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Sleeping While Thinking…

December 15, 2009

Or is it Thinking While Sleeping…?

sleeping woman

When I lay down at night I have this tornado of thoughts, ideas and lists romping through my brain. I should roll over and grab a pencil so I can vomit up the juicy ideas… but hello? I laid down in order to GO TO sleep. I think: I’ll remember them in the morning, I’ll write them down then. (yeah right) Roll over, start some deep yoga breathing; complete with ocean images and ujjayi breath.

When I was in High School and played varsity sports, after each game I swear I would re-live the whole game in my pre-sleep, closed-eye state. Grrrr. Even the horrible mis-plays on my part the good stuff too. I’d nearly wake myself up with Volleyball Spike-ems, smacking the wall.

Now I spend that early doze time re-viewing a whole movie. Recently: 17 Again, Shorts, and Julie & Julia. I used to try to stop the movie reel in my third eye, but now I know better. I just let the whole movie play out, like a song stuck in your head.. singing it helps release it right? And don’t get me started on the lists of things I didn’t get done that day… or the list of not yet done waiting for the next day items… ugh.

goodncrazy blue dots

The thing is, I rarely can remember my sleepy non-sleep thoughts. I’ve decided to invent a bedside table widget-thing-a-ma-jig. It would slowly wake you in the morning with real sun-like light filling the room… (wait that’s my husband’s dream thing-a-ma-jig). My invention would have a brain activated recorder. It would record all the thoughts (well not the WHOLE movie renditions) of my night-time ramblings.

The only problem (aside from lack of mental telepathy) is I’m seriously afraid of what those thoughts would really look like? In my half aware state they always seem like winners, but in the sunlight… probably not.

From Enya Lyrics:

“Night has brought to those who sleep,
only dreams they can not keep.”

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