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What Is a Favicon And How Can I Get One?

April 7, 2009
Those little picture icons on people’s blogs, right up there next to the URL box.
Let’s create a Favicon for Blogger.

See mine? I just changed it to match my new blog-do.

This is what the image looked like before I faviconed it…..

What you will need to make your own FAVICON:

  • A square image. (Likely you have a 125×125 pixel button— this will work.)
  • A account. Go ahead… create one, you can do it.
  • A way to make your square image smaller.
    Photoshop or Elements, or online is useful.
  • You’ll need to know where your blogger html template is. (Be careful, always save your code somewhere, and always click preview before you save changes!)

That’s it. Are you ready?

Let’s assume for those of you with Photoshop:
1) I’m jealous (I only have elements) and
2) You know enough about it to change the image size of a 125 button down to a 16×16 pixel image. You then need to upload your 16×16 .jpg image to photobucket.


Upload your 125 button.
Click to resize.
Change proportions to 16×16 pixels.
Choose save and share. Then upload to your photobucket account (it will be a .jpg file).

Next. There are 3 steps to insert the code into your Blogger HTML Layout.

1) find this code in your blogger HTML template: (use control f to search)


2) a couple lines below the title code copy and paste in:

link href=’URL of your icon file’ rel=’shortcut icon’ type=’image/jpg’/

but first: and this is important… add brackets around the above code:

3) Go to your photobucket 16×16 pixel image and mouse over your it. Highlight DIRECT link and copy and paste this code where it says URL of your icon file, LEAVING the apostrophes where they are.

Okay test it out! Click preview to see if your favicon is live up by the URL! Then click save.

You are so favi-licious baby!

(PS I’m hearing that you cannot see favicons in IE so you have two choices. GET FIREFOX already. OR. Read some ideas at

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