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GoodNCrazy Book Review: Sex Ed Discussion

August 31, 2009
101 Questions Kids Really Ask… puberty education

And the Answers They Need To Know
Author: Mary H. Halter
Book Review

Head’s up everyone.. it’s that time in my world. Yup. Puberty.
No not mine..
My tween’s.

Have you been to the sex ed. health course put on by your kid’s school? The one where the boys sit and titter and the girls cover their mouths with their hands? I have. And quite honestly I was basically shocked at how really Terrifc it was. The nurse was funny, and put all the girls (and their mom’s) totally at ease. She had correct information and it was plentiful and helpful. I swear I even learned a few things!

What was your ‘maturation‘ class like when you were a kid?
A joke.
I left thinking… huh? They use all that… for what?
When will this happen? How? Where!? Can I just please be a BOY!

And what kind of help did you get at home?
Let me quote the Sum Total of advice I got:
“You need to get up there all the way or sometimes it hurts.”

I am not kidding. I didn’t dare ask, and therefore no one helped. I got more information from the Jr. High Volleyball bus than anywhere else. And believe me, that’s NOT where I want my daughter to get her information.

As an adult I tend to be the parent who uses anatomically correct words with my children. I tend to encourage them to ask questions, sensitive and otherwise. I tend to find quiet times to talk to them about big issues from drugs, to age appropriate body discussions, to how they behave when they see someone else who is hurting for any reason at school or church or where-ever. And yes. My daughter has already received the cervical cancer vaccine.

So I jumped when given the chance to read and review 101 Questions. I’ve never been one to shy away from the tough issues. Whether you are like me or a bit more reserved when it comes to sensitive issues, this book will help you talk to your tween.

101 Questions Kids Really Ask comes from the organization: Healthy Edudynamics. The author, Mary Halter, created this book as a companion to the whole comprehensive health education program she helped develop.

Apparently there were teachers, parents, grandparents and health professionals begging to be able to take home some of the materials from the program! I can see why. I’m loving this book too! The Author found that all children have the same basic age-appropriate questions… and she asks us to imagine our next generation:

“…where the kids move through adolescence with a holistic, healthy and respectful view of their bodies and the bodies of those around them.”-Mary H. Halter

I love how it starts out with ACTUAL questions tweens asked during Ms. Halter’s classes.
Some examples are:

  • Is there something you can eat to make sure you have smart sperm?
  • Why don’t girls stand up to pee, and why do boys have to stand up to pee?
  • Questions about boys having ‘good tummy aches’.
  • Are you sure babies don’t go to the bathroom inside the mom?
    —this answer starts with: Time for a short anatomy lesson! (I think that is brilliant, pointing out when it’s time to talk about body parts as well as the whole answer.)
  • How do you keep from having puberty?(I like the answer for this one so much I’m sharing it here)
    —”Puberty is something that happens to all of us. It is not something that a person can keep from happening. It may sound scary and seem like something a person would want to avoid, but it’s really an awesome time in your life!”
  • When should a girl start to shave?
    —After explaining some whys about a girl’s body, she answers this way: “Shaving is a personal decision and needs to be discussed with a caring adult.” (I’m totally impressed with the way they encourage kids to find a ‘caring adult’ to help them out.)

Other parts of the book include:

  • Questions asked about babies
  • Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault (including bullying)
  • Later in the book there is an area for ‘sensitive’ issues.
    Intercourse, homosexuality, Sex before marriage etc.. and there are terrific answers… (but again I’m most impressed with the parts that suggest ways parents can talk to their children and answer them with positive, physiologically correct answers and yet still insert the parent’s own values.)
  • When should I discuss puberty with my child.
  • And ends with helpful diagrams and images that will help you when your child begins asking questions

If you are a friend, cousin, aunt, grandma, or parent of a child who might chose to source you as a ‘caring adult’… then this book is for you. They also sell a puberty DVD that will help you to help your kids. And the Healthy Edudynamics Blog is also a great resource.
You can purchase both the book and the DVD for only $19.99 plus S&H directly from the website.

Here’s to my healthy tween!

JumpStart: The Wii Edition

August 25, 2009

My Kids Are So Excited About The New Jumpstart Game for Wii!


A few months ago I got word from {kids educational computer game gurus} that they were about to release their first Wii game!

It’s called Pet Rescue
Talk about a rockin’ name? They showed me this video and I made the mistake of showing my 5yrold! He jumped up and down and has been giving me grief for weeks…

“when is it coming…?”

“Is it here yet…?”

TaDah! Last week..? It came. Jumpstart Pet Rescue for Wii.


And away we go……!

