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How Do You Help A Friend In Need?

November 4, 2009

Oh my gosh.
If anyone ever asks me again…

“What is Twitter for…?”

balloons by the sea by beth retro.I’ll show them this.
A few days ago I got some bad news and I tweeted…..


“Help… If you just found out a friend had a late term miscarriage… What would you get for her?

There were 30+ responses, from fabulous ideas and websites to the simple and sweet and even one: {{{HUGS}}} more to help me with my feelings…

Nancy BrownPreemieMiracle
@CarissaRogers Lots of chocolate. A journal and some tissue

kathryn jennexnorthernchick
@CarissaRogers a beautiful new journal and pen

Kemi IngramMOMboTV
@CarissaRogers A ‘Baby Loss Comfort Kit’ from Earth Mama Angel Baby….

@CarissaRogers I would come to her home and cook and clean and watch her kids, if possible.

Carrie Bellmadcapz
CarissaRogers Sorry to hear that. I’d get some lotions, bubble bath, something indulgent she wouldn’t normally get herself.

Danny BrownDannyBrown
@CarissaRogers Oh dear, so sorry Carissa, my thoughts with your friend. Sorry can’t think of anything except love and support 😦

L Sellersshortpumppreppy
@CarissaRogers ((hugs))

simone jacelonsimoneabuzz
@CarissaRogers Ideas for your friend

@CarissaRogers These ladies offer great advice for difficult situations like that:

PJ KaiserDoublelattemama
@CarissaRogers this is a special place for moms who experience a loss it was started by a virtual friend of mine

Mishel CorrellSheliShawn
@CarissaRogers Prayers for your friend, the daddy and you.

@CarissaRogers Ive heard from others that have dealt w/ loss that they just want acknowledgment. Im sure you doing *anything* will mean alot

@CarissaRogers that happened to my friend i bought her a few books on surviving miscarriage and a beautiful journal to write it all out

told her she could write and keep it or throw away or burn also lots of helpful websites

Amy Lupold Bair ResourcefulMom
@CarissaRogers Depends how far along. I found a great gift basket for a friend who lost her child at 20 weeks.

@CarissaRogers I give my friends a necklace from I miscarried twice and wear mine a lot for hope and rememberance

@CarissaRogers saw @ResourcefulMom‘s tweet & I remembered that someone gave us a WillowTree gift when our 1st child was stillborn. beautiful

So what is Twitter for?
THAT is what Twitter is for.

A few days later I got brave. I called my friend. We talked and cried for over an hour. She explained all the details to me, and helped me understand how amazing the hospital staff had been and how hard it was to have so many decisions to make on the spot like that.. For example she regretted not having her older children come to the hospital to meet the baby. And she made it clear that she would love to have home visits and help with her older children.

I took her a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup, a journal and a hardy plant. I made a playdate with her 4yrold. And I made it clear I would come over anytime if she needed me.

She seemed touched and I felt so happy to do something. But I have to agree with what everyone said, talking was more important than all of it.

Photo Credit: Beth Retro Phototgraphy. I asked if I could use this image and received written approval.

Social Media = Positive Customer Service

October 28, 2009

If I were a company using Twitter. I would so want you to have a happy ending.

My little boy wants to be a transformer for Halloween. Specifically Bumblebee.
And the dad in our world is one awesome Dad with a capitol D. In the past he’s dressed up as Willy Wonka while the rest of us did other Chocolate Factory Characters. He’s also been the Joker, Tweedle-Dee (to my Tweedle-Dumb), Batman, and of course a Sexy Vampire. So what do you think he’ll be this year….?

(In your best James Earl Jones Voice….)

Optimus Prime.
Oh yeah. You know what I’m talkin’bout.

Being the frugal mom that I am, I searched around and found an adult OP costume at the best price I could find. AND… *BONUS*! I found the costume on for $45, but there was a $10 coupon if you signed up with… Total no-brainer. I’ve seen Bill Me Later as an option before and lately I’ve even seen them on twitter and participating in some blog campaigns…
I literally thought to myself, since I’ve seen them around on twitter I’ll bet they will be able to help me if I have any questions? Plus, I counted no less than 4 different ways to contact their customer support.

From the online chat bubbles on their site to their Twitter account: @BMLDeals… and a toll free phone number on the site as well as a real mailing address… (I know.. who does that anymore?)

goodncrazy blue dots

My point: instead of assuming the worst: I believed (due to their presence in Social Media) that they would be thrilled to solve any issue or question I might have with their service.

