Mini Mom Vacation

What did you do last weekend?

adoption chinese baby girl mom

I flew across the country to meet this little girl.

One of my closest friends… really, more like my soul sister, recently adopted a young girl in China. She and her husband returned with this little fireball 6 weeks ago. She’s adorable and happy go lucky and it’s hard to believe she hasn’t always been part of this family including 4 older rambunctious boys.

Why did they adopt? Besides obviously wanting a little girl? {My friend jokes her husband can’t make girl spermies}. She will tell you straight out: God told me we needed to adopt.

Well amen.

goodncrazy blue dots

I only asked her a million questions about their trip to China. And she had a bunch of photos and lots of fun stories. They were mainly in Nanning and Guangzhu. She said at one point they spent hours in a grocery store. Fascinated with the foods and brands and labels and the set up of the store!?
She also said people don’t use seat belts. Skipping the part where they install them in the automobiles in the first place! Her little girl hates the car seat… yeah no surprise! The children run around a car just like I did as a kid. They ride around with kids on handlebars of scooters and all manner of crazy situations.
One of her images:
She was also pretty shocked at the sheer number of people using bottled water. Wealthy people, poor people, in restaurants, in their homes… it really got me thinking about how stressed I get about recycling EVERY single plastic bottle I ever use. And trying hard to reuse them or NOT use them or take a reusable non-plastic water bottle every where I go. Hello. Millions… no, Billions of people in China using water bottles every day as a main means of drinking water. Boggles the mind.

I can only do so much, (and then pass my psychosis on to my kids right)?
Join me? Let’s send a Wake-UP Call…

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