On Being a Mom

Please pardon me. I’m stealing from a forum I just wrote in. Over at MOMeo Community.com But they ARE my words so it’s not really stealing is it? Oh forget it…

The discussion topic is this:

Does Mom Have to Do it All to Have it All?

{my response}

You can try to do it all, but what comes around goes around eh? I see a lot of ‘SAHMs’ doing a lot of dang near ‘real’ work, from putting in part time hours with former employers, to acting PTA presidents, to basically full time daycare in their home..(playdates?yeahright) and all most of this goes completely unpaid. Falls under the role of volunteer, service and mom right?

But there is a breaking point… the hubby’s not happy, the kids ain’t happy and pretty soon even the mom’s not too happy and has to take a little stock in life.

What the heck does having it all really mean anymore? In America so much of us believe more is better. But is it?

I think one of my favorite books is “Your Money Or Your Life“. And there are a lot of great lessons in it, but the one I love the most is —throwing out the window the part of your thinking where you actually believe having more is MORE. Cuz…When you get that MORE… then what? You’ll just want more— right?

So no.
Mommy does NOT have to do it all to have it all. She has to decide what ALL means in the first place…!

How about you? At what point do you snap, just a little bit? Do you have it all? Do you even have it all figured out?

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6 Responses to “On Being a Mom”

  1. Marvin D. Wilson Says:

    Quality relationships, family and friends – being at peace spiritually and emotionally – loving what you do for a living – making enough money to at least live fairly comfortably – those are ALL things essential. All the bells & whistles and luxuries, the "things" and "stuff" the world has to offer – nice, but not essential.My take.

  2. ParentingPink Says:

    Great post Carissa! I was just thinking about this topic the other day…I’m trying to find a good balance in my life right now and I’ve gleefully decided that being a SAHM means BEING A SAHM. My family comes first. I have slowed down a bit on my blog and cut back on “Tweeting” as much to give my daughters the mom they deserve…and the person I want to be. That doesn’t mean that as SAHMs we should give our beloved “hobbies” up but we just have to figure out priorities. “Having it all” to me means being happy in what you do…it’s not something measured by wealth or fame. Hmmmmm, maybe that’s why you and I get along so well! Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

  3. I am Arizona; a person, not a place. Says:

    Luckily for me, I don’t want it all. So its all good! lol!

  4. Mark and Katie Says:

    Great post….it is tricky trying to constantly have a good balance in life. I like the quote that goes something like…having it all doesn’t neccessarily having it all at once.

  5. Geezees Geezees Custom Canvas Art Says:

    what a great post…so well said.

  6. Emmy Says:

    It is so easy to get caught up in pointless other things, whether it be photography, scrap booking, blogging (I am guilty of all). All I know is when I do it ends up doing none of us good in the end. At little here and there is wonderful and needed… but I truly am the happiest when I just concentrate on my kids and really enjoy them. It all goes so fast all of that other stuff can wait.

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