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Church Chat: The Spiritual Side Of Mom

January 10, 2010

Meditation, Prayer, “Still Small Voice”

May 2010 bring all three.


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I love the book: Eat, Pray, Love by Michelle Gilbert. There is a part in it where she is distraught over the demise of her marriage. At one point she is sitting on her bathroom floor (she feels it’s the only place in her small apartment she can truly be alone). She is crying and in her own way, praying. She writes that she felt like she was ‘talking to herself’ or hearing things. And she begins to write down these thought-self-talks, so she doesn’t feel crazy. She is totally surprised by the wisdom she gains from these writing sessions…

I wasn’t surprised by her discovery. Most of us would call that the ‘Spirit’ talking to you, or through you, or whatevs… However you describe it, the only way I know to receive personal inspiration, or revelation, or wisdom.. is to find a quiet place and sometimes simply listen to the ‘still small voice’.

I often need some sort of preparation however. Being alone often isn’t enough. I need to quiet my mind, I need to remove a little stress at least from my immediate vision and most of all I need to ‘ask’ for it. For me, in the form of prayer. I believe in a Heavenly Father who literally knows me and knows my name. I believe in Jesus Christ who acts as an intermediary, a mailman if you will. Delivering my pleas and desires and gratitudes to that Heavenly Father, (who is also His Heavenly Father). And last I believe that the Holy Spirit is a third resource who then brings my personal guidebook and Godly information via the Self-Talking-Hearing network. A lot like Michelle Gilbert describes. I read her book and thought.. hello that’s the Spirit talking to you.

I wish I could say I’m the type to wake early and spend an hour or so alone before my world wakes up. But I’m not. I can stay up til 2AM (I pay for it the next day) but try as I might: SLEEP is what I want to do at 6AM. So when can I catch a glimmer of that hushed calm that I crave? Instead… in 2010 I resolve to find more me-time. How?
  • MomVan: Waiting for carpool or while youngest is in pre-school and I’m on my way to the grocery store. Simply practice breathing that deep diaphram Yoga kind of breath. Not to crash or anything but kind of tune out the world and do some ‘not-thinking’ for a few minutes.
  • Bathroom: Let’s face it, sometimes at home it’s the only time the kids give you a break. Give yourself permission to spend extra quality time with the John.
  • Naptime: Make the most of the few hours one kid is asleep and before the older ones return with their afterschool marathon needs. Refuel myself so I can better parent the rest of the day. A large portion of the world believes in siestas.. why not me too? They say 20 minutes is the perfect restocking amount of afternoon shut-eye.
  • Right Before Bed: I tend to meditate on the day’s activities just before I nod off to sleep. Why fight it? Intead, plan 15 minutes of reading scripture or other uplifting reading, writing in a journal, or simply meditating quietly about my day, my life, my kids, my husband and yes. Myself.

How will you find your quiet place in 2010?

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Church Chat: Grace Defined

November 14, 2009

Fill in the Blank:

_____________ is a Virtue.
Here’s how my list sorted out.

  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Charity
  • Humor
  • Trustworthyness
  • Forgiveness
  • Loyalty
  • Candor
  • Balance
  • Self-Respect

But recently I read an article about Grace, by Clyde Williams. Grace as a virtue. Hunhh? I hadn’t really thought about that. I’ve often thought about the word grace.

In the LDS religion we definitely believe in the version of Grace that generally means Christ’s loving sacrifice and Atonement, or Saving Grace. But we also believe that ‘Grace’ alone is not enough. We tend to emphasize the DOING part.

A scripture from the Book of Mormon (a book of scripture we believe to be another testament of Christ) says: “It is by Grace we are saved, AFTER all we can do.” Service, charity, our own humility…

Another definition of Grace is like the beautiful graceful dancer. Or one with proper etiquette. We joke when someone trips: ‘Way to go Grace!’

