Should I Be Concerned?

Today in my regular mail:


First: The National Bone Marrow Donor Program found me again. I have no idea how. Not that I’ve been hiding. But they are amazing. I registered to become a bone marrow back when I was 19. And I never think to tell them but every time I move… they find me.

Second: A mailer from my local hospital with this on the back:


Well gee I thought I did, but when it’s in all caps like that; I feel like checking my scales just to be sure I REALLY understand.

Third: A medical bill from a recent Dr. Visit.
That’s it.
Anyone else think it’s kind of ominous?
Some kind of bad Karma?
The menacing medical mail is out to mangle me?
goodncrazy blue dots
Photo from Stsock.xchng (doctored up a bit by me)

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