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Moxie Mona Lands In Oregon!

September 20, 2009

Hi! Welcome to My World.
Where the town is tiny and the air is clean.
The Fighter Jets Train and The *Ducks Reign.

Where Good is Crazy & Crazy is Good.

Mom of all trades… Jack of NONE.

I’m Carissa. I’ve got three Crazy kids and one Good husband.
Thanks for joining me today… to all you Moxie Foxy Ladies…
A great big Hug and Puffy Heart Hello!

I was OhMiGosh FLATTERED when Francesca and her Moxie Crew asked if I would be the Oregon stop on this bloggy train ride. And then I went.. crap. I live in a tiny becarefulifyoublinkyou’llmissit kind of town. Kind of BORING… But the thing is. Southern Oregon has some AH-mazing things to see.. all I have to do is drive 15minutes in any direction and WOW! Cascade forests. Lakes and more lakes. Fun shopping towns and Southern Oregon’s Shakespeare Festival!

Sit back and enjoy, because I took a ton of pictures, so you and (Moxie Mona) won’t forget your little stopover here in my Land of GoodNCrazy. My kids saw me taking pictures of um… a doll… and said, “Oh.. like a flat Stanley?” Well, yes.. just like that.. only curvier!

If you ever get the chance to see Crater Lake for yourself. DO NOT PASS it up. Seriously, this is like one of the top 10 must-see-Mother-Nature-out-did-herself areas in North America. It really is THAT blue. It really is THAT gorgeous. It really is impossible to explain in words…

Pictures do a MUCH better job.

I promise. No editing was done to the above image.
It’s Straight Out Of the Camera.
That white speck in the middle is a boat.
You walk very carefully on the rim… it’s a long ways down!
Mona Takes it Easy in the tall summer grass of the Crater Lake Rim.

Crater Lake was created from a collapsed Volcano. There are no inlets or outlets; ALL the water is from snow and rain! (I’ve seen it in the winter…absolutely BREATH-taking). It is the deepest lake in North America and that accounts for it’s blue-er than blue color! The Crater Lake area is the only National Park in Oregon. It’s about a 4 hour drive from Portland and only 1 hour from me!

Please Meet My Moxie Kids!

goodncrazy blue dots

Hey! It turns out Mona is a great help around the house!

About 3 weeks ago I helped pick pears at a local church owned orchard. I don’t think I can make it clear enough just how cool it is to live in an area where there are more Pear and Peach orchards than PEOPLE!

You know the amazing Harry and David Company? As in Awe-SOME with a capital A! Well get this… they are located just over the hill from us… and they have a retail outlet… and yes. I’ve purchased Moose Munch. So there!

To Francesca and Kacey, Angie, Jill, Kathy and Laura…. This Fridge Art is for you! Thanks for letting me play along and may your new venture MoxieMediaGirls take flight like WonderWoman takes bullets! Pa-chew! Pa-ching!

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*We are NOT affiliated with the DUCKS in any way shape or form. {GO UTES}!

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goodncrazy blue dots

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