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A little recap. My one year in the bloggy world.

February 19, 2009

Sometimes I shared the not so pretty in my life.
(Do you know what Lake Stink is?)

And often I shared what I was in love with.

I started Apricot A Lot, designing custom bags and totes!

I started my not-every-Sunday-posting called Church Chat.
Read them all here.

Kids Medford Temple

I moved two states away.

But not before having a GarBage Sale.

Sometimes a Recipe.

Salmon Recipe (maple-y/mustard-y/jalepeno-y yummy-ness)

I started a series of posts about my childhood here’s the first one.
(That’s the only one I did…it’s coming, I promise!)


I was syndicated once, Namiste.
(See the article over at the Title Blog)

Oh yeah.. I started a little thing called #GNO over on Twitter? Heard of it?

And that little thing has turned into a full-fledged teenager complete with gangly-ness and zits sometimes (don’t ask about the new website that STILL isn’t complete!) We call the whole thing ‘Mom It Forward’ have a look! Hope to see you on Tuesday nights for #GNO, where we do Girl’s Night Out, Twitter style…!

Thanks for joining me. I am better because of you.

Inspired By Melanie

January 22, 2009

I had request for a black bag with brown accents? And I wasn’t too sure… until later I had a request for a black bag with tan accents… and then I realized they were asking for TAUPE?

And my little design brain went a little crazy… what if I could find a small print taupe colored fabric to go with the black ohhh how yummy…. How about damask?

Xtra Large Bucket Bottom Tote with Matching Toddler Pod.

Thanks Melanie, you did good.


Look what I did…

October 26, 2008

You have to imagine at the next pot luck function, some sort of uber yummy goodies, transported in my new uber cool ‘warming’ bowl with matching lid and spoon!

I know. I’m such a geek. But THIS has been my dream. To make Jello from a mold…

How cute is this? Do I love orange? Yes. Do I love NOT using Ziplocks for kid lunches? Yes!

Wanna take a stab at WHAT all THIS is?

I’ll just tell ya..
I got a wild hair a few weeks back, when a friend mentioned how much she loved one of the bags I had made. (She even sorta kinda matched her blog to the fabric of that bag…!)

I thought to myself…
How ’bout a trade?
New idea to me anyway?

And even though it took me a while to get caught up enough to get her that bag…
YES. All those items above?
Who knew it was so cool these days?
They were like little prizes for ‘trading’ something a lot like this:

Even better? She’s hosting a giveaway….go see…!

Single Mom Meltdown


Us Mom-Prenuers

October 18, 2008

Tip Junkie has a list.
And I mean ONE BIG LIST.
Of Mom-Prenuers.
Moms who make cool stuff.
(I know a little bit about that….)

If you feel the need to spend some time shopping…
Check out your family friendly created by a mom kind of shop.

Here’s a few I like:

EmmieCakes ~Deliciously Yummy Crafts

LeeLouBlogs ~I’m sure you already know about her magic….
Leelou Blogs

PlumPearAppleDesigns ~I love her capes. You will too!

Vintage Body Spa
~ One Word…Ahhhh. SO on my list this year.

Cutie Booty Cakes ~How cute are these?!

From Picture to Portrait ~ You need to see this to believe it…

Do I want you to visit my shop?
Well yes.
But only if you WANT to….!

Apricot A Lot!


The Design Process-Shmocess

October 9, 2008

It started out as a conversation.

A conversation with one of my new twitter friends and online buddy: Carole. Of Hippostoes Fame! See her fun new clothing line! And her great blog of course! Back to that design conversation….

Something like: Can we use that cool Giraffe fabric with something red?
I’d love to have a great bag for me, could it double as a diaper bag?

Great! Carissa said “you just tell me how we should put it together”.


Carole: Um…no I don’t like the toile so much.
How about that stripe I saw on the site?


Carole: Oh? Now I’m not sure about the stripes AND the Paisley?


Carole: No. The stripes and solid isn’t it either?


Carole: Hmmm. Maybe? Can we still have the stripes someWHERE?
On the straps or something?


Carissa said no to the stripes on the OUTside of the straps.
(She can be so mean.)
How about on the lining of the straps, instead?


And Voila. A new mom bag, (can be used as a diaper bag–or NOT!)
Here it is right after it was all cut out…

100_9996 100_9989

And because I can’t leave well enough alone?
I made her a matching Toddler Pod.
You know.
For the times when you don’t want to take the whole bag out to change the diaper?
Like during church? Or going to Target?
It easily holds a couple diapers and those bagged packages of wipes and a sippy cup!
I added a wrist strap. And a key fob.

Now for another Design Story…


I am getting custom artwork for Apricot A Lot! Yay!

