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Thanksgiving 4-1-1

November 17, 2009

From my Foodie Friend Chris Perrin…
I have an announcement!
Wild Turkey in display.

This November 26th you have a job.
It’s Thanksgiving and for one day, it is your duty to stuff yourself silly with all the turkey, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, and pies you can eat.

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

There’s only one problem. Someone has to cook it. Someone has to bake the turkey, make creamy mashed potatoes, stuff the stuffing, dress the dressing, fill the pies, and maybe pour a cocktail or two. Or ten, depending on your family.

If last year’s turkey turned out a little less then perfect, if you are bored with regular Thanksgiving fare and want to try something new, or if you are on the eve of making your first Thanksgiving dinner, then’s Thanksgiving 4-1-1 is for you!

PhotobucketTHIS THURSDAY EVENING 7PM Central!!
Email or DM Chris to be included!

It’s an hour long (maybe more) conference call about all things Thanksgiving cooking hosted by founder Chris Perrin. Best part: it’s free. Just dial in and ask away!

Also, all Thanksgiving 4-1-1 attendees can sign up for Thanksgiving 9-1-1, personalized consulting to get you through any Turkey Day challenge. Hurry, slots are filling up!

goodncrazy blue dots

Done Turkey!!!

I am giving my personal testimony of Chris’s long distance skillz. Last year I was part of his Thanksgiving Turkey Talk. Get this… He walked me through BRINING a Turkey! Not sure what that means… ? Then ask Chris… he’s the expert after all!

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Banana-licious: A Dabbled Production

July 22, 2009

Hi friends and family… please catch me today over at my bloggy pal’s chic crib.

Dot at is one cool artist/crafter/mom extraordinaire! And I’m beyond jealous of her art and style! Quirky, yet fun and colorful!

When I was in need of a custom piece of artwork for the website design project Mommy Is In The Bathroom, I called up Dot and said, HELP!!

She whipped up this custom illustration:

And I was saved!
You can see the completed new blog design at: (say hi to Melissa for me)! Would you like a custom art illustration like this to decorate your blog? Dot’s your girl. Affordable and friendly wrapped into one.

PS… the guest post over there today?? My Good {NCrazy} love of all things Bananas…