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Black Diamond WOW Review

February 8, 2010

“Black Diamond WOW”
Mop and Cleaners

PhotobucketMama Appah Reviews:

My IRL friend agreed to test out the Black Diamond Wow products. She has the cutest house, with a ton of wood flooring and plenty of tile to clean… Alas… I only have linoleum in the house we are renting (sigh). A big thanks to Mama Appah (and her daughter).

In her words….

I used the “Black Diamond Wow package this weekend. The package came with an easy put together aluminum pivot head flat mop that also boasts a machine washable pad. A total cinch to get going. After putting the included sprayer head in the wood and laminate floor cleaner, and I was in business and spraying away. I found It was best to work in sections, doing rows the width of the room, about 3 feet deep. I was done with the wood floors in my kitchen and living room in about 10 minutes, and that is 10 minutes with my nine year old helping!

goodncrazy blue dots

With Four kids and a dog, you better believe these floors were pretty dirty! I must admit that I don’t have any experience with floor cleaners of this type. For the past 8 years I’ve only steam cleaned my floors, with the occasional oil soap treatment; I was pretty impressed with the “Black Diamond WOW” cleaner. It didn’t leave a film on the wood floors, (I had been worried about that). The floors stayed clean for several days, and touch ups with this product were quick and so super easy.

I like that it comes with a washable pad, (hence the reason I never got into the disposable type mops). I also really enjoy the ease and functionality of quick clean ups! When my kids came in from playing in the snow and left trails of snow/mud/water I grabbed the mop and the tracks throughout the whole main floor were gone in under 30 seconds.

PhotobucketThanks for sharing the “Black Diamond WOW” cleaning kit with me! It’s something I Totally use on a daily basis!