But Grace as a virtue kind of has me intrigued and confused.
This definition goes something like:

PhotobucketGrace is a sense of what is right and proper. It is a disposition to act with kindness, courtesy or clemency. —Webster online dictionary

So here’s my question:

Do you know someone like this? Someone who employs this kind of Grace? A person who Fills in the blank of their life with Virtues?

goodncrazy blue dots

Deep Thought Time.
I kind of think it’s a bit like comparing the word Smart vs Wisdom.
Is a smart person necessarily one of wisdom?

How about:
(Insert virtue here) vs Grace.

Is a kind person gracious? A courageous person, or patient, or honest….
Talk amongst yourselves.

Family Home Evening: Ideas

September 15, 2009

Church Chat: Defined
What is Family Home Evening?

{Please check out the fabulously funny 9thwardcartoons!}

Once a week, we set aside a specific night (usually Mondays) for Family Time.
When you stop laughing… {who has time for one more thing, eh}?

Well think about it. One night a week everyone agrees NOT to plan ANYthing else. One night a week you all agree to be together. Isn’t your family worth it?

The goal? Creating a spiritual evening, a warm and fuzzy time your kids will remember spent together. With singing and laughter and even some seriousness…
The reality? Sometimes kicking sometimes screaming, with fighting thrown in on the side… and the ‘message’ cut short by someone’s time-out.

Ah well, that’s life huh?

We don’t always stay at home for a stuffy living room lesson style FHE.
A couple weeks ago we headed to our local park with a beautiful lake.

The goal:
Watch the Sunset.
Enjoy God’s Splendor.
That Simple.

The Outcome:
Kids in PJs, playing hideNseek, mom gets a beautiful photo op, and we all agree…
What a wonderful world.

Oh wait!
I can’t forget the most important part (according to my 5yrold). The treat. Every successful family home evening must serve some sort of treat/dessert/snack. Ice cream is popular. Rice Crispy Treats and brownies are also big favorites at our house. What sort of treat do you serve on a family night?

Other FHE ideas:

Keep it Hygene:
What is the Flu, How do you get it, and handwashing strategies.
(my 11yrold showed everyone how she washes her hands without touching the facet… tricky…) Plus we all chose our ‘handwashingsong’: ABCs, Twinkle and oldMacDonald were the hits.

Fire Safety and A Fire Drill:
Make an exit plan, talk about stop drop and roll, make sure you have a meeting place in the case of an emergency.

Family Budget Planning:
A Better Way To Budget
Is there a vacation goal? Will your family be needing to purchase a vehicle soon? What larger items are the kids working towards? Help them set up a budget, think about how to work on their goal, and brainstorm ideas and ways to earn money for it. My kids know that we rarely buy anything big ticket on a whim. We think about it, and make a point to save up for it, then purchase it with real money, never on credit. What an important lesson to teach your children.

Child Labor :)
I’d like this to be more of a once a month thing, than a once in a blue moon kind of thing. What if you spent a whole family night making a list of 12 different things you could do for other families spread out over the whole year? Then create a plan to carry out each project. Maybe snow shoveling in December for your elderly neighbors. Gathering children’s clothing for your local Foster Care Foundation in March. And in July plan a summer day camp for the kids in the ‘hood… giving the moms in the area notice in advance that they can have a day to themselves! This month Office Max has created a campaign called A Day Made Better to gather office supplies for teachers, your family could join in, wrap up the supplies and deliver them yourself! Ask your kids.. they’ll have the best ideas!

I’d love to hear your ideas for Family Night!

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bdjsb7, Jeff Keen, tomadamson, _darkguru_

Church Chat: Some Spiritual Thoughts

August 22, 2009

I had to give a lesson in Relief Society.

(The Women’s Group in my church: read here for more.)

I wasn’t given a lesson manual or anything, the instruction was.. pray and think about what you feel the women in your congregation are in need of hearing.. ? Oh great…?

