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EARLY! –Happy Candy Freaks

October 30, 2008

oldorangstmppumDue to uncontrollable extenuating (and other large words I can’t think of) circumstances. We had to do our annual WHOLE FAMILY DRESS UP, last weekend.

Here are the results:


He totally came up with the whole Joker costume from Goodwill Stores. A teenager came up to us at one point during the community carnival and said: “Dude where did you buy your costume, THAT’s what I want to be!” Sorry. Not a ‘ready-made’ costume here. You are looking at a professional costume designer, sorry. (Oh Yeah!)

101_0252101_0253 101_0251 101_0270

Green Power Ranger is so happy to wear that dang cape! We found it at a garage sale for $1! Big sister also found her perfect Piratess costume at Goodwill. Little sister used the large bin of Halloween Costumes past, as did BatMama.

Total cost for costumes this year? About $20. We rock.

Oh if I could figure out my DANG scanner I would sooo share the photo we had taken of the two of us on Harleys! Now that was awesome.

I can’t wait to see everyone else’s Halloween Costumes…Happy Haunting! (And safe.)

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Plumbers Union

July 24, 2008
Can you guess what we are up to these days?

If Dad is working, so am I.

“Oh, someday I’ll be able to do THAT.”

(Note the swimsuit–A must for plumber apparel)

And Ta-Da. Our new powder room faucet. You want to see the old one? Sorry. It was awful. Brass. The whole house is that way. Brass and Glass. Built in the 90s, but with 80s style… Ahhh. This is so much better.

And the results

February 11, 2008

I promised to report on those scones
Here they are. Who’s the freak?
Yup, that’s my guy.

The kids gave their thumbs up. Heck, what’s not to like, white bread dough and a whole lotta vegetable oil!

Dad, will you take us sledding?

February 11, 2008

And the answer to that….every single weekend before now was NO. Too cold, too windy, or sorry-there’s a blizzard out there! Finally, a warm Saturday afternoon.Dad giving 10yrold an extra boost.

TK Loved It.