Here’s the funny part… the $10 ‘coupon’ didn’t show up on the ToysRUs bill? Huh I thought? So I sent a chat bubble directly on the BillMeLater site. They answered, oh that’s a new campaign and the discount will show up on your BML bill…. oh? Okay…

One day later, the bill showed up in my inbox but the discount apparently got lost? This time I tweeted directly @BMLdeals. Get this… Heather, DMs me to say: I’m so sorry, I’m traveling but when I get back to my desk I’ll get this figured out…. then proceeds to offer her direct email address… Whoa.

What?! Did she really give me her email…?

Within one week, my issue was solved and I appear to have a new BFF in Heather Fields from @BMLDeals!

bill me later twitter

I’d call that a positive experience.

companies active in social media want you to have a happy ending.

Note how clean and easy to read and use the Whole Account Interface with Bill Me Later feels.
bill me later bill savings

goodncrazy blue dots
Welcome to Halloween’s Past…

I promise the Optimus Prime costume…. rocks.. I mean..

Disclosure. There isn’t one. I got the same $10 discount you can get if you head to

Companies That Get Social Media

October 11, 2009
I was recently asked: “Which companies ‘get’ social media?

One company that stands out is @CandH_sugar.
I first saw them tweeting a few months ago. I followed them. I figured they might be happy to chat with me about sugar related things.. you know. BAKING? Yup. They did. (Big shocker huh?) In fact they replied, asked me questions back, I was thrilled!?

Another company I’ve been impressed with is Cuisinart. Mainly due to their Facebook group. They run giveaways, but not the standard boring stuff. Instead, they ask for recipe submissions and ideas from their fans as the contest entry. (Thus featuring and highlighting their readers and fans!) What a great way make it interactive more than simply tweeting out stale links. Jennifer Perillo is the woman behind the scenes at the Facebook group and she tweets from @JenniferPerillo as well. Tell her I said hi!

Here are some real life examples from C&H Sugar:

PhotobucketFor one of my Summer Beat The Boredom Posts… I asked @CandH_Sugar if they had any great kid friendly recipe ideas. (Something my 11yrold could make on her own.)
This was their reply: Molasses Ginger Cookies.
She made them. WE ate them!

PhotobucketI asked if they had a FAST recipe for labor day weekend since we were heading to a friend’s house to watch them shoot off a water Rocket!
Again, their reply: Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
Wow…how perfect and… toasted almond crust? Ohmyheck. SOLD.

PhotobucketI mentioned that I had just made my favorite Blueberry Sour Cream Bundt Cake.
They asked me to upload a photo of it to their facebook page. Um… Heck yeah!

PhotobucketI recently begged: HELP! I bottled 21 quarts of pears and 10 quarts of pear sauce… and EEK! What should I do with all that pear sauce?
Wow did these guys come thru or what? They wrote a whole Facebook note answering my recipe mayday!
Here’s a couple of their genius ideas:
Ultra Chocolate Cake (WHAT!)
Brown Sugar Pound Cake.. uh huh.. (see what I mean)??
Check out the rest to really enjoy what I’m talking about! And yes I’ll be posting a photo of my pear sauce draped cake… as soon as I stop drooling.

See how they make it more about me than the company?
They GET Social Media from the Mom’s perspective.

goodncrazy blue dots

There are plenty of other companies out there who ‘get’ social media.
And just as many who don’t.

My list of DON’TS:

1. If I tweet you a question about a product or about your site, do not answer me with a link to your website and nothing else. Um… I KNOW where your website is?
{Instead, reply! Answer me realistically. Assume I’m a real person, maybe I have kids, maybe I work full time, maybe by interacting with me you’ll gain a loyal customer for your client. If you sell clothes it’s safe to assume I WEAR clothes. If you sell a service, ask me if I use it, then why or why not. Don’t be afraid of the negative. Working to solve negatives helps me realize you are human too.}

2. If I tweet you directly about a problem I’m having with your site or product… feel free to offer a customer support email, but likely I already sent in a customer support ticket.
{At least tell me you are checking on it and will get back. Or heck give me a REAL email where I can try to solve my issue. Then check back and see if it got resolved. I think I would faint if I got that kind of follow up.}

3. Don’t use your Facebook page only as a way to shoot out new product updates or blog posts. The point of social media is to be SOCIAL.

