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Permit Me To Pay Your Kid’s Pocket Money…

April 9, 2009

9yrold Daughter:
(with fire in her eyes)


—And for the first time I looked at her and realized she was right.
I couldn’t make her.

She was too big for time outs.
Was I going to spank her?
She might spank me back!
Yelling matches were just that.


So now what?

I remembered my mom told me bout a parenting book she had read.

Parenting Teens With Love And Logic.

Um… I didn’t have a teenager…? But I read it anyway. I was hooked. Talk about something that really worked for us! I located every published book I could get my hands on or otherwise check out at the library.

The little kid one

The homework one

—and my favorite:

Chores and Allowance.

You know what they suggest? NOT paying your kids to do chores…!
Whaaa?! I know. I was all, HUH??

Instead. You choose a set amount, NOT too high… and you pay them the same amount every week. And at the same time you institute a chore plan. {These chores are not tied to the allowance. They get to do these chores just because they live in your house.}

Here’s how chores works at our house:

Each child has 2 jobs {yes even the 4yrold} per day spelled out on a job chart. From unloading dishes to cleaning toilets to vacuuming the dining/kitchen area.
They just know: check the chart, do those chores. Every day.

That’s it. Total leap of faith.
That was 2 years ago
Wanna know how it’s all going?

First a lil’ snarky poll:

What’s up with allowance at your house?

Do You Pay Kids An Allowance? HOW?
( polls)

{Here’s how allowance works at our house. They do not get paid for chores. They just get paid.}

Our plan was to pay them a weekly amount, enough that they could buy small treats for themselves, help buy gifts for friends, or even save up for larger items… and often we ‘allow’ them to pay for half of something big that they want… I love this because there have been times when they save for a while and then realize how much money the big ticket item is costing and decide they don’t ‘need’ it after all!

But we only remember to pay out about every other week…still working on that…

We pay the 4yrold $1 a week.. he’s actually happier with coins at this point, cuz he knows he can use them at the little vending machines that dole out MikeNIke candies!
We pay the 8yrold $3, and sometimes she makes additional cash when she ‘helps’ babysit.
We pay the 11yrold $5, and she also makes a whopping $2/hour for babysitting. But only when it’s actual ‘date time’ for mom and dad.

Believe it or not, they pay some school expenses, they buy bday gifts for friends, and use their own money on trips for souvenir purchases etc.

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