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Technical Difficulties: The Re-Install

August 7, 2009

  • Step One: Pray for a safe return
  • Step Two: Back up EVERYTHING on Mozy Digital Backup System.
  • Step Three: Pray my Photos are safe.
  • Step Four: …. um.. now what? How do I start over anyway?

Gonna be a long weekend. The plan is to have the hard drive re-installed and some additional RAM added?

And if that fails?
Time to go hunting for some computer deals!

Please Send Internet Karma My Way?




The Re-Install was successful.
The wireless driver that was the problem in the first place?
Apparently that was a common promlem on my type of laptop and they were replacing them up until APRIL of this year. So if yours fell apart AFTER APRIL of this year?? Too bad, that will cost $400 to replace the mother board.
Good Night. I need to take a break from pain in the butt computers for a weekend. Ugh.


Update: Update:

Okay. You can buy an ‘external’ wireless driver thingy (looks like a flash/thumb drive) plugs into a usb port. Cost: $39.
Now for the memory update. For $35 I purchased two 1GB RAM Memory sticks AND installed them both (BY. MY. SELF.—pats on back) after watching a YouTube video. Am I awesome or what? Ready to re-install Photoshop Elements version 6 and see if we rock with our extra RAM…?


So far total cost $74 (and one very annoying weekend).


last one…
We’re back… all my photos are safe and sound and all tucked in..
Thank you and good night.

Mom Van Takes a Hit: Survives

April 6, 2009
Ever have one of those days?

Where you get rear-ended by a TOW TRUCK of all things??
Can someone please define irony?

The thing is, it was minimal damage. My little boy and I were totally NOT hurt, all is well. But the mechanic said the whole bumper will have to be replaced. Grrr. Guess how much ‘the whole bumper’ will cost…? I’m not telling. Go ahead and guess.

Oh it gets better. When I called the Tow Truck company.. they had the obscene audacity to tell me the driver claims I ‘rolled’ backwards into THE GIANT TOW TRUCK for pete’s sake. I was all?? Are you Serious? I was turning right, still rolling forward a bit, checking the oncoming traffic.. anyway.. GRRRR

And then…..

I returned home to this………….

(No I didn’t make this picture Josh Bozarth did)

YES. The dreaded blue screen on my computer.. and a horrifying error message that said, HP is working to reboot your system.. this could take several minutes… you will lose any recently installed software…. {insert scary movie music.}


3 HOURS later…..

That same error screen was flashing and appeared to be still working? I did my best to be patient.

But what I was really thinking was…

When did I last run a backup? And. Don’t bad things always come in threes? What’s next? I refused to leave the house the whole rest of the day. We ate frozen pizza and popcorn for dinner just in case.

Oh. PS. The computer came back {can you tell?} Get this.
It uninstalled MSN messenger????


Thanks for the nice blog redo comments. Wanna hear the best compliment I got?
“Did your friend LeeLou do this for you?”
I was sooooo happy.
Cuz ahem… no she did not!

And did you read some of the comments about what age people are willing to give a child a cell phone..?
You might be interested in the responses.. scroll down a bit to see the poll.

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