{Again let me direct you to the C&H Sugar Facebook page. Note the interaction. Note the part where they feature their fans. Note how they use the discussion panel to further a bigger conversation with their customers and readers.}

PhotobucketC&H Sugar gets it right on their website too.
check out the Family fun section:

Disclosure: There is no disclosure. I wrote this article of my own free will and choice. People have asked if I’m working with CandH, and I answer: “If they offered to pay me I would say no, they GET Social Media they don’t need me!”

Moxie Mona Lands In Oregon!

September 20, 2009

Hi! Welcome to My World.
Where the town is tiny and the air is clean.
The Fighter Jets Train and The *Ducks Reign.

Where Good is Crazy & Crazy is Good.

Mom of all trades… Jack of NONE.

I’m Carissa. I’ve got three Crazy kids and one Good husband.
Thanks for joining me today… to all you Moxie Foxy Ladies…
A great big Hug and Puffy Heart Hello!

I was OhMiGosh FLATTERED when Francesca and her Moxie Crew asked if I would be the Oregon stop on this bloggy train ride. And then I went.. crap. I live in a tiny becarefulifyoublinkyou’llmissit kind of town. Kind of BORING… But the thing is. Southern Oregon has some AH-mazing things to see.. all I have to do is drive 15minutes in any direction and WOW! Cascade forests. Lakes and more lakes. Fun shopping towns and Southern Oregon’s Shakespeare Festival!

Sit back and enjoy, because I took a ton of pictures, so you and (Moxie Mona) won’t forget your little stopover here in my Land of GoodNCrazy. My kids saw me taking pictures of um… a doll… and said, “Oh.. like a flat Stanley?” Well, yes.. just like that.. only curvier!

If you ever get the chance to see Crater Lake for yourself. DO NOT PASS it up. Seriously, this is like one of the top 10 must-see-Mother-Nature-out-did-herself areas in North America. It really is THAT blue. It really is THAT gorgeous. It really is impossible to explain in words…

Pictures do a MUCH better job.

I promise. No editing was done to the above image.
It’s Straight Out Of the Camera.
That white speck in the middle is a boat.
You walk very carefully on the rim… it’s a long ways down!
Mona Takes it Easy in the tall summer grass of the Crater Lake Rim.

Crater Lake was created from a collapsed Volcano. There are no inlets or outlets; ALL the water is from snow and rain! (I’ve seen it in the winter…absolutely BREATH-taking). It is the deepest lake in North America and that accounts for it’s blue-er than blue color! The Crater Lake area is the only National Park in Oregon. It’s about a 4 hour drive from Portland and only 1 hour from me!

Please Meet My Moxie Kids!

goodncrazy blue dots

Hey! It turns out Mona is a great help around the house!

About 3 weeks ago I helped pick pears at a local church owned orchard. I don’t think I can make it clear enough just how cool it is to live in an area where there are more Pear and Peach orchards than PEOPLE!

You know the amazing Harry and David Company? As in Awe-SOME with a capital A! Well get this… they are located just over the hill from us… and they have a retail outlet… and yes. I’ve purchased Moose Munch. So there!

To Francesca and Kacey, Angie, Jill, Kathy and Laura…. This Fridge Art is for you! Thanks for letting me play along and may your new venture MoxieMediaGirls take flight like WonderWoman takes bullets! Pa-chew! Pa-ching!

Follow the Foxy Moxie Ladies on Twitter: @MoxieMediaGirls

*We are NOT affiliated with the DUCKS in any way shape or form. {GO UTES}!

**Should you want more Life In Oregon Posts.. Here they are.

goodncrazy blue dots

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Do YOU Make It? These Moms Do!

August 14, 2009

A big shout out today for Quinn Curtis… A gal who has taken what life has thrown her and not only made lemonade, she’s made a banquet of possibilities for other Moms Who Make It!

Quinn (Of and Jyl (of

I was so excited when I realized that Quinn’s Moms Who Make It conference was scheduled when I was going to be in Utah! I finally got to meet some of my fave Utah bloggers/tweeters and more! (You’d think I’d have met them while I LIVED there huh??)

