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Hamburger Helper Vs. The Cantaloupe

July 19, 2009

Once upon a time…
There was a yummy cantaloupe sitting on my kitchen counter. Cute and Cuddly.


It was the perfect color. The perfect size. 3 days into it’s house visit… it was beginning to give off that perfect cantaloupe-y smell.

You know— that smell?
Where you walk into the kitchen and go.. wait?
Aren’t all my kids potty trained??

Then you remember… oh yeah, Cantaloupe Smell.

It’s been known to take out small children on their way to the fridge for a yogurt. But you know it’s going to be super yummy canta-fabulous when it get’s that ripe. Slice into it… splashing your cutting board with juices. Dig out the seeds and slimy pulp (and when you forget to take out the trash that night… oh MY… stink x 14!) Then chunk it up into bite sized orange ripe sweet chunks….Heaven in a smelly greenish shell.

Cantaloupe close-up

But I realize there are some out there who don’t share my orgy love for the chic cantaloupe. And I realize they might enjoy Hamburger Helper more. So let’s have it:

A GoodNCrazy poll:
Hamburger Helper Vs. The Cantalope

Do you:

A: Love Cantaloupe?
B: Eat Hamburger Helper for Dinner and then have Cantaloupe for dessert?
C: Hate Cantaloupe the Smell and all the Squishy Innards?
D: Think Hamburger Helper is da bomb and should be Elevated to a 5th Food Group?
E: Hate all of the above?

Photo credits: .Larry Page, royalty free image collection

Who’s Your Guru?

May 28, 2009

“I’ll take my advice from Jack.
You take yours from Oprah.”

The tweet I shared with @BlogAtHomeMom.

See, I caught a tweet supposedly from Oprah about how she was so busy extracting ticks from her dog..? I mean.. does anyone believe she is tick-harvesting (or tweeting for that matter or both at the same time? Um no.)

Okay I’m going to out myself. I don’t love Oprah. Wow.. how nice that feels. It’s true and now that I’ve said it… I feel so light and airy… (did someone faht?)

And while I’m at it can I rant that I really detest that she takes fabulous books and ‘Oprah-fies’ them?? Barbara Kingsolver, I mean seriously my all time favorite author, from like EONS before she vomited out her book club rating. Oh Pa-lease.

Okay you’re saying wait, what’s the problem with the whole Oprah-licking of my books? Isn’t it great? She finds books and then the whole world gets to read them… and maybe they wouldn’t have read them otherwise? —Yeah great.

Except for the sheep mentality problem.

You heard me right. What ever happened to talking to a friend about a recent book they stayed up all night reading? —Or oh my gosh… GOING to the library and BROWSING {…okay okay… so I Browse via my online library search tool know what I mean!} What shall I wear today? I’ll just go ask Oprah, she’ll tell me. What shall I have for breakfast today.. HOORAY! Oprah knows the perfect thing. Good thing she got paid to tell me about it! And thinking. On my own? Heck no. That’s what Oprah’s there for..she thinks FOR me!

Oh and shall we start in about Dr. Phil? No I didn’t think so.

At this point in my twitter conversation.. a few others jumped in with “Martha probably doesn’t even iron those D*mn sheets herself!” {Not a direct quote, but close.}

And I worried it’s possible they all think I’m like a complete pop culture-a-phobe. And while I beg my hubby on a weekly basis to release me from the vow “thou shalt always watch watever sitcom the spouse is in love with because there is only one couch in this house” I would be overjoyed and blessed to never have to watch another reality show… {whoops new rant there…}

I feel the need to share with my peeps the fact that I’ve seen all 1400 seasons of 24 with Jack Bauer.

Favorite Quote of this season: “Not TODAY.” ~~I find I need to say it about 3 times a day in fact..

So my bloggy friends:

OPRAH Vs JACK: Who’s YOUR Guru?(online surveys)

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photo credits:Aubele AND Alan Light

Permit Me To Pay Your Kid’s Pocket Money…

April 9, 2009

9yrold Daughter:
(with fire in her eyes)


—And for the first time I looked at her and realized she was right.
I couldn’t make her.

She was too big for time outs.
Was I going to spank her?
She might spank me back!
Yelling matches were just that.


So now what?

I remembered my mom told me bout a parenting book she had read.

Parenting Teens With Love And Logic.

Um… I didn’t have a teenager…? But I read it anyway. I was hooked. Talk about something that really worked for us! I located every published book I could get my hands on or otherwise check out at the library.

The little kid one

The homework one

—and my favorite:

Chores and Allowance.

You know what they suggest? NOT paying your kids to do chores…!
Whaaa?! I know. I was all, HUH??

Instead. You choose a set amount, NOT too high… and you pay them the same amount every week. And at the same time you institute a chore plan. {These chores are not tied to the allowance. They get to do these chores just because they live in your house.}

Here’s how chores works at our house:

Each child has 2 jobs {yes even the 4yrold} per day spelled out on a job chart. From unloading dishes to cleaning toilets to vacuuming the dining/kitchen area.
They just know: check the chart, do those chores. Every day.

That’s it. Total leap of faith.
That was 2 years ago
Wanna know how it’s all going?

First a lil’ snarky poll:

What’s up with allowance at your house?

Do You Pay Kids An Allowance? HOW?
( polls)

{Here’s how allowance works at our house. They do not get paid for chores. They just get paid.}

Our plan was to pay them a weekly amount, enough that they could buy small treats for themselves, help buy gifts for friends, or even save up for larger items… and often we ‘allow’ them to pay for half of something big that they want… I love this because there have been times when they save for a while and then realize how much money the big ticket item is costing and decide they don’t ‘need’ it after all!

But we only remember to pay out about every other week…still working on that…

We pay the 4yrold $1 a week.. he’s actually happier with coins at this point, cuz he knows he can use them at the little vending machines that dole out MikeNIke candies!
We pay the 8yrold $3, and sometimes she makes additional cash when she ‘helps’ babysit.
We pay the 11yrold $5, and she also makes a whopping $2/hour for babysitting. But only when it’s actual ‘date time’ for mom and dad.

Believe it or not, they pay some school expenses, they buy bday gifts for friends, and use their own money on trips for souvenir purchases etc.

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You Gave Your Toddler A Cell Phone!?

April 2, 2009
GoodnCrazy Snarks a Poll

Help me out? I’d like your feedback for an article I’m writing about children and cell phones?

What age is rediculous to buy a cell phone for your child? When will you buy one?
( polls)

My cellphonePlease tell me why in the comments?
If I use your comment I’ll let you know and link back and all kinds of love.

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