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Blogger tips and tricks: Mommy wants a Signature

June 24, 2008

I want one of those signature thingys at the bottom of my post? Everyone else has one.

How can I get it?

The tip…

Angie found this one. Goto the site and create your own name Signature. It spits out the code. (Or make one of someone else’s name for an April Fool’s joke?)

TipJunkie also suggested this one.

You can cut and paste the code directly into your post ‘edit HTML’ view.

And the trick…

Once you have the HTML code you don’t want to keep cutting and pasting the code into your post editor every single time, right? (Go ask Jamie about it.)

Here’s how to automate it. And remember it will not change the PAST posts (that was confusing me up). You won’t see it until you actually create a new post.

Anyway. In the Dashboard.

Goto Settings.

Then Formatting.

Then scroll down to the box at the bottom.

It says Post Template.

Type a P in the middle of two surrounding pointy triangle brackets . (Blogger thinks I don’t want to show you my example code. Sheesh, it’s not like I’m trying to show you my bra or something?

(That P in brackets will make a paragraph break and saves extra time hitting return when you are ready to type your post. Trust me, just do it.)

Now paste in the HTML code from your signature after the paragraph code. Save it and then hit create new post. Should be able to see your signature waiting for you every time you post now. (But only on the current and future posts).

You can also upload code this way directly from a photobucket account if you have made your own signature.

If you need help email me. If you figure it out, let me know so I can gush over your triumph!

Tune in next time, for:

Does this Banner make my blog look too big? How to fix a header that is too wide for it’s britches. Probably looks like a muffintop. Go ask Ms. SassyPants if you don’t believe me.

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