DURING the twitter #GNO event on Tuesday night! I have truly met some amazing, caring, giving people.

So instead of guilt I give you forgiveness.

Have you read this book?
The author describes a current day husband and wife who are struggling with their relationship. He uses the story of Abigail and Nabal from 1 Samuel in the Bible, to help explain why forgiveness is important for YOU the reader.

Okay. Now to explain.

A few posts down (I intend to remove the post so look now) I wrote about a current financial frustration we are dealing with. And my internet pals came out of the woodwork to wish me better luck and some even have been doing a search themselves to help with the problem! (see I told you, amazing people.)

Not that I didn’t want some sympathy and help even. It’s just that, after writing and then answering some questions from folks about our situation. I began to feel really sick about it all.


My husband has a terrific job. He makes plenty of money to cover our very normal lifestyle. Both of us have college degrees and I am confident should we go under a certain point financially I will simply go out and get a job and the problem will literally be solved. My children are healthy (yes I’m knocking on wood). My husband loves me very much, he tells me every day. I have a gigantic extended family who I am also confident would help us out in any way they could.

An aside: While we lived in NYC I often walked around homeless people, I sometimes gave change sometimes not. I often thought, what if that were me? But I could never really imagine it, because I knew if I were ever so down and out I could always call 2 sets of parents, 9 siblings, and over 60 cousins. Talk about a safety net.

Back to my point.

There is an unbelievable amount of people out there who are so much worse off than we are. Yes I have gripes and complaints and even fears. But I am safe. And warm. And well fed. And well loved. And this Thanksgiving, I am grateful for my home.

The worst of it– is when asked point blank. “Are you guys going to be okay?” I realized I had really screwed up. My biggest fear with the whole can’t sell our house?
What if we won’t be able to fully fund our 401K next year? Isn’t that awful?

Please forgive me.

We just found out our little town here sponsors an ‘adopt a family’ at Christmas time. I am so on board. Are you?


YO-YO! Yoga-ahhhh.

September 25, 2008

I took my first yoga class in college.
It was the only class the pre-hubby and I could find
that we could take together.

Bowling? Nope. Bad time.
Golf? Nope. Already filled.
So, off to yoga we went.

He was a trooper and did his best.

However, I….. was hooked.

One year later in Brooklyn, I found a yoga class where the instructor was everything a good granola yogic teacher should be. I took that class right up until my belly from my first pregnancy was about to pop. I had an awesome set of lungs by the end after all that ‘Fire Breath’ stuff.

On and off since, I’ve been able to take some yoga classes, but never like that… Once a week, Every week, with NOTHING more important? But 3 kids later, fat droopy butt, and too many afterschool activities? In short. It’s been years.

And my 30-ish body has had enough.

That, and we found a seriously affordable gym here in my new town, new life.


Was the first day of my renewed love affair with my spurned lover.
And it felt good.
And I vow to be loyal.
And I HURT all over!


All photos taken by hubby, Seth. Yes. That really is me. In all my glory…Ha!

Ode To My New Life

September 3, 2008

My little boy was very excited to get his ‘’ back.

But I am soooo much more excited happy mirthful joyous delighted to get ALL of YOU back!

And that brings me to a little list. I’ve been composing it for several days now. It goes something like this.

Reasons I am loving my new life:

One} We had to buy a new microwave (at the old house it was built in). And this new micro? It has the button I have been coveting for FOUR LONG years….wanna know what it is?

(Whisper this)
“Add 30 Seconds”

Two} My kids live close enough to their new school to WALK!
Now. If it rains or snows or is just friggin’ cold, yes I will be happy to drive them the .7 miles. But did you hear me? They WALK TO SCHOOL!

Three} My husband’s new commute time is 4.8 minutes. MINUTES! I say ‘GET A BIKE’!

Four} I just got internet back today. ‘Nuff Said.
But I’ll say more anyway. I had DSL before. And this is through cable. So far? MUCH FASTER.

Five} They have a community pool here, I know, who doesn’t? But um…THIS pool is geothermally heated and outdoor and open YEAR round. (Gets mighty cold here, so I’m dying to see how this all works out?)

Six} I mentioned this in the last post. But it’s so great it needed to be mentioned again. There are KIDS. SAME ages as my kids, just up the street. I have a whole post to do about the Mormon network when you move. And as amazing as it was to find a kid family so close, it is totally rockin’ amazing to find out they are LDS? Now THAT’s a small world.

Seven} I just found out that the elementary school my big kids are attending….had PRE-K. Oh this is big. Big as in, just found out there’s a Jo-Anns here(there is). Even bigger? I just found out they have ONE SPOT LEFT in PRE-K! He can go to pre-school in the SAME building as my older kids. Think about that. Still doing extra pick ups, but everyone in the same place each morning….wow.

Eight} I have sunsets. Oh you have those too? Well I have SUNSET, sunsets. EVERY night. Right outside my one hundred windows with a view of TWO (yes 2!) lakes. Seriously every night I’ve been here (that would be 5 total) THIS is what greets me every evening!

This is SOOC, I don’t have my elements back up on the laptop after the big Summer Crash ’08. But OH what I could do with it if I just had my photoshop back up?? If you don’t know what SOOC means…then you don’t know my friend Pioneer Woman… And no she doesn’t need a plug from me, with her 4,000 comments…ahem.

Nine} Here’s one more and it maybe could have gone in up with the hubby commute item? But it’s just so good it gets it’s own list item….

Are you curious….?

Still with me….?

Okay. The coolest thing in my new life? My husband came HOME for lunch yesterday. Yup that’s it. The absolute coolest thing I could possibly think of. I made him my crazy yummy vegetarian salad. And then. Something I never would have even put on a wish list of cool things…. HE UNLOADED the dishwasher while on this unthinkable lunch break at home! He did. You think I’m making this up don’t you? Oh and just to get one more dig in…. He came home for lunch again today. All of that 1.2 miles, for lunch, with me.

I could get used to Oregon.

But watch out,
there might be a ‘things I don’t love so much about my new life’ post in the near future.