Turns out I had just picked up a book by Sheri Dew titled:

God Wants a Powerful People

I was intrigued with the title when I saw it. The word Powerful especially. People strong enough to withstand the trials and troubles of this life. People able to make it through tragedies and worse. It made me think about powerful people I know, whose lives are filled with difficulties and how amazed I am at them.

The Author tells a story about how she was given a pass card to enter church buildings after the security had been increased. But she had not needed it very often since she was recognized around the grounds by security. There was an early meeting she was attending and found that the security guards were not there and a door was locked. She rang a buzzer and the person who answered said, “Sister Dew do you have your security card with you?” When she answered yes, he told her that the card would get her into all the doors.

Here’s what she had to say:

The irony was unmistakable. For months I had carried with me a badge that had given me privileges I hadn’t understood or, worse, taken advantage of. I had not understood that badge’s power.

Isn’t that true of most of us? We have a power within us that is unmistakably given from on high. If you draw on that power you pretty much cannot fail.

Further in the same chapter of the book Ms. Dew points out 4 ways we can live up to this power given:

  1. God wants a powerful people. (Seems clear to me, if God wants it, it’s gonna happen eh?)
  2. He gives His power to those who are faithful and who qualify. (I’m guessing she means if you live a cruel and mean life, even though God wants to bless you He cannot. It’s that simple.)
  3. We therefore have a sacred obligation to seek after the power of God and then to use that power as He directs. (Again it’s simple: ask and it shall be given. Gives me the feeling that God is ready and waiting to offer assistance, waiting for me to just ask.)
  4. When we have the power of God with us, nothing is impossible. (There’s a popular phrase: Nothing is impossible for two people as long as one of them is the Lord.)

I’m not trying to ram my religion down your throat. I promise. But if you are willing to think a little deeper about your own religion or maybe your own spirituality? Then I’m happy.

Here’s a scripture she quotes:

And we ask thee, Holy Father, that thy servants may go forth from this house armed with thy power, and that thy name may be upon them, and thy glory be round about them, and thine angels have charge over them.

I like that. ‘…thine angels have charge over them.’ Sorta like a mother’s prayer over her children when they leave each day, huh?

Here’s my take away lesson from thinking about all this.
I have set a goal to invite the spirit into my life each morning. To look around and find the small and simple ways that the Lord is trying to ‘talk’ to me. And to genuinely listen. Sort of like saying a simple prayer each morning:

Dear God, please help me to hear when the spirit whispers, and then to act on it!

As a side note… a week ago, we were about to pass thru an intersection where the light was green. When out of NOwhere a cop car with lights on but NO siren came flying from the side direction running the red light! I totally did not see it coming. I was able to screech to a stop and felt like I barely missed a complete T-bone nightmare? Who knows? Was I protected? I dunno. But the kids were just as upset by it as I was, and we all agreed… it was a really close call.

I think I’ll stick to my simple daily prayer.

Family Reunion: Picture time…

August 20, 2009

How to document such a thing?

A Family Reunion is like…a box of chocolates….
Wait no.. it’s like stubbing your toe in the dark…
Wait… it’s like a giant hen house of cackling hens with the baby chicks running everywhere…
Or.. more like a zoo? The mess? The monkeys? The FUN!
Heaven… or Hell? Sometimes a little of both.

little boy in sprinkler black and white summer time fun

I come from one of THOSE kinds of families. The really big kind.

Please meet my big fat Mormon Family. 65+cousins on my mom’s side alone… Those 65+ cousins are nearly all grown and have children of their own.. how many you ask?? We lose count at 175+? Some of those cousins already have grand-kids. In fact I am a great aunt 3x over!

We get together every other year, rotating through my mother’s siblings like a roulette wheel. This past summer my mom was the ‘host’. This means everyone was invited back to our homestead in Eastern Utah… where 4Wheelin’ is King and staying dry while river rafting is NOT an option!

Who might you find at this big fat Mormon reunion?

A Dad with his baby… (OMGosh you did NOT just say THAT!)

