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Stumble Upon. Part I

October 4, 2008


I’ve been promising some help with Stumble Upon. I can give you a whole bunch of links to articles that explain it much better than I can. But you wouldn’t click them would you? Admit it.

So here’s Carissa’s quick figure out SU.
(You can stumble this post if you want.)

Or any post for that matter, let me show you how!


The best advice I got was to DOWNload the Stumble Upon Toolbar for Firefox.

Click here to get that.

You don’t have Firefox? Then GET it. I promise you need it.

That’s it. Your homework is to JUST get the toolbar up on your browser.


Okay, WHAT to do with that toolbar?

For now I’ll try to explain Why Stumble at all?

Let’s say I just read a great post in a blog I totally love anyway. I visit it like everyday. But THIS post is better than usual. I actually laughed out loud. (No not LOL–the REAL kind).

I can run and tell all my friends on twitter. But that’s only a few hundred of you. I can blog about it. But heck, that’s probably less than I just told on twitter.

So what to do to help my bloggy friend who seriously wrote something awesome? Because when it’s that awesome I want all of you to see it too, right?

I can go to and register. After I have registered, I can go back to my bloggy friend’s blog and ‘Stumble’ that post. Not the whole blog mind you, I click the title of the post I loved and then I click the ‘Thumbs Up’ button from my brand new Stumble Upon toolbar.

This will take me to a ‘review’ page. If I am the first one to ‘discover’ this post? Bonus! For me. Because I get to write the review that people will see when they are searching through The Stumble Upon site (This is called ‘Stumbling’)

So if you are first it’s important that you follow some rules:

1) Leave a short but informative review of the blog. Quote from the post even.

2) Use as many tags as you can think of. Think synonyms here. If it was a post about a little baby on swings with great pictures… you could use:
photography, photos, baby, kids, parenting, family, swings, pictures, cute, and aw shucks.

3) ALWAYS mark YES. For yes it’s safe content, unless you are looking at porn again. If you mark no, the blog gets flagged for that and it’s apparently hard to lose the flag?

See my Stumble Page {GoodnCrazy username) for examples of reviews and tagging I’ve used recently. If you aren’t the first to stumble a post, great. Just leave a quick review and a couple tags and toggle the ‘YES’ button and submit. Easy.

Are you still with me? This is getting long. I figure only the die-hards are still sticking around.

But I promise.
This is the fun part.
If you can get enough stumbles on a post of yours, then somehow, magically that post can take on a life of it’s own, grow wings or some other bad metaphor. The massive online world now will see reviews of your blog post and just might slip on over to see it. I’ve heard of Stumble Storms…where a good post gets thousands of hits because multiple people stumbled that post! (Never happened to me btw.)

Which brings me to, Can I Stumble My Own Post? You can, but it’s tacky. It’s better to ask a friend to stumble a post when you think you’ve written something amazing. After the friend ‘discovers’ your post, then you can hit the thumbs up on your post and even write a quick review. I’ve heard of people going back even to stumble the comments of a post, when the storyline was continuing there.

You can Stumble submit a photo as well. Just right click over the photo (after loading the post url only) and chose stumbleupon photo blog it!

Also, Can I Stumble a Post if I Don’t have a Blog? YES. Just follow the steps above.

Is this all clear as mud? Bottom line. Stumble Upon is a way to find new blog content to read. And a way to get your content into a place where a lot more people might see it. Let me know if you have questions?

And….more homework.

Here are the blogs I stumbled into yesterday that were great. Some were totally new to me and some were not. But I stumbled a post from each of them. And not always the first post I read. I tried to find Sponge Worthy posts. (You do know what I mean?) Tell me which post of these blogs YOU found Sponge Worthy?

Memoirs of a Mommy Blog
Feels like Home
Sensational Divas Review
Not a DIY Life
Eyes of Wonder
Teaching Challenges
Moments Behind The Lens
2 fat girls skinny
Pulsipher Predilections
xbox wife
High Heels and a Sippy Cup

Yes there is more you can do with Stumble Upon.
But let’s leave that for Part II.

MORE bloggy tutes

I am Taking the Day Off..

October 3, 2008

Day off
Photo by betsymartian

I’m not really.

After all, moms don’t get days off.

Or sick days.

It’s just that. I can’t keep up! I want to read ALL YOUR blogs. I do.
I want to read all the blogs on MY BLOGLIST up there…(and no one noticed my new navigation bar. NOT one, harumpff!)

So today?

I’m taking the day off. To READ. YOUR. BLOGS.

I would like a little help though. What I would like is to find some really great posts today. Some Stumble Worthy posts. I’d like to laugh and cry and then scratch my head and go….Hunh?

So if you could. Would you please comment or email me or tweet me or phone me -if you think you know my cell phone number- when you see a great post today? (Yes of course…if YOURS is a great post…I’d love to see it!)

