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Church Chat: Enrichment?

March 10, 2009

What is Enrichment?? {…and Have some cake…!}

One of those weird LDS lingo phrases: it’s short for “Home, Family & Personal Enrichment.” And it’s the program the Women’s Group (Relief Society) of the Mormon Church runs. Four large ‘meetings’ each year including dinner and/or speakers and/or service projects etc…

Usually in early spring one of these ‘enrichment meetings’ is held in honor of the group’s origin back in 183–something? In Navoo, Illinois. (Someone help me with the date here?) We call this special meeting the Relief Society(RS) birthday dinner.

Why am I telling you this?

Because a few months ago I lied. I know— so much for living a sin free life, eh? (that would be an awesome title of a book no?) Back then I said I was asked to be the RS secretary. Well. 2 weeks after I wrote that post… they changed their minds. I know— (is that allowed?)

Anyway. They instead asked me to be the first counselor in the whole new Presidency. So the past few months we’ve been floundering and trying to figure out our roles.

I was asked to be in charge of the Enrichment Program…. so now you see why the definition.

Fast Forward to the past week. (I promise, here’s where the cake comes in…)

I went with a ‘birthday’ theme for the night. A few helium balloons for decorations and for the table decorations? YES— CAKES.

Not just any cakes. OVER the top. Ridonculous. Amazing. Ain’t no way these are low cal. WOW. Cakes. And you know what? Each one started with … a CAKE MIX!

{Can you wait a bit while I finish my story for the cakes?}

I asked 5 of the sisters (don’t laugh, we really do call each other that. If you walked up behind me and said, “Sister Rogers”, I would totally turn around.) I asked them to bring photos of themselves when they were kids. And then had them answer a couple questions:

  • What was your most memorable birthday?
  • What was your favorite birthday tradition?
  • What would you do for a dream birthday?

This part turned out really sweet. Each lady didn’t want to do it, claimed ‘no one would want to know ‘their story’. I kept telling them—what? I would love to hear it! One sister grew up in war torn England! She said they really didn’t celebrate birthdays. She said that they would maybe get some clothes and that was all “which was nice because we NEEDED them!” And I learned that another sister grew up in New Jersey! Very near where my middle child was born? Who knew?

My plan for the night was simple and social. I’ll save the more spiritual meetings for alter in the year. For the one I really wanted everyone to just come away knowing each other’s names! I made them move around between courses. And then gave out 4 small prizes to volunteers willing to attempt to name every single person in the room!

Why? Because I have a theory.
Duh Duh Duh—DUH!
*Carissa’s Theory*

If the whole mission of Relief Society is to serve each other as sisters in the congregation—how can we do that, when we don’t ‘know’ each other? It will be so much easier to carry out visiting Teaching {what’s VT?–I’ll save that for next week!} when you have a relationship with your sisters, and now friends.


NOW. The Cakes.

There were six. And I’m sharing them in the order they were fastest devoured.

Coconut Cream (I was totally amazed at this cake, WOW!)

Ridiculous over the top Chocolate (If you love chocolate.. then you have no idea just how good this will be..)

Cherry Almond

Chocolate Turtle

Fudge Torte (my favorite-in fact I made this one!)

German Chocolate Upside Down Cake (can you say cream cheese in the middle?!)

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