Would you just soooo love to have a real artist doing real custom design work for you?
Not just importing pictures and graphics from photobucket? But the real deal?
As in NO ONE else will have the same image at the top of THEIR blog!

Here’s a preview of my new Logo!


Go ahead drool a little…careful of your keyboard though.

Now go see more of Gretchen’s work:

(I’ve heard her called the French Mary Englebreit—
I call her friend.
If you like little Fairies…check these out!)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Am In Love With The UPS Man

September 24, 2008

Four! Four lovely brown boxes were on my front step waiting for me to bring them in and open them, and love them.

The UPS man is the love of my life at these times.

In box numbers one and two:

FABRIC! Wonderful toiles. RED and BLACK. A turquoise stripe. Oh yeah.
AND! And? The top three? NEW from my most like to stalk designer? Sandi Henderson’s new Farmer’s Market line…ooooh…I li-ike.

And oh my gosh what’s in that third giganto box? Oh goodie another box inside the big box…
It’s…it’s…MY NEW SEWING machine!

I told myself once I made enough money from my bags, (no not ‘profits’–ha, ha, ha,ha), just actually made enough from sales–I would buy a new (real) machine!
That day has come.

Here it is. No bells and whistles. Not pretty. Not digital.
Not fancy.
Just Seriously Heavy Duty.

You like?
Already sold it. But there’s more….!

Upside down…but you get the picture?

And sideways. For my friend Carole Hippostoes!

You didn’t even ask what was in the fourth box?

Play along at Angie’s Blog!

{Answer revealed in the comments…..}


Famous Stalking….again.

September 9, 2008
Photo by: doraemon

Wow. I so totally did not mean to. It just happened I swear? I can’t even remember all the steps that got me there?



I think I was on Twitter, minding my own business (well that’s the opposite of what you do on Twitter isn’t it?) Anyway, I saw a tweet from someone I follow replying to someone I didn’t ‘know’. So I clicked on their profile page, and then on their website, and could see they were as into the fabric world as I was.

You don’t care about all that.

One or two clicks later….Guess who’s blog I found. Guess, Dang it!

You give up? Well I linked to her above. You missed the link? Here it is again….

Did you go there? Do you think I am so cool yet?

YES it’s SANDI HENDERSON! THE Sandi Henderson. Oh no, do NOT tell me you don’t know who she is?

She is one uber awesome ultra cool fabric designer. For Micheal Miller…. Is any of this computing?

Oh forget it. She designed this from her Ginger Blossom collection.

And this.

And do you know which one of my children I would auction off for a few yards of her new stuff?

This is from her just released line ‘Farmers Market’.
Do you know how much I LOVE orange? I do.
And do you know how much my bags love stripes for their little handles?
They do.Can you just see the AMAZING little tote I could make with these 3 fabrics?
And just for a minute…imagine with me…

Does EVERY teacher you know out there need something? Anything? Made out of this? Daisy? Are you out there? JiggetyJig? Kellan? Where are all my teacher friends? Hmm? A headband? A little tote perfect for pens and a quick summer read? A large tote to jam schoolwork to be graded later? Or the bag Sandi just made?

Wanna know the best part of this little fairytale? I was brave enough to comment on her blog. I was. And then? Oh bliss. She emailed me back about my comment. ME! Here is her email in it’s entirety. As long as we are doing the famous stalking, let’s do it right, okay?

“You’re so funny! Please comment more-you seem very fun. 🙂 “Miss Famous Designer” LOL! I don’t think about it too much. :)”


Oh my crap. Is she so cute? All real with the smiley faces and all? Um, did she just ask me to comment more? I fainted…twice.

Responses to yesterday’s MEME:
Jamie, Jyl, Shannnon and Angie You were right, it was the second MEME. And to Jyl, blue cheese? Ick. Kellan, you’re right, no way on the piercings, but yup…there are 10 of us! I could so totally write a kickin’ book about all the good&crazy there, in fact they’re the inspiration for my blog title. If you haven’t…read Linda’s comment, hilarious. No rock guitars for me, and tangerine Townie? WhatThe? And Kaye, your confusion is cracking me up. Jocasta keeps trying to torment me.


Picture Prose for the weekend…

September 6, 2008

Another sunset. (I told you). THIS is EVERY night.
Maybe from some California Fires? Don’t know, just love it.

I was too late for CecilyRs Friday story…but I these don’t really tell a story anyway, just showin’ off my bags. Erm…not MY BAGS. Oh shut up already.

My cute little new totes and hobos.

I shared this one already before it was even finished. And I swear. Award Winning. It’s a medium tote with black and slightly off white swirls, red sueded fabric and a yummy black toile print, also lined with the same toile print. Interior cell phone pocket included. I promise I am getting more black and red toile…pronto!

