GoodNCrazy Disclosure: Where’s The Beef?

I create featured posts for several reasons.

One could be simply because I love the product, website or service that I chose to write about.

Yup. Just because. I was paid no money. I was given no product. No affiliate links.

The person, company, or publisher may chose to share some sort of internet good karma back my way. But I in no way control their actions now do I?

goodncrazy blue dots

Another could be that a company or PR rep contacted me and asked if I would take a look at their product or service and share it with my readers. Most often in order for me to ‘review’ the product I need to have it on hand to test and get my family involved on the project. So yes. I receive compensation for a review in the form of product.

I have also been know to hound down a company and request a sample of a product that I know I need and they have been known to acquiesce. (No one was hurt in the process.)

As of yet I do not accept payment in cash for reviews. The end.
{If that changes I’ll be the first to let you know.}

I do however charge a minimal price for the ad space on my sidebar. And I often participate in larger campaigns run by companies or third parties on behalf of a company. Being an OfficeMax MaxMom is one example. Sponsorship from during a blogging conference is another.
goodncrazy blue dots

I do not Tweet for pay. However I often tweet about campaigns I am working on. And the whole disclosure thing on Twitter is a little tricky? I will refer back to my blog posts in that case.
I will let you know on each post (probably in just the tiniest bit snarky way) a quick disclosure.

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