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Oh. To Be Seven.

December 2, 2008

Don’t you wish that was your to do list?

Be Happy and Go Home. Amen.

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October 17, 2008

Jello is a floppy thing.
It can be any color.
It can be yellow.
My Jello is yellow.
Look at that lumpy bumpy thing.
Is is a yellow little fellow.
Say hello little Jello.


By Sassy, my 7yrold.

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Ever have one of those days?

May 9, 2008

The kind where you feel like a Marine. “Get more done before 6AM, than most people do all day?”. It’s been more like one of those weeks.

A follow up doctor visit for the magical pooping boy (has diarrhea one day and then seems fine the next two…and this goes on for more than 2 weeks!) turns into the child needs X-rays for the leg ache he’s been complaining about for the past week. And of course the children’s medical center is on the other side of the valley… X-rays came back negative (does that mean he doesn’t have bones?). And Hallelujah, praise Culturelle! We have now had two full days of formed poop. Wow, it’s fun being a mom.

Then birthday preparations for same boy. He’s 4 now, and party is on Saturday. We support ‘Operation Authentic Birthday Party’. Which means a backyard party with sprinklers and cake.(not at the same time) And that’s it! The birthday invites say ‘no gifts please’, and I told the couple mommies gifts would be given to charity. I’m serious about this!

Also Brandon Mull gave an assembly yesterday in my kid’s school! 5th grader is a serious fan of the Fablehaven series but we weren’t given much notice and I haven’t been able to lay my hands on the third book yet! So that was the day I broke my Target-less life. Oh, and they didn’t have it. Wal-Mart did. I got it there on time, and was even able to take pictures (for the school’s yearbook–ahem). I spoke with his publicist (his sister) for half an hour and then spoke a little with Brandon. Okay I shook his hand, but still. He was unbelievably cool! He was genuine and spoke to every kid who waited in line to get a book signed. He asked them questions and wrote a note including the kid’s name! Oh, and he used to live in my town…(he recently moved).

Lastly, since I am officially taking 5th grade over again this year, I got to complete help 5th grader with my her science fair project. Took many hours and we’re both exhausted. Is anyone else sick of the project-palooza that is taking over the schools? I’ll give a whole rant on this one in a future post.

Wait, there’s more. I stayed up major late to finish The Glass Castle. Wow, great book.

So today, I’m off to attend and photograph the science fair, help SassyQueen (formerly known as my 7yrold–it’s taken me a while to nickname her) with her class’s massive outdoor garden project, entertain TK inbetween all of this, oh yeah, AND I am finally doing something about this. Wish me luck that it will work…

Overheard, I’ve been saving them up.

April 28, 2008

Recently TK was ill. Stomach flu ill. You KNOW what I mean? First it was a 24 hour kinda thing, and then 3 days later (after a very traumatic Dentist appointment) it came back. And this time it was armed and deadly. –And Dad was out of town, and I had the stupidity to allow 3yrold to SLEEP. IN. MY. BED!!!

After a potty episode,

TK: “After I went stinky on the potty–I have to call Grandpa now!”
(I can only think he is remembering that after the big 11 Frankenstein eyebrow stitches, we made a big deal out of calling the grandparents? And this felt like reason enough to him?)

TK has started ‘making’ his own hot chocolate! Eeek! Two days ago was the first time he brought the ‘drink’ in to me for help, because he couldn’t work the microwave. I was terrified when I realized what was in the cup (a little water and a WHOLE LOTTA hot chocolate mix), and wondering how long he had been working unsupervised in the kitchen! The mess wasn’t that bad, and with a face as happy as this over making something on his own, who could be mad?

TK: “Mom, when I’m strong, you can’t see my stomach…because it’s all scrambled up!”

TK in Costco was jumping over every crack. When we got to the bathroom it had a tiled floor (LOTS of cracks), and I asked him what he was going to do? His reply:
“These lines won’t fire me up!”
(Whew, I was worried there for a minute)

TK: “I’m allergic to tooth floss.”
After getting his teeth cleaned, later in the car talking to his sisters about the goodies in their dental ‘party bags’. The girls thought it was hilarious.

And one more.
TK: “If I take my head off–I will see my brain!”
(That might be cool to a 3 year old, but sooo not a good image for me?)

And some three year old art. He’s nearly 4 so this seems priceless, since he is changing SOOOO fast.

TK: “Look mom it’s a MONSTER! It has LINES!”

TK: “This one is a princess, see it has pink?”

(well of course, if there is pink anywhere on the paper, it must be a GIRL thing right?)

And a 7yrold one.
She had a dance competition Saturday. (I was not thrilled–this is sooo not my thing). After it was over…(they took second! well, there were only two teams in her category, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her they came in last)…we went to get Frostys at Wendys (her choice), and while driving home she said,

7yrold: “It was kind of weird. Before our dance, my teacher said a prayer.”
Mom: “Well, that is a little weird, but probably everyone was Christian?”
7yrold after a thoughtful pause: “Yeah…They all LOOKED Christian to me.”

I nearly drove off the road! (What exactly does a Christian look like I wonder?–This is sad for me because we USED to live in diversity; racial, socio-economic, and yes RELIGIOUS! We now live in white bread suburbia.)


April 16, 2008

I have one from the 7yrold for a change…

After a fight between sisters, 7yrold got sent to her room. Later a note was found in her older sister’s room. Here’s what the note read (so I guess it isn’t technically overheard?):

Dear (sister),
I love you more than you think I do. I’m sorry I hit you.

(Awww, they can still be sweet even though they are stinky.)

And 4 TK overheards:

TK (after climbing in bed with us early in the morning): I had a nightmare.
Dad: Really? I’m sorry, what was it about?
TK: I was in the garage, and I was standing on the crack, and the garage door came down and sliced me!
(ooh, THAT is a bad dream!)

TK: I am too tired. I feel like a freak!
(A what? Where did you get that? You don’t know what that means…?)

TK: Listen mom. I snipped.
(This one took me a minute to figure out? You snipped? You are a snipe? Oh, I see, you think you are snapping, as in–your fingers, doh!)

TK (on the way to his preschool): Mom, don’t be too long getting groceries today, okay?

Mom furiously thinking: (what? where did that come from? We are on our way to school aren’t we?)
Then he clarified
TK: If you are late picking me up, then that doesn’t make any SENSE!
(Well of course!, he assumes if I’m late picking him up from school it’s because the check out lady at Albertson’s was too slow with the grandma-and-her-check-book-in front of me, right? I agree that doesn’t make any sense.)

Flat Stanley-ette

March 24, 2008
7yrold has a Flat Stanley project…

She did the paper-doll dress-up all herself, I was seriously impressed (I drew the basics of the facial features) but otherwise it was all her. It’s off to Sunny San Diego for this Stanley-ette.

Toothy Fairy

March 18, 2008

This is just after that top tooth came out…

And this is the very next day… loosey goosey on the other top tooth.

And a couple days later, that 2nd loose one…

Ain’t she purty?

Yes, those ARE pink sponge curlers. What do you want? It was Sunday morning.