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Ya Gotta Love Em.

March 17, 2009

You know what drives me crazy?

When a kid—(mine of course) walks up to me while I’m eating a cookie and says: “I’m HUNGRY…” It’s the dot dot dot that gets me. You’re hungry? And….? WHAT!?

You want a turkey sandwich? A banana split? Some MacNCheese? Am I supposed to guess?

Lately TK (4yrold) does it non-stop. We’re driving in the car. He spies from like 4 miles away the Golden Arches (let’s not say the name.) And he blurts from the backseat. I’m HUNGRY! Huh? What? You just ate? Do you want a granola bar? How can you be hungry? He points out the window—I look—”Oh.” I think…and we drive on.

Would it kill him to just say hey mom, I see some crackers in your bag, can I have a few? Instead of the, “I’m HUNGRY (dot dot dot.)”

Ahhhhh GoodNCrazy KIDS. What about your kids, drives you crazy?

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