Dad and baby family reunion

A Grandma…(contemplating the dishes for that many..again!)

grandma at family reunion

A Great-Grandma—My Dad’s Mom, My Dad’s grand-daughter (and my daughter).

great grandma and great grand kid family reunion

And a Happy Couple along with cousins teaching each other how to create earth shattering ARMpit Farts!


And one more for good measure…

It was pointed out to me recently that I’m not in any of the pictures from our recent trip to Utah? Um.. does anyone else have this problem? Where it appears that the whole family went on vacation and LEFT MOM HOME???

Next week.. the anniversary trip.. and I promise I AM in some of the pictures!

Church Chat: My Good Friend Marvin Speaks

July 19, 2009
Where do I fit in this mosaic world of many religions?
I often think about that. Do you?

I’ve had several conversations with my pal and resident blogging grandpa Marvin D. Wilson. And hands down my favorite thing about this great all around guy/blogger/writer/dad/grandpa is that he’s basically open to listening to any and all religious ideas. When was the last time you were able to have that kind of a conversation with someone? People often want to talk about their own religious ideas, but not so much to just listen to yours? Please visit his site: The Old Silly’s Free Spirit Blog for more Marvinisms!

I think he’s pretty much done it all. The good the bad the ugly and everything in-between… Seriously.

Recently I read two of his novels: Owen Fiddler and I Romanced the Stone.
And especially from reading the biographical Romanced the Stone: I’m beyond impressed with the depth and understanding Marvin shows for any and all. I asked good ole Marv if he had any thoughts to share on his view of world religions.. I give you: Part I (See Part II as well)

The Zen of Christianity

Star of David Coexistence- 2As a self-described “non-religious, dogma free, maverick spiritualist Christian with a Zen Buddhist background and a firm believer in the Law of Attraction,” I often get asked,

1. “How does your earlier Zen training affect and/or influence your current Christian beliefs, practice and experience – if at all?”

2. “How do you feel about the New-Age spirituality – the Law of AttractionThe Secret? Is humanity on the right track, or are we abandoning the scriptures and trying to ‘figure things out’ on our own, becoming a godless race of self-aggrandizing egotists?”

For today’s post I’ll answer the first question. The short answer is that the Zen training helps my Christian practice. It deepens it. I studied formally for four years under a Korean monk, a certified Zen Master, Venerable Samu Sunim. I will tell you this. That man was more Christ-like than the majority of the professing Christians I’ve known in my life. He held no prejudice against people of other religions, races, colors or ethnic backgrounds. He loved everyone equally and unconditionally. He was a free man, who lived with his students communally, just like the early Christians. He held no real estate, had no possessions other than his monks clothing, had no money other than what was donated to him without his asking, all of which he turned over to his Sangha. He enjoyed reading the books of the famous Trappist Christian monk author, Thomas Merton, and found profound spiritual value in them. One of his suggested books for his students to read was a Christian story of enlightenment through prayer titled, The Way of a Pilgrim. He would even sometimes quote the words of Jesus in his Dharma talks.

I’ve never heard a Christian minister or teacher dare to give any credence to any author from another faith, let alone the spiritual founder of one. Most of them seem to be afraid to admit there was any truth in the teachings of any other avatar than Jesus. My all time favorite Christian author, C. S. Lewis, was well read in all the major world religions, and he found a great deal of truth and wisdom in them. He wrote, and I agree with him, that if there were no common correlations, no cross-over of fundamental truths contained within Christianity and the other major spiritual paths, he would have to ultimately doubt the validity of his chosen faith.

But back to my Zen teacher. Best of all, he taught me how to meditate. How to quiet the internal dialog – that incessant continuous brain-rambling on and on and on in repeat loop mode that keeps us distracted away from (and unable to hear) the voice of God. Most Christians I know don’t know how to do this. And then they wonder why only the gifted ones, the prophets, the anointed ones, can hear the voice of God. Everyone is spoken to by God. You just have to shut up and listen!