After my read-a-thon today (and yes I need to get some sewing done…CLAIRE! Can you hear me?! I’m getting it done toDAY!) I will come back here and tell you the posts I found. The good ones. The funny ones. The Really stinkin’ hilarious ones. What should we call this?

Carissa’s too lazy to write and feels like she’s behind and there is better stuff out there anyway– day? -Too wordy?

How about:

If you find it set it free? (Oh..Gag)


Day of the Blog and Crazy…

Oh forget it. If you see a great post today. Will you share with me? I’ll share with you.

This will get you started:

  1. TeachingChallenges Outside the Box

  2. KatieZ YoursMineOurs Beverly Hillbillies

  3. 4Tunate Days to remember(after) and Backyard Barber (Before)

See if you can tell which ones I stumbled and which one is a shameless plug for my sister’s new blog??

What do you do with ‘Awards’?

September 29, 2008

Hmmm. I’m trying to find a way to make fun of or otherwise be snarky about a bloggy ‘award’ given to me by an online friend. She’s expecting some serious snark. (Head over to Jocasta’s and help me out with that please?)

Like… the way I snark over tags and MeMes..? It’s hard. I want to snark this. But..

You know. The whole gracious thing, right?

Thank you

Photo by darwinbell

I mean… back a while ago, I was given an ward about the green pico art sauce or something, and I thought…well, I guess that’s cool. And I totally told the person thank you so much! But then. I did some research on the actual award and um….it’s like the biggest blog scam ever invented. The originator of the bloggy award is now getting millions of hits from the blogorama and well…the pico sauce blog is in PORTUGUESE!

Yup. Weird.

And I totally understand that the award was given in earnest. It’s just that…what now? It becomes blog jewelry? I’d so much rather just link to all the people who I think are awesome bloggers and then go READ their blog and should I feel it’s a really good post…to STUMBLE THAT BLOG. Or Twitter about that blog. Wow, now that would be a great award? I’ll call it the

I Stumble U/Twitter award (ISUTA of course)

I think I will start right now.

Here are my Stumble U/Twitter awardees: (they’re new to me) can call him Mr. Ratburn. I do.) See this post for sure..
Baby chicks? What can beat that?
Argyle background? Cool. (Oh and she liked my NO-Reply tute…ahem)

Last one for today: This one is my real life honest to goodness SISTER. Srsly.
Tell her I sent you and pull her hair or something,
she’s the littlest sis of SEVEN girls!

That should get you started. Enjoy.
Tell me if you stumble one.

Oh. And thanks for the award Jocasta. You’re neat.

Social Networks, What ARE they?

July 28, 2008
Social NetWHATZ??

And why would I want to use a Social Network?

Believe me I’m not totally sure. And it’s taken me several months to figure out the little I know! But I’ll share with you anyway.

I kept asking? What is Twitter? (And I’m so not into Facebook or Myspace—so don’t ask about those—won’t have teenagers for a while- I’ll deal with ‘em then…)

And the answer to my Twitter question?It’s a social network”.


Gee Thanks.

If all these outside things are social networks, what the heck is my blog? Cuz it’s pretty darn social? Isn’t it a network? Probably not. Unless my mom reading about TK’s stitches counts?

I tried it.

I registered on –Or tried to. Everything I came up with related to Good&Crazy was taken. That sucked. So I resorted to my old handle, my email username “rogbark”—don’t ask. It goes way back. I didn’t do much with my account at first. It will check your email addresses and find your ‘friends’, if they are registered Twitters. (Which is kind of creepy if you think about it—having it reach into your computer that way?) But it found a few people I ‘knew’ and there I was ‘following’ them.

At this point I didn’t contribute anything. I just pulled up my ‘home’ twitter page and could see the running commentary of my fellow twitters. (You can only type in 140 characters—and this small snippet is called a ‘tweet’). I finally got brave enough and tried a couple of my own tweets—it asks: “What are you doing right now?”

Okay? What does that mean?

My first tweet… [Foot surgery Recovery…Fun stuff… And Ice Cream.]. And later…

[ Oh my heck, heck heck, ThreeUnder I know you. Like I sort of know you. And like, I think twitter just worked for like the first time evah!

So now what? Who cares?
Well, a handful of those I ‘followed’ chose to ‘follow’ me back. So they now could see my tweets—but no one else could? How weird is that? You’re tweeting off into the nether worlds of the internet… Slowly a few more folks decided to ‘follow’ me and I began following their fellow twitter pals, and then more…are you with me so far?

I ‘talk’ sort of…with

Scribbit, Velveteen Mind, Mommypie, Alladither, threeundertwo…and I think I might have convinced MooshinIndy to follow me…but there are 67 other followers too. And I love them all just the same.

Now the question is why? Why do I want more twitter followers? Well (finally) here’s where the networking comes in. Do you want the world to see your Etsy shop? How ‘bout a few extra bloggy readers and pals? Did you just post the coolest shots of a fabulous chair you refinished yourself? TWEET about it! Did you accidentally find a great mommy blog and want to share your new find? Tweet away. Now all your fellow Twitter followers will know about your shop/blog/new find!

