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Church Chat: Grace Defined

November 14, 2009

Fill in the Blank:

_____________ is a Virtue.
Here’s how my list sorted out.

  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Charity
  • Humor
  • Trustworthyness
  • Forgiveness
  • Loyalty
  • Candor
  • Balance
  • Self-Respect

But recently I read an article about Grace, by Clyde Williams. Grace as a virtue. Hunhh? I hadn’t really thought about that. I’ve often thought about the word grace.

In the LDS religion we definitely believe in the version of Grace that generally means Christ’s loving sacrifice and Atonement, or Saving Grace. But we also believe that ‘Grace’ alone is not enough. We tend to emphasize the DOING part.

A scripture from the Book of Mormon (a book of scripture we believe to be another testament of Christ) says: “It is by Grace we are saved, AFTER all we can do.” Service, charity, our own humility…

Another definition of Grace is like the beautiful graceful dancer. Or one with proper etiquette. We joke when someone trips: ‘Way to go Grace!’

But Grace as a virtue kind of has me intrigued and confused.
This definition goes something like:

PhotobucketGrace is a sense of what is right and proper. It is a disposition to act with kindness, courtesy or clemency. —Webster online dictionary

So here’s my question:

Do you know someone like this? Someone who employs this kind of Grace? A person who Fills in the blank of their life with Virtues?

goodncrazy blue dots

Deep Thought Time.
I kind of think it’s a bit like comparing the word Smart vs Wisdom.
Is a smart person necessarily one of wisdom?

How about:
(Insert virtue here) vs Grace.

Is a kind person gracious? A courageous person, or patient, or honest….
Talk amongst yourselves.