When I first converted to Christianity, that happening due to a powerful spiritual experience I had, a direct meeting with the Christ (I write about this in I Romanced the Stone), it was at a little fledgling ministry in Saginaw, Michigan, a church called Shiloh’s Lighthouse Ministries. I joined the congregation, a (to me at the time, considering my past experience with Christian churches) strange collection of people from all walks of life – different races, ages, ethnic backgrounds, economic statuses, and backgrounds, all coming together for one purpose, and that was to draw closer to God and be enlightened with the Truth. The truth of the love of Jesus, the free gift of God’s Grace, and the divine human birthright, the empowerment to be one with God. But as I grew familiar with the church’s constituents, I became aware of something.

Very few of them knew how to “be still and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10) Wonderful people, don’t get me wrong – big hearts, loving, striving to be good, wanting to become all they can be in the light of God, but so full of useless crap inside their everyday heads. Melodrama junkies. A lot of Christians (I’ve known in my life) are so internally noisy – filled to the brim with their own thoughts and melodramas. They don’t have the foggiest idea how to sit still and let the sound of God speak to them through the whisper of the wind through the trees or the lap of the waves at the beach or the tap tap tap of the pellets on the rain-soaked window. Many contemporary Christians use loud beat music with Christian lyrics to get empty, get wiped out, get depleted of their daily thoughts and concerns, in order to be able to sit still after an hour of praise and worship music and hear the Word of God with a clear undistracted mind.

Well, that’s fine for Sunday morning (or Saturday or whatever day your particular sect holds regular weekly meetings on), but what about Wednesday afternoon at work? How are you going to hear God tell you the best way to respond to your jerk boss who just chewed you out for something you didn’t even do? Will you be still and peaceful and hear the little voice? Ain’t happening. Your gonna get pissed off and lose your faith! I’m speaking generalities, of course, there are many, many well-grounded spiritual Christians these days who carry their inner-peace and the love of Jesus with them 24/7. Just not enough, in my opinion.

So I started a meditation class for Christians. That’s just me – I try to help. I call the class, “Sit down, Sit Still, Shut Up, and Listen.” Christians need to learn how to meditate. It’s not a substitute for prayer, mind you; it’s a means of deepening your connection with God. That’s another post I’ll write one day. And by the way, Buddhists need to learn how to pray, also. But that too is another post.

Please read part II: Christianity and the Law of Attraction

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Church Chat: Why More Isn’t Better (part II)

June 27, 2009

You might want to hurry and read Part I first? !

People say more is better. But what happens when you get to more? —

Well then.

You’ll simply want more. After all… if more is better, when you get to more— more will still be better, right?

You don’t really get ahead with that strategy, eh?

About 6yrs ago… I. Was. Miserable.

My husband was making more money then he likely ever will again. We loved the terrific town that we lived in. I had great friends. And our house was a charming 100yrold craftsman with parquet flooring and foot high crown molding of now extinct chestnut wood. (I’m talking amazing little home!)

Sounds awful huh?
So, why the misery?

At the same time: hubby was working 14hour days ON TOP of a 2 1/2 hour commute. Weekends were always iffy. I had 2 young children and at the end of just over 3yrs of this I looked at my husband and realized we barely knew each other and we were beginning to live separate lives. We were considering having a third baby and our house, charming or not, was too small. Should we consider a renovation and an additional $100,00 mortgage? Or moving to a larger home and (at the time home prices had increased to the point that our own tiny home had DOUBLED in it’s value..) affording a larger home would have been tight even on our budget. Plus those pesky student loans were still nipping at our heels.

We could keep on like we were:— Increasing our consumption. Forcing Dad to work more and stress about making partner. Yet feeling more and more guilty that he’s spending less time with us.

Right about this time I came across this book:

Your Money Or Your Life
By Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin

It was recommended by a church leader in fact.

I was floored. As in socks completely knocked off.
There in Black and White on page 8:

(from a survey the authors took)

“…not only are most people habitually unhappy, but they can be unhappy no matter how much money they make. Even people who are doing well financially are not necessarily fulfilled.”