Similar fabrics on the amazing hobo. But with a red toile for the lining. This bag is even better in person, you should meet her. You should.

An up-close on those dainty lil’ ties on the strap.

Now for a complete mood change. Retro-Modern Anyone!? This is a large tote with extra long straps. I love the fabric colors and paired with the more elegant basket print, it all pops! Fully lined with a matching solid brown. And large totes come with a zipper pocket AND a great cell phone pocket.

Now if I can just find time to get the real shop site up to snuff…can’t though. Too much to do around the house, unpacking, more sewing. (I am loving my ‘new’ sewing studio–I’ll show pics soon). I’m not sure if I dare even mention it…but Christmas is coming and…if you would like to order any bags and totes for gifts…HURRY! I have some great fall fabrics. I’ll try to get ’em posted.

If you’re busy and you know it, CLAP your hands…

July 7, 2008

You know you are busy when….

1. You have more orders than you have time, and honestly you didn’t do any real marketing?

2. You can’t keep up with your kids and they are on summer break for heaven’s sake!

3. You agree to be a contributor to a fast growing mommy networking website. (Me? Really? Are they kidding?) I posted my first article, and it was a little like shoving out my first child… so please, somebody read it! This is what the picture looked like anyway….

4. You can’t find the time to make the website that is bringing in the orders look professional! (Because orders are already coming in…?)

5. You spend a long weekend out at your mother’s, ‘to use her serger’, but your sister ends up on bedrest and you spend a lot of the time helping out with her kids and playing in her pool with your own kids…

6. You can’t find the time to update your dang blog…and it’s the one thing that got all the rest of this stuff rolling!

But at least you have these to show for it:

Oh my heck! The Giraffe print finally…And while I planned to pair it with pink…my funky friend chose the green. And wow! It’s totally fab.

The red paisley in a small tote…

A request for a key fob inside the tote? How cool is that?

More spirodots. Very popular.

And my second black paisley large tote.

And last but not least…See I like the pink with the Giraffe, after all!


Every new bag I make…

June 11, 2008
Is my new favorite.

Small Totes. $18-$24|
Inner ‘cell phone’ pocket included.

I made these two totes for pre-school teacher gifts, I fell in love with them, and had a hard time parting with them. No matter what I call them, everyone takes one look at them and exclaims, “Oh scripture bags!”. I guess it’s official. They ARE scripture bags. (For what it’s worth: I think they are the perfect little girly bag for an outing to the cinema with your hubby.)

I have more of all of these fabrics, just contact me or leave a comment for a custom order! Also my shop blog is under construction but I have a lot more fabric combos there!

Apricot A Lot!

(It is a joint blog with my sisters..ah, how sweet).

And I made these two little hotties for each of my older girl’s teachers. (But I ended up selling one before I could take it to the teacher!) I took her a different one that I had already made (shh. don’t tell.)

And oh my heck(!) I am SO in love with these large totes.

Stripes are my new love. The weird/funny thing is that the blue flowery fabric is kind of grandma ho-hum until it is placed next to and under the stripes, then it pops! (I have similar stripe/flower combos in red and yellow fabrics). Large totes have a lined inner zipper pocket plus a ‘cell phone pocket’. This one is $31 and measures 15″ by 18″.

This little black beauty is still in the design process. My neighbor designed it, and I’m making it. Love the Paisley’s! And once again, my new favorite! You should see the polka dots and stripes I have in black… This bag is also $31. It is 15″ by 18″.

I make these little cuties for birthday presents, and add a matching headband.
Can you tell my girls would really like one of their own? But their birthdays are soooo far away!
$15 and include a matching striped headband.

And please say hello to my new Medium Tote. It’s happy to meet you. This particular little number is $25. (It really wants to go home with you.) It measures 12″ x 15″, is fully lined and has an inner ‘cell phone pocket’. (Zippered inner pocket avaliable for $3.50 extra). And I’m working on adding a key fob…

And last but certainly not least…
Presenting my new favorite, favorite.
I call it the Mod Bag, (design and fabric from
It also has a lined zipper pocket, a magnetic snap closure and a cell phone pocket. ( $35 and the fabric is designed by Jessica Jones and only sold in one online store–Very Cool.)

And for the future can you tell what this will grow up to be? I am working on a diaper bag! I’m still in the design (doodles on scratch paper is more like it) phase. It will be the size of the large totes, but have more of a messenger bag look. It’s kind of intense and I’ll have to charge more, so I’m slightly worried whether I can sell any of them?? But TONS of pockets. Would you pay $45 for the coolest diaper bag out of this fabric…?

Introducing Spirodots and Friends.