Stuck In The Camera Card

The ones that didn’t make it.

I think I’ll make this a regular installment, every 3 months or so… drag through the poor pictures on the card that didn’t get a chance to shine…

Do you have poor lost soul photos too?

From my super uber yummy Thanksgiving Soup. (see recipe link on this post)

red peppers and onions

Was going to be an awesome Christmas present for a friend… but…
I kept these WildTree oils for myself —tres awesome to cook with!

WildTree grapeseed oil

Sassy’s Birthday Cake. Yes that’s an igloo cake. What? Her birthday is Christmas Eve for crying out loud, what else do you want me to make??

Sassy Birthday Igloo Cake

If you pimp yourself long enough dreams really do come true. Thanks to Wal-mart and Rockfish, I finally got a Flip. Flip yeah!

flip ultra video camera what will you see today?flip ultra video camera


It has come to my attention that peeps don’t know what the awesome-ness of a Flip is:
PLEASE CLICK to see for yourself!!

~~~~~~~back to the pictures~~~~~~~~

There sure are a lot of food pictures on that dang card.
Can you tell what these are??

Sweet Potato and Red Beet fries

The kids were NOT impressed. I ate them all myself thankyouverymuch.

Join me on PhotoStory Friday with the Great CecilyR, you won’t be sorry.


And the Sits Girls are holding a gigantamus auction all day Friday!
Have a look!

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18 Responses to “Stuck In The Camera Card”

  1. Tiaras and Tantrums Says:

    I don’t even know what a flip is?? How sad is that?

  2. Carrie and Troy Keiser Says:

    I don’t know what a flip is either! And I’ve no idea what all is in that last photo…..looked like beets and….

  3. Cecily R Says:

    Carissa, you just give me happy fuzzies everytime I come here. And girl, you should see some of the crap snaps that come off of my camera card…lets just say they need to stay stuck. 🙂

  4. Wayne Says:

    I think a flip is like a camera ad video thing right? the food loks great.thankyou for sharing your photos

  5. Alicia Says:

    Wow..those are cool pictures!! What is a flip?????? And what are those things at the end? Are those veggie fries? LOL

  6. Becky Says:

    Fun! and I love the igloo cake!

  7. Elaine A. Says:

    Are those beets and sweet potatoes? Did you make them into “fries?” That’s what I woulda done. Pretty nice igloo cake there. I’m impressed!

  8. ♥georgie♥ Says:

    Okay i am clickin the link cuz i also dont know what a flip is

  9. Carissa(GoodnCrazy) Says:

    