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GoodNCrazy Disclosure: Where’s The Beef?

July 2, 2009

I create featured posts for several reasons.

One could be simply because I love the product, website or service that I chose to write about.

Yup. Just because. I was paid no money. I was given no product. No affiliate links.

The person, company, or publisher may chose to share some sort of internet good karma back my way. But I in no way control their actions now do I?

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Another could be that a company or PR rep contacted me and asked if I would take a look at their product or service and share it with my readers. Most often in order for me to ‘review’ the product I need to have it on hand to test and get my family involved on the project. So yes. I receive compensation for a review in the form of product.

I have also been know to hound down a company and request a sample of a product that I know I need and they have been known to acquiesce. (No one was hurt in the process.)

As of yet I do not accept payment in cash for reviews. The end.
{If that changes I’ll be the first to let you know.}

I do however charge a minimal price for the ad space on my sidebar. And I often participate in larger campaigns run by companies or third parties on behalf of a company. Being an OfficeMax MaxMom is one example. Sponsorship from during a blogging conference is another.
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I do not Tweet for pay. However I often tweet about campaigns I am working on. And the whole disclosure thing on Twitter is a little tricky? I will refer back to my blog posts in that case.
I will let you know on each post (probably in just the tiniest bit snarky way) a quick disclosure.

My New Digs; My New Strategy

April 5, 2009
Carissa’s GoodNCrazy Disclosure:

—First! What do you think of my new blog look??
It’s still a work in progress so please be gentle…

Now for the disclosure stuff:
I have recently removed BlogHer ads from my site.
I believe they were useful, and helped to legitimize my site, but never really generated any money.
Ali Worthington of Blissfullydomestic said: “BlogHer ads are pennies ya’ll pennies!”
And that’s true. But when you are new to blogging and not sure how else to go about monetizing your blog, I believe BlogHer is a great way to get your foot in the door. When I see BlogHer ads on a site, I think —Hey, this blogger is serious!

But as of this week. I am Crazy serious about other venues and campaigns that will come into direct conflict with the BlogHer rules.

My Current Bloggy Strategy….

More Good Than Crazy

I love to write about events and charities and even giveaways that are closely paired in a giving manner. (Tomorrow’s Post will be an example of this.) It may include information about what Mom It Forward is doing, or simply shout outs about the Good my friends in the blogging community are sharing. {I will receive no compensation for this unless stated.}

GoodNCrazy Mom Finds

I’m a mom, I like stuff. Mother’s day is coming… and everyone has birthdays {whether we like it or not!} I simply plan to include presents and gifts I would be crazy happy to receive. {In this case I may not already own these items. And I will not be compensated for these suggestions.} If you sell or create something of your own, feel free to contact me for this series, but I reserve the right to include only the items I would actually buy.

GoodNCrazy Snarks a Poll, pretends to be a journalist.

I do not consider myself a journalist. {insert snorting here} But as a mom I definitely have Good questions and Crazy concerns about things that affect my kids and my world as a mom. For example we are currently trying to decide whether our 11yrold NEEDS a cell phone? I will be contacting cell phone companies and doing interviews and polls of my social media buddies in order to gauge the thoughts and motivations of others like myself on these various issues and decisions we all have as parents. {you can answer my cell phone poll if you’d like!} I will be ‘snarking a poll from time to time, and using comments and discussion from these polls to create articles about these topics. {Unless noted I will receive no compensation for this.}

GoodNCrazy PR Strategy

My first GoodNCrazy campaign will begin this coming week! I have been working with a few companies to come up with a creative plan to shout out about products/brands/services I already own and love. In a way that includes readers and bloggers AND the company! (Angie from Seven Clown Circus and Jenna from Stop Drop and Blog have agreed to test this out with me! I hope you will join and help make it work!) Have you been wondering how to get in touch with the companies that want to ‘talk’ to mom bloggers? Each time I run a campaign will be the perfect time to do that! {If I do not already own and use their products or services I will make it clear.} You can read about my strategy in my About page, and even find out how to contact me if you are a blogger interested in participating.

I may have received some sort of product or in kind compensation for working on these product strategies. {I will state it clearly if I have been paid in cash for this sort of thing.} Often there will be giveaways associated with these campaigns. But with a twist. Hopefully you’ll like the twist! Shhh I’m not telling yet.. you’ll have to pay attention over the next 3 weeks to find out….

GoodNCrazy Ad Placement Policy

I have joined a few affiliate networks, but at this point it’s clear they don’t add up to the space they take up. I do sell ad space. Please contact me if interested in my rates.

GoodNCrazy Located Elsewhere

I also write articles {either fresh content or shared content } for:

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