Boy playing Jumpstart Wii Pet Rescue Game

TK playing the Wii right out of the box… he can play most of the Pet Rescue areas, but he needed help with several parts. No worries? He simply roped his big sisters into ‘helping’ him.. Which really meant they got sucked into playing, and even completing a few levels of their own!

Even my 8yrold is thrilled to play the game. She said she wished it were a little bit more challenging, though? So that tells me it’s a great game for the age range of 4-8. Because it is plenty challenging for my 5yrold!

Here are some direct quotes from TK:

“When you’re at “Petland” you can teach your pet tricks! I taught my doggy to roll over and to jump up and up REALLY high!”

“There’s this slide thingy and when you go on it, that’s my other favorite part. It’s like a rope and it’s like you’re saving somebody, it’s like a Hang Glider!”

“When you fill up a book, (not really read it..) the first one was: my first day of school and you fill the whole book up and it stays in the library and when you go out of the library there’s another pet and it jumps out of a hiding place!”

A BlogRoll List of Sorts…Part I

February 25, 2009

Will you do me a favor? When you have a minute…(okay when you stop laughing…)

Will you have a look at the awesome favorite blogs of some of my readers? These are blogs you all thought were worth a look.

Here’s one:

Click a few and let me know what you think?
Tweet me with YOUR favorite!


BuildABear Gift Card Winner!

February 23, 2009

Winner Winner Green Froggy Dinner?

A BuildABear Froggy?

Okay gift card anyway..!

Katie From Good Life {eats}
—awesome blog name huh?
Is the winner of my first Blogavershury Giveaway!
Congrats Katie! (and thanks so much to everyone who played along!)

I will be publishing a list of all the awesomeness of blogs that you shared with me, to follow and friend and chat it up Carissa Style!

But first.. let’s highlight Katie-the-winner’s blog!

First, she has her own giveaway going on right now for some tasty looking pasta sauce *oh yum*!

Click here to enter…

And would you like to see her food yumminess?
You do don’t you?

She calls this Orange Ricotta Bundt Cake.
And you had me at ORANGE!

Everyone do me a favor and slip on over to Good Life {eats} and congratulate her,
enter her contest and tell her I sent ya!
At least follow her on Twitter!


My New BFF

October 30, 2008
LeeLou is HAVIN’ a PARTAY!

She has nachos, and that awesome 7layerdip, and rootbeer floats, and I think she does a great hula dance! (That’s her Halloween costume) Srsly. Go check it out.

She has giveaways (uh huh! free stuff). She has awesome templates. And Hello? Some of them are FREE? Yes. I know. But even better, she has Holiday Blogger Layouts for not a lot of $$. (If you hurry they’re only $20.) I can’t wait to see her President’s Day Diggs. Oh Oh? Valentine’s! Did I forget Groundhog Day? Who wants a header with a rodent on it?


She’s very nice. And you’ll love her designs. And I hear she is taking custom orders again…better hurry and get on her list, it get’s longer than Santa’s…

And if you’d be so kind. When you get there. Will you remind her that she promised to ‘figure’ out Twitter with me? She’ll need this link as a reminder that TONIGHT is the Newbie Night on Twitter. Yup. If you want some help figuring it out, with just a few friends, join me on around 7PM Pacific. 10Pm Eastern. The tag is #GNOnb, my username is @Rogbark.

Want to meet LeeLou? See you on Twitter tonight.


Seen a Good Thing?

June 21, 2008

Me too.

Meet new people?

Me too.

I’d like to share some of what I loved this week.

Email me your favorites and I’ll share those too.

This was sad. But real. Bless her.

It all started at Kent State University.

Right in the middle she lists this:

1. Why can some people have twins, triplets, quads, etc. and are able to handle it?
2. Why can other people have twins with siblings and can handle it?
3. Why would God take my babies?
4. What did I do to prove to God that I could not handle it?

In Birds Nest posted some pictures, and this one says it all. That dad is great.

And Blog of Beth and Babes had some ‘Dirty Talk’, and Dirty pictures for you.

Mommy Pie. My new twitter friend.

She says, “How a stupid waste of time reinforces my faith in humanity.”
I only barely get twitter. She seems to have it down. Go. Learn. Then click her twitter button.
(My Twitter name is rogbark. I know. But anything related to my blog name was taken.)

I love the Lolly Jane Boutique. I want my blogshop to look just like hers. (Do you think she’ll mind?) And I want someone else to do it. I can’t find the time to prettify it.

Angie has perfected the Scientific Method. With some help from her son and um..pee.

And now do you want to know why? Why I’m sharing some good things I’ve seen along my blog-hopping trek this week?

