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Famous Stalking….again.

September 9, 2008
Photo by: doraemon

Wow. I so totally did not mean to. It just happened I swear? I can’t even remember all the steps that got me there?



I think I was on Twitter, minding my own business (well that’s the opposite of what you do on Twitter isn’t it?) Anyway, I saw a tweet from someone I follow replying to someone I didn’t ‘know’. So I clicked on their profile page, and then on their website, and could see they were as into the fabric world as I was.

You don’t care about all that.

One or two clicks later….Guess who’s blog I found. Guess, Dang it!

You give up? Well I linked to her above. You missed the link? Here it is again….

Did you go there? Do you think I am so cool yet?

YES it’s SANDI HENDERSON! THE Sandi Henderson. Oh no, do NOT tell me you don’t know who she is?

She is one uber awesome ultra cool fabric designer. For Micheal Miller…. Is any of this computing?

Oh forget it. She designed this from her Ginger Blossom collection.

And this.

And do you know which one of my children I would auction off for a few yards of her new stuff?

This is from her just released line ‘Farmers Market’.
Do you know how much I LOVE orange? I do.
And do you know how much my bags love stripes for their little handles?
They do.Can you just see the AMAZING little tote I could make with these 3 fabrics?
And just for a minute…imagine with me…

Does EVERY teacher you know out there need something? Anything? Made out of this? Daisy? Are you out there? JiggetyJig? Kellan? Where are all my teacher friends? Hmm? A headband? A little tote perfect for pens and a quick summer read? A large tote to jam schoolwork to be graded later? Or the bag Sandi just made?

Wanna know the best part of this little fairytale? I was brave enough to comment on her blog. I was. And then? Oh bliss. She emailed me back about my comment. ME! Here is her email in it’s entirety. As long as we are doing the famous stalking, let’s do it right, okay?

“You’re so funny! Please comment more-you seem very fun. 🙂 “Miss Famous Designer” LOL! I don’t think about it too much. :)”


Oh my crap. Is she so cute? All real with the smiley faces and all? Um, did she just ask me to comment more? I fainted…twice.

Responses to yesterday’s MEME:
Jamie, Jyl, Shannnon and Angie You were right, it was the second MEME. And to Jyl, blue cheese? Ick. Kellan, you’re right, no way on the piercings, but yup…there are 10 of us! I could so totally write a kickin’ book about all the good&crazy there, in fact they’re the inspiration for my blog title. If you haven’t…read Linda’s comment, hilarious. No rock guitars for me, and tangerine Townie? WhatThe? And Kaye, your confusion is cracking me up. Jocasta keeps trying to torment me.