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If You Could Eat Lunch With Anyone…

July 29, 2009
Outdoor Cafe in North Adams, MA



I already know. I’ve known for years. I picked this person back when my women’s group was busy interviewing everyone in the group one at a time. And one of the questions was this:

Who would you most like to sit down to lunch with?

Most people answered a grandmother who had passed away. Or a church leader they really admired. It was a church group so no one mentioned how they most wanted to meet up with Kate Gosselin to hear about her juicy gossipy details. No one said Michelle Obama… {maybe because they hadn’t heard of her yet.. this was a few years ago.}

Who would YOU choose?

At first I found it hard to decide. Yes, I’d like to catch up with my grandmother who passed away a year ago. Yes, I would be thrilled to speak with an amazing spiritual leader like the Dali Lama. But we’re assuming this is a one shot deal… this fantasy is over once you dream it…

I finally decided the one person in the whole world I would seriously love to have lunch with is..

Barbara Kingsolver

Oh my gosh. I love her books. I’ve been book-stalking her for years. Reading everything she has put in print. From her early series: The Bean Trees, Animal Dreams and Pigs In Heaven. To her more recent (and Oprah-fied) books: The Prodigal Summer and The Poisenwood Bible.

I’ve mentioned before about her book Animal Vegetable Miracle. I’m still dreaming about raising chickens one day….

My favorite book of hers? The one I still have in my nightstand? The one I literally have been reading for 8 straight years, I love it so much?

It’s called Small Wonder. And it’s not a novel. It’s a book of essays. And if you do nothing else in the world please read these essays! I love the one that is really a letter to her 13 yrold daughter. And another one about why they don’t have television in their home.

Barbara (can I call her by her first name if I dream of having lunch with her?) has a degree in biology (Hello! I HAVE A DEGREE IN BIOLOGY! We’re like.. related!) She loves all things gardening and cooking with all of those self grown veggies. She is witty and amazing and smart in that shares-wisdom-kind-of-smart-way that both wows you and makes you want to grow up to be like her.

I’m thinking she probably makes the rounds around the Nation for speaking gigs and whatnot? Do we think I could find out and just happen to land in the same city she’s speaking? Is it too creepy to dream about having lunch with your most favorite author?


This post is in direct response to a conversation I had with Jessica Gottlieb, I mentioned that I would kinda sorta faint if I got to eat lunch with her someday.. Jessica’s response? ‘Dream Bigger.’

Here it is Jess. I’m dreaming of someday sitting in a restaurant, one with an outdoor seating area… great salads, and Barbara Kingsolver on the other side of my table… (Wanna join us?)

photo credit: anslatadams
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