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Artist Dabbles In Social Media: Shares Her Collage

October 8, 2009

Guest Post:
Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

I met Elizabeth @sthilairenelson when she asked for help getting the HTML code for a Tweet This button on her blog. After a little back and forth I peeked at her site and her art gallery and was absolutely BLOWN away by her work. I asked her to write a guest post.. mainly so I could claim to have some of her art on my site!! WOW.

I am a collage artist in Orlando, FL. When you think of collage, you probably think of abstract combinations of printed materials, personal mementos, photos, etc.

My style of collage is different. I hand-paint all different types of art papers, old book pages, maps, and found papers, then I use those materials in collage. I treat every torn bit of paper like an individual brush stroke, and I use them to create what I call a “Paper Painting”.

goodncrazy blue dots

In order to sell my work, I have to be good at marketing. I utilize social media in an attempt to spread the news about my art (my blog, my website) to people who are friends, or friends of friends…. who never heard of me before!

I do not sell my work on Facebook or via Twitter, those venues are better left as ways to raise awareness. I find the best way to introduce my work to as many people as I can is to utilize social networking through FB and Twitter. Plus it is a postage FREE way to do that!

When I post to social networking sights, I always try to draw people into my blog: Elizabethsthilairenelson.Blogspot.Com Where I offer small collages up for sale, provide a link to my website and monthly newsletter, list workshops I am teaching, and talk about my collage process with photos of work in progress and new work.

I find that using social networking to draw people into my blog and my website helps me with sales, and even better with potential exhibition opportunities.

Please visit my blog, leave me a comment, or even subscribe!