It seems when asked how much money people made. Across thevboard EVERYone wanted more. Even those making a substantial amount of money noted that they would only be happier with yet MORE.

Later in the book they ask the question: “Is More Better?”

on Page 12:

“We become habituated to expecting ever more of ourselves and ever more frm the world, but rather than satisfaction, our experience is that the more we have, the more we want—and the less content we are with the status quo.”

Oh my gosh! I think I had the deepest thought of my entire 30-ishyrs on this Earth.

Love the life you’re livin’
Enjoy the Journey
Life is a Highway

All sound cliche? Not to me.

There I was living the Great American Dream.. More Is Better— right? Or is it?
I was living fairly affluent by anyone’s standards. More comfortable than my childhood by a stretch. 401K maxed out each year… So why did I keep feeling like I wanted more? NEEDed more?

Whoa. What if more isn’t better?
What a deep thought.

I began to dream and discuss with my husband the possibility of selling our house, paying off the student loans and moving… somewhere.

Could we do it?
Could we get our lives back?
Could we harvest more out of life with less?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one… cuz I’m too busy living it!

Photos by: BrockBuilders, clspeace, bbaunach

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Church Chat: Living the Dream Part I

June 21, 2009

Do you ever think you are living the American Dream only to wake up and Realize:

Maybe Not?

house for sale on hemlock street in lake oswego, oregon - $420,000 - _MG_0243

When we moved last September. We hired United Moving Co. They sent a driver and he contracted a couple day laborers to load up and drive and then unload as well. This Driver and one of the laborers were a pretty sad sack of beans. They basically lived in the truck (yuck.) I estimated they were both still in their 20’s. And they basically drank themselves into oblivion nightly. {Let’s not think about how safe they were—still are? on the road.} We talked to them a lot while they unpacked our stuff and they were seriously intrigued by our Leave it to Beaver Mormon lifestyle. And yet they could not believe we don’t drink alcohol. Not even a drop. (I mean since they practically worship Jack Daniels..seriously this was shocking to them.)

So which is it? Are they Livin’ La Vida Rica? (as in happy joyful fulfilled?)


Are we?

There was a point about 7 yrs ago.
Where we woke up one day (yes that sudden) and realized we didn’t dream big enough? Huh?

  • We both dreamed of college degrees: check.
  • We both dreamed of leaving small town life and experiencing something bigger: check. (NYC big enough for ya?)
  • We dreamed of having a few kids, buying a home and holding a steady job: check, check and yes check.

Now what?

Does it seem greedy to dream of more….?

Or not?

Next episode: “Why More Isn’t Better.”

And yes I know it’s father’s day today… Happy Happy and lots of plaid shirts and ties to all the loving dads out there! Go see the cards my kids made and know that we are happy in our celebration of father’s day.. I just really needed to get this post started. I’ll finish it next Sunday… See you there.

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Church Chat: A Definition

May 24, 2009

Mormon Culture Translated
It’s simple and it’s elegant.
(I mentioned VT in a past church chat.)

Here’s how it works: 2 women are assigned as a team to visit another woman within the congregation, meeting with her once a month preferably IN her home. But a phone call works in a pinch (for those months where it cycles thru faster than you can say *’oh my heck‘ -as is often the case for me!)Yes, there’s a spiritual side; a worldwide monthly message is provided for a discussion starter. But equally important is the social side of these visits and the welfare of that ‘sister’. Is she well? Does she seem to need any help? Is there something the visiting teachers can do for this woman? -Help out with childcare, -notice that she’s in the middle of repainting her living room and offer to come over for a painting night, -find out that a grandparent is ill and they may need some help in the near future should they have to leave for a funeral…

An example:

*I got special permission to use this image from the comedic geniuses over at 9th Ward, wow THANKS so much!

~My VT sisters came to my house last week. They mainly just chatted and our kids played together for half an hour. Looks like playgroup? Maybe. But at the end they asked if I needed anything, and of course I answered that I didn’t. But they also knew my husband was going to be out of town all the next week. (From that earlier chatting part.) And one asked if she could help out while he was away?

