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Time to Move Onwards and Upwards

June 11, 2009
Graduations of All Shapes and Sizes… WHA??

The 6th graders had a full blown graduation ceremony. Complete with the superintendent speaking, awards given out, class officers recognized and of course the presentation of the diplomas..



Graduating on to… Jr. High.. WhaHoo!?

I think I spent more time IN the school this past week than not. I’m not totally complaining here. But? Wow, they couldn’t possibly have gotten any work done the past two weeks!

  • Trips to the local pool, for both kids.
  • One kid’s class ‘won’ the end of the year pizza party complete with a limo ride?!
  • A talent show for the upper grades.
  • A talent show for the lower grades.
  • A baby shower during class for the student teacher (I know. Don’t ask.)
  • 6th grade graduation.
  • A family invited BBQ on the last day of school.

And DO NOT get me started about Preschool Graduation…. are they serious?


{Note: This is not my kid’s graduation. Decked out in cap & gown. Oh my.}
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Photo credit: Pasfam