When It Rains…

The Dad went out of town.
You KNOW that means EVERYthing will happen all. at. once.

A Day In The Life:

Up at the Kid-Crack-of-Dawn.

Everyone piles into my bed to read a few verses of scriptures and group family prayer.
Oldest kid already ate breakfast; she then catches the bus much earlier than anyone else.
Make lunches for two. Feed everyone else. Chase the cat off the dang counter!
Scoot the younger ones off to school.

Pears are quickly going bad in my garage…
So I traipse over to pick up a friend’s Kitchenaid attachment to grind them into Pear Sauce.
Only. When I get it home..Surprise! it was the shredder!
(Which I can so totally use as a friend brought me oodles of zucchini!)

Which meant I didn’t get to start the pears while kids were still in school…

It’s early pick up day at the elementary.
But Jr. High still has the regular pick up time.
And both girls need to be at the church to help set up for a ‘spaghetti dinner’ their little church group is putting on.
So I pick up the younger, run to get the RIGHT grinder attachment,
Then jam back to catch the older one on time.
…And drop the girls off at the Church.

Start processing some of the pears.. cuz did I mention I have no idea what I’m doing? I’ve made apple sauce before, but how to do pears? I ground up about 7 quarts, slapped some Fruit Fresh in it, gave the tupperware a lid and plopped it in the fridge. (Said a prayer it wouldn’t be brown by the time I got back.)

Run back to the church to EAT the spaghetti dinner, and be appropriately awed by 9 and 11yrold skits as entertainment! (have you seen the Liz Clairborne skit..? Hilarious!)

Haul everyone back home, get them ready for bed, (skip baths! who needs ’em?), read books, and IN TO BED!

Oh wait. The pears are in dire NEED NOW! And the fruit flies are threatening to take over…
Stay up til 1 crushing, bottling and processing 11 quarts of Pear Sauce… (This is in addition to the 21 quarts of regular pears)!

Someone better enjoy it all!

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