Which reminded me -oh yeah– the next Tuesday night, I was going to need some help with my little boy, while I attended the oldest’s band concert. He’d be no fun to take along with out the hubby to help? “Sure!” She said, bring him over.

Simple, huh?

Even better. When we get to KNOW each other more than scheduling playdates, we know when things are coming up in each other’s lives. Through Relief Society and the VT program – if you are having a baby? We KNOW how to mobilize! Expect anywhere from 3-8 meals delivered to your family, after the stork delivers your baby.

Same goes for sickness and even tragedy.

First Wave—your two VT sisters likely will show up or call. “What can we do?”

Second Wave—They’ll report back to the Relief Society Presidency—”Carissa is sick and on bedrest for the next two weeks.” She’s going to need help getting her kids home from school. Who lives nearby and can help with that? Oh and since we’re good at it, let’s start taking meals over a couple times a week—we’ll start by taking the first week, help line up the second week?”

Third Wave—From there the network is managed from the leadership end.

The beauty here {and if you’ve ever had the chance to serve then you already understand} is that YOU are the one who feels served, blessed even.

A friend in New Jersey was surprised once at my willingness to help when her kids were sick. She wanted to know how to pay me back? I smiled and said, simply help out your neighbor the next time you see a need, don’t wait to be asked. Oh? She wondered—’Like, pay it forward?’

YUP. Exactly. Except lately I think we’ve been calling it Mom it Forward!

*{NOTE: I was outed as a Mormon the other day on Twitter when I used the phrase: ‘oh my heck’.. who knew that was such a clear calling card?}

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Church Chat: Easter At Our House

April 12, 2009

As a Kid…

  • I didn’t know there was such a thing as Palm Thursday.
  • I was a teenager before I saw someone with ash on their forehead.
  • I had heard of lent but had no idea what it meant?
  • I did know what Good Friday was all about
    but we didn’t make a very big deal of it.

Was I totally sheltered? Maybe, but believe me we celebrated Easter!
Eggs, eggs and more eggs…for sure.

Easter Sunday was where it was at in my home growing up and in my religion.

We tend to focus on the Resurrection part of the whole Easter Celebration and not so much all the death and crucifixion. Don’t get me wrong, we totally understand the atonement and what Christ’s sacrifice means to our salvation.

Christus, by Bertel Thorvaldsen

(Photo of Christus Statue in SLC Temple visitors center by SteveCottrell.)

We simply choose to be really grateful for His resurrection and the fact that we can live again after death as well. But quite honestly the ‘big’ holidays for Mormons aren’t all that much bigger than regular Sunday worship. That may seem like a problem. But it’s not. I’m just saying we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and are in awe of His atoning sacrifice every Sunday. And while yes we acknowledge that Easter is a great time to ponder the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, you don’t usually see a lot of ‘extra’ folks showing up only on Christmas and Easter.

There was a full page ad in my local paper on Friday, inviting ‘all types’ to attend that church’s Easter Service. And nothing against that, it’s just that we try really hard to invite people to our congregation and to attend services ALL the time, you know??

In Fact. Wanna come to church this week with me? That would be awesome!

I hope this is coming across the way I mean it? And if 2x a year is the only churching a person is going to get, then by all means that’s great, right!? I just hope everyone tries to have more spirituality in their lives than only on Christmas and Easter.

Happy Easter to everyone.

I believe that crazy story about a man who died on a cross
2,000 years ago and 3 days later rose from the dead.
And… after our death, even crazier?
We can live again too

Now for some Easter Pictures at our house.
Yes. The Easter Bunny knows how to find Mormons…!

Easter EggsEaster Eggs 1Easter Eggs 2

As promised… Easter Sunday New Outfits…

{yes I made the dresses.. no I did not make TK’s!}

Easter Sunday New OutfitsMy New Easter Dress!

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