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ASUS Video Phone

January 19, 2010
Gossip With The Grandparents

Hear them, See them, Share your children’s life with them!

The ASUS Touch Video Phone!

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Talk about a great way to keep up with the grandparents?

The ASUS touch video phone is very cool, and looks all Jetsons.
And the bottom line:

  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Easy to get your Skype on!
  • (Or connects to standard Ether Net).

My kids were especially keen to try it out.. ‘Hurry! Call grandma, I want to tell her about the Chinese Language program I just got into!’ OR from the 5yrold: ‘Can we call our cousin? I want to see what he got for Christmas!’

I’m talking super simple.
One button to turn it on. And then tap the screen: find your contacts, click to call with or without video and baby… YOU ARE SKYPING!

This is great for the non-computer savvy. You do have to have an internet connection: techy or not. Let’s imagine you have recently moved a few states away from the grandparents. And you are feeling a bit sad that they are missing some high points in your toddler’s life? Or your oldest just got braces… Maybe your middle kid broke his arm and needs some cheering up?

Who do you turn to? Grandma and Grandpa right? And wouldn’t it be awesome to chat with them via Skype where you can SEE them and they can SEE you?? Cool huh? The only thing is… although they have a computer and an internet connection you can barely get them to turn the dang thing on!

Seriously. They can figure this out.

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Photobucket Cost: $200-249.00

Photobucket YGWYPF: {yougetwhatyoupayfor}
That’s a pretty high price- I realize, but it’s also a much better web cam than on any laptop I’ve ever seen. And it’s hard to put a price on sharing moments with family members that you other wise would have to share over the phone or with emailed photos. I think this would make a great mother’s day present? I’d go in on it with my sister in fact!

*This GoodNCrazy Test Drive is brought to you by Kaplow and ASUS.