Some great moments for me were:

Big Thanks to Marcel Walker for ‘donating’ this real photo to my blog today! She rocks.. check out her photog stuff, if you are in Utah.. You’ll be happy you did! (@rawmelissa, @quinncurtis, @sugarjones, @todaysmama, @wasatchwoman, @startupprincess)
  • Meeting up with Pam Baumeister the editor of Wasatch Woman. Pregnant and all.. how I wish I’d gotten a photo of her cute self!
  • MEETING the cookies made by the Dough Girl! (I mean meeting Tami the Dough Girl..)
  • Listening to Sugar Jones talking about ways we all can overcome the crap thrown at us.
  • Being amazed by Cari Greers story. Her face was almost literally ripped off during a horrible car accident, she was able to recover and keep her chin up..
  • Hearing Kelly King-Anderson talk about her life and the ways she keeps the spiritual IN it!
  • Did I mention cookies? (Oh my gosh the Ginger ones…!) Dough Girl promises me she will ship them to Oregon soon!
  • Riding in a car with the MomFaves team to get a coffee/soda…
  • Brainstorming ways to use social media for a local photographer: Marcel Walker.
  • Sittin’ in the BACK of the room with supermomcentral for the break out sessions!
    (Dude— Lauren: Like.. did you take any pictures? I have none of ya!)

Sugar Jones gettin’ a facial, YO! Debbie of Cranberry Fries and Evonne Sell the Life and DANCER of the party from Sell Party of 3! The MomFaves Dynamic Duo: Josh and Rebecca Unfried, April from, Julie from CrazyBeautiful , Danielle Mahoney of Dream Dinners in Orem (think she’ll cook for me next time I’m in Town??)

I was already a fan of the awesome Seth Jenks. But meeting him in person was seriously a treat.. he’s just a kid for pete’s sake! Look at his baby face.. ahem.. he’s single everyone!

Marie from and Kim from, With Jyl from oh I mean…

And now.. the ultimate Utah #followfriday
Moms Who Make It List:


Whew! My fingers are tired… and I’m totally missing some! I’ll keep updating this list… please send me any if you have them!? Thanks!

Why Twitter?

June 30, 2009

I get this question a LOT. Here’s my response to a friend who recently asked:

I don’t get Twitter.
Why should I
use it?

My husband doesn’t like Twitter at all, he loves facebook, in fact he basically does stand up comedy over there. But twitter is my main means of conversation online. I use facebook sparingly and CANNOT stand all the bizarre apps and ‘games’. (Please! With all the asking me to ‘Fan’ your page? Huh? I’m already a fan of you, I friended you didn’t I?) My ‘friends’ on FB are mainly from the blogging/twitter world, so I find they overlap anyway, and I happen to stick more to Twitter?

I call it jumping the blog.
Let’s say I write a silly post about what my little boy did or said, and I take a picture. Well.. we all want comments right? So I might send the link to facebook with the picture.. and see if anyone clicks over to my site to read the whole thing… what I find is that as many as 20 or so ppl will comment on that link in my facebook page..(not every time of course). They may or may not have clicked over to the post but they saw the picture…

I will also post a link of that same post on twitter… and I often get 20-30 hits from the link. Again they may not comment on my blog, but often lots of ppl will start a conversation with me about whatever my story was about… my article about Elementary Graduations seemed to strike a nerve and tho there are ‘only’ 15 comments on my actual post.. there were many more who talked to me about the weirdness of preschool graduations/and 6th grade commencements on both Twitter and Facebook…

So is that a totally vain reason to use twitter? Yes. But why are any of us on social media? connections, etc…right?

And like my own articles, I retweet other’s links when I see them, and I also Stumble posts often as well. I call this Internet Karma… helping others only helps you, right? My friend Jyl from Mom it Forward, calls this abundant thinking. If I help you I only help myself eh?
There’s the saving my sanity reason:
I also have twitter on my phone (but I don’t have facebook on it), and when I’m in a waiting room waiting for a Dr. I tweet and catch up with friends… When I’ve been in an airport for 3 hours waiting for flights, I pull out my laptop and tweet then too. I call some of it ‘business’ but mostly it’s plain old conversation.

And when I need some help:
How about the times I’ve needed something answered? For example I was looking for an illustrator who could do a small job for very little cashola.. I tweeted it and got about 10 suggestions. I LOVE that. Also a few weeks ago I had a question about how to go about searching and finding your flickr photos when someone has used them on their blog… and I read an article by Chris Brogan (BIG BIG twitterer) -anyway- I tweeted the question to him, and he retweeted it to his 50,000+ followers and TONS of ppl answered my question! How cool is that? (I have the photo link answer btw, tweet me and I’ll tell you :).

They call some of this stuff… your ‘influence’… as measured by your blog stats, your twitter following (and response), your facebook presence etc… And it’s different for everyone.