Off you go. Click rogbark and then hit the follow button and register yourself on Twitter. Who knows, you might like it. Socially and

PS. Last night? I twittered with Fussypants, Wearethatfamily, DomesticChicky and Janeycat. All pretty cool cats.

Some good tips I just found…


Monthly Comments And August Love…

July 24, 2008

Here’s the Deal. Comment in July (in case you aren’t sure…there’s only one week left), and I will highlight your blog in August. Partly cuz I love you, and partly because I will need some serious help in the month of Dog Days. Why? No. Not vacation. Worse.

What could be worse for ruining your blog content???

Yes. THAT.

We are moving.

There could be whole DAYS people(!) where I won’t be able to post. I won’t be able to READ your blogs. And more importantly, I won’t be able to COMMENT on your blogs… So this is how I plan to keep your love. I plan to cheat. And steal. But I will give you all the credit, I promise.

So get crackalakin’. Comment! If you already commented this month, that’s okay you can still comment away. And if you don’t see your blog listed on the left…email me, I’ll fix it!

Thanks for all your help while we stress ourselves to death. (We move in 6 weeks….Oh My.)

PS. Want some ideas for organizing all the creative chaos art, from your little Picasso’s stash?

My latest article is up at B!F!


Make my blog header fit! (PLEASE!)

July 3, 2008

Does this header make my butt look too big?

Some people think I’m rude. I prefer ‘forward’. But oh well.
This online stuff just seems to make it oh so easy to barge right in and ask:

“Can I fix that for you?”

Twice now, I’ve been happily reading along on my rainbow blog tour, and seen a blog header that was hanging out over it’s wrapper. And I just asked. Didn’t even know the good sisters.

“Can I show you how to make your blog header wrapper wider”?

And it turns out. They both said yes. And they even still seem to be my friends. Despite my rudeness forwardness.

I helped Ms. SassyPants fit back into her Sassy Pants. See this header below? Today it fits.

And for my little now you see it-now you don’t. Check this blog. I’m going to teach Kaye how to get that header back in line! Ready? Let’s cheer her on…

If you have a standard blogger template then let’s get started.

Goto layout—HTML.

Highlight all of the code in the box and save it in an email page or something. (in case we totally screw it up) We won’t. But still. Because you will never hit save unless you have hit preview and it worked…right?? Right???
We are going to make 3 changes. The outer wrapper (the whole thing). The main wrapper (where your posts are), and then your header wrapper. Can you do it? Yes you can! After each change check the preview. Then wait to save the whole thing at the end. Here we go…..

Hit control F. Then in the little find box at the bottom of your screen you will search for:

#outer-wrapper {
width: 660px;

You will change the 660 number to 850.

Then you will search for:

#main-wrapper {
width: 410px;

Change 410 to 600 (this will give you a bigger posting space. And don’t we all need a little more room to maneuver? It’s just a phrase.)

Then you will search for

#header-wrapper {

This is tricky. I think you can change the header size to 840 and be just perfect? Might have to hit preview a few times and see if it fits? If it’s still too wide, you will go back and change the #outer-wrapper width to bigger than 850. Or if it all seems too wide you can bring the numbers down in 50 pixel increments, and then even tweak them by 10 pixel increments?

My blog’s outer wrapper is 950. And my header is 850 for comparison.

Also, please see Miss PrincessandthePeas. (I helped ‘pink’ up her header).

Any questions? You know what to do.

MEME: The Tute

May 22, 2008

As promised a little instruction on making a ‘textarea’ box. Otherwise known as:

“That little box of HTML that sits under a picture or button, making it possible to copy and paste that same picture along with it’s link”.

I assume you know how to edit HTML in your blog?

Step one: A test. Goto this site and copy and paste the textarea code. (I change the columns from 50 to 22 to better fit in a sidebar)

It should come out like this:


  • Step Two: Create a photobucket account. It’s worth figuring it out, I promise.
  • Step Three: Upload a photo/button/whatever to photobucket—make it small for a sidebar pic—125×125 pixels works well. (Photobucket provides you with HTML code for the photo/button/whatever you upload).
  • Step Four: Copy the “HTML code” for the photo/button/whatever. (Below the photo in photobucket…starts with: href).
  • Step Five: We get tricky here. First paste the HTML code for the button directly into your blog HTML editor(or sidebar html/java box) above the code for the text area box that you already inserted.

You get a button and the text area box below it:

MEME Button


  • Step six: Now in the regular viewing editor click on the image itself and link the button to wherever you want it linked.
  • Step seven: Back in HTML editor—Copy and paste the button code with it’s link into the area of the HTML Textarea code over the top of INSERT HTML MESSAGE HERE.

It should all look like this:

MEME Button

MEME Button

That was a lot of steps (plus figuring out photobucket etc). Please email me with any questions, I’ll try to help. You might want to center the text box? Good Luck!