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When The Skies Are Silent…

June 30, 2009
Happy 4th of July.. A couple days early!

Every Heart Beats True
For The Red White And Blue…
And Forever In Peace May She Wave!

As you may know I now live in a teeny tiny town. Total small town America. Complete with a really weird ‘car show’ last week where they ‘dragged’ main for 2 HOURS? I’m not kidding. 350 very old cars dragging main, over and over and over…

Course how weird are we? We watched most of it!

Also in this tiny town there is a National Air Guard base. And guess what the main thing is they do at this base? They train FIGHTER pilots. I know? Cool huh? At first I was all WHAT the heck is that NOISE!? “Oh just the tandem jets streaking across the sky at various times of day….”

And then later I realized I kind of groove on them… you hear the jets WAY before you can see them and my kids love it, and I keep trying to get a great picture of them.. (so far? completely failed.)

Here’s why I’m telling you all this: (you might want to grab a chair and sit down…)

Apparently this summer they are re-paving the whole tarmac out at the Guard base. And so they have moved the jets over to a base in Idaho for the summer. No jets flying overhead lately. And no jets flying overhead for a few more weeks yet. And I’m afraid no jets for the 4th?

See, we lived thru September 11th, while living in New Jersey. My husband took a train into the city that fateful Tuesday. You can read his story he wrote down for me, and you can read my version as well.

By midday of 9-11 not only were we very freaked out, it was also eerily quiet? They had shut down the air traffic of course, and if you know the area basically there are planes overhead at various elevations all day and all night. This quiet sky was a completely freaky thing. Instead? Every so often you could hear first… and then see… tandem fighter jets flying over.

Talk about a feeling of safety! Just hearing those jets.

Back to my tiny town on the other side of the US.

People here VERY seriously respond to anyone who complains about the ‘noise’ of those jets with:

That is the sound of FREEDOM

I agree.

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