Because Goodmom/Badmom linked to my blog last week. (And I want to pass it on). I suggested this silly little gem. But. Instead.

They linked to my 9/11 story.

And today I’d like to follow up. And say thanks.

Thank you internet for hearing me out. And for your comments.

I want to share some responses.

From Jacki
I always enjoy reading someone’s 9/11 story. I mean, not because it was a fun event, but it gives another perspective on it. The thing that always sticks with me is that my dad was supposed to be on the plane that crashed in to the Pentagon, but at the last minute his company put him on another flight.

From Kat
Wow. Great post, and interesting to me to hear your story. I was living in NYC with my boyfriend then – his dad worked in the WTC but was home with a cold that day. We didn’t know that though, and my boyfriend walked from Washington Heights, where we lived, to his parent’s apartment in Stuyvesant town where his parents lived because we couldn’t get them on the phone. Scary, but turned out well for us. Glad your husband was okay.

From Givinya De Elba
Wow. Thankyou for writing that.
At the very same time, I was woken up here (just after midnight) in Australia by my agitated husband urgently saying, “Come and see the news!” CNN was on three of our TV channels and your ABC was on the other – and we all started freaking out.
And the whole time, half a world away, you (and thousands of others) were going through … THAT. I’m so sorry that those things happened.

From cndymkr / jean
I’m so glad you wrote about this. I still think about that day and I always will. My husband (a cop in NJ) was called into work to block the GW bridge on the NJ side. I waited hours to hear from him. I knew that he was not near the towers but I didn’t know what else was going on there. He was gone two days. He came home when so many didn’t. I still can’t look at a plane in the sky without replaying that second plane hitting the tower.

I didn’t really plan to have the whole world read my little housewife version. I had maybe ten readers when I wrote that. (And half were family-hi mom!).

And so many people were and are so much worse off.

I totally get that Everyone in America and the world were affected by this. My parents in small-ville USA who usually only read the local paper, were shocked and scared and upset just the same as you and I. I honestly get that.


April 30, 2008

Do you Vinyl? No. Not the record kind. The Design Kind.

I have a friend who creates vinyl lettering art. Here are a few examples.

(click photos to enlarge)

She has a new website, please head over and check out more of her great ideas. Abby’s willing to do custom lettering and you can place the vinyl directly on walls or doors or windows or your mutt (he won’t like it though). You could get your children’s names placed on a magnetic memo board for their room. Or how about a large Princess design right on your little princess’s wall?

Hey Abby do you have any great ideas for a little boy’s room? Something along the lines of “Dirt under his fingernails, Sand in his shoes…now, THAT is what little boys are made of!”

I think many of these would make great gifts and Mother’s Day is…sheesh, less than two weeks away! Go see if anything hits your fancy. There’s still time to give your husband a hint!

How about this one:

(Click photo to enlarge)

And for some more fun? You can get 15% off your order when you mention my Good&Crazy blog, from today through May 31st, 2008! How cool is that?


April 22, 2008

I’ve been compiling flu stories from other blogs. These are the only ones best ones I’ve come across. I think it worked like a talisman against flu in our own household, because it sounds like the vaccine this year sure didn’t!

Over at Orangette is the first one. After reading this flu story, you can go make yourself a cake…

Get That Out Of Your Mouth, is the next one. And his poemtastic (that was for AMZ) blog about kids, poop, and parenting chaos is probably one of my favorite blogs to just read and enjoy.

The Pioneer Woman, is also a favorite. I’m grooving on her web redesign, and HOW I love the new photography section of her blog. I don’t have wild mustangs to take pictures of, my wild chitlins will have to do.

And I just came across this flu post by Ali Martell, at Cheaper than Therapy. Yikes!

Now I beg the flu compilation Gods to please, please, please–spare my family.

What’s your best (worst) flu story? Let’s not get too graphic here. Past or present?

I’m in!

April 6, 2008

Are you willing?
I’m already off any extra driving/using gas.
Now I am officially off TARGET. I hate Target. Hate how much I spend there. Hate that when I want to buy one thing, 100 OTHER things jump into my cart. I even hate that they have groceries (Especially those Farm brand apple muffin mixes–I REALLY hate those).

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008

I found this challenge on Crunchy Chicken’s blog.

I hope I can still buy stuff for all my little projects. I can call those ‘business expenses’ right?

New Recipes to Try

April 4, 2008

Hey! I found a lovely food blog, simple, and full of great ideas.


A friend of a friend knows the women behind the site. Check it out!

This weekend…
I’m going to try French Peasant Bread….(it should at least make me sound cool).
And these Pumpkin Muffins, well… just for me dangit.