Is your goal to increase communication and gain a little more traffic for your blog? Then for sure you can get that via twitter and facebook combined. Is it necessary to do all three? No, if facebook is your medium you can have great conversations there and be very happy right?? Or Stick to the blogging world, or yes only play on Twitter. But whatever you chose.. the realm of social media is bringing the conversations down to a personal level. With company representatives (Need a new cookie recipe chat with @DominoSugar?), Dream of a real convo with rockstar bloggers (oh my gosh @JessicaGottlieb just followed me back AND! she tweeted me!), or enjoy some one on one with long time blogging friends (@butlerdiaries hey chicka.. what’s doin’? Did you toss out the 14yrold’s cell phone yet?).

OH crap.. did you expect all that? (I think I overwhelmed my poor friend…)

Next up FriendFeed.

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Why Should I Use My Real Name on Twitter?

June 25, 2009

Carissa’s Social Media Branding Strategy:

YOU are your brand as much as your website, logo/photo and/or username!

Most of us ‘regular’ users/moms/bloggers are online for communication and friendship. We are more responsive to a real person vs. a brand (or even a logo.) I suggest you use your real name or a variation of your real name in your profile/bio on your Twitter account, your Ning accounts, etc. In other words, where ever people will click to see more about you: use your real name.

Remember your brand is really as many as four things:
• YOU (as in your real name)
• Your business name/website/logo
• Your username (if you don’t use your real name or your business name)
• The photo you use on all your social media haunts
Mine are: Carissa (CarissaRogers on twitter), GoodNCrazy and my twitter picture.

Best Practices for Using your ‘brand’ in Social Media:

Keep your current twitter username if it is one of the above 3 things: Your NAME, Your SITE/business, or the USERNAME you use in a lot of places. If it is not one of those three, consider changing it. This is easy and you won’t lose any followers. Then in your twitter profile give your real name, this will allow people to talk to you like a real person if they choose. It will show up in the DM form. We don’t want to call you ‘fancypants’ when we’re talking directly to you! If it freaks you out to use your real name, use a variation, if your name is Jennifer, try Jen?

Anywhere you need to create a username, USE THE SAME ONE each time and use the same picture too. That avatar FOR SURE is part of your brand, so if you change it, change it EVERYwhere!

If at all possible use your real face. If you want to get your brand/logo in there, simply hold up a product, or stand next to it, or stamp your logo on there below your face. I promise real faces get more response than logos or products. (And IMHO be sure you are wearing regular clothing, often those tiny avatars get cropped in and people look like they are naked, when in fact they are wearing spaghetti straps…causing them to look like a porn queen!)

Take a look at my profile page on MomBloggersClub: Carissa Rogers. I use “Carissa AKA (GoodNCrazy)” in the top ‘Title’ of the page, and I use my real name as my username. I’m lucky though and often Carissa isn’t taken, unlike twitter where I had to use my whole name. (BTW: On facebook it’s basically frowned upon to create an account that is anything but your own real name.)

For blogger blogs: Create a blogger/google account and in the profile section add your email address and website. Click to allow people to see your email address. (Create a public email address if you are worried about publishing your account.) Then in the name field use your real name followed by username/business like this: Carissa{GoodNCrazy} —PS: Stay away from the ‘&’, because websites hate it! This way your real name is linked with your blog/brand.

When I am commenting on blogs that have a regular sign in form, I use Carissa, give my public email address, and my website. Another way is to leave your username in the name field and then literally sign your comment with your real name. I often sign a blog comment with my twitter username.

The whole point of social media is social first, business second.
Create a conversation with people keeping it genuine and about them. Let them know you are a real person. Be engaging. Ask questions. If you notice someone asking a question, answer if you know the answer. Even better, connect them with someone who DOES know the answer. You’ll have made two friends out of one!

Can you talk about your own business on twitter/facebook/nings?
The answer is: YES. Remember to keep the 80/20 rule. 80% about other people (tweet out their website, link to a terrific blog post on your facebook stream, STUMBLE stuff you love!), and then go ahead and share your own brand/products/writing 20% of the time.

Was this useful? Would you like to hear more?

Possible Upcoming GoodNCrazy strategies:

• What’s the best way to use Twitter/Facebook/Nings? And who should I follow/friend back on these networks?
• How can I entice additional followers?
• Why should I use Facebook for more than just friends and family?
• Should I use FriendFeed?
• How do I use StumbleUpon? And why? (and what about other social bookmarking sites?)
• Do I get anything out of Flickr, Photobucket, or
• Should I care about my website’s Alexa or Technorati rating, or any of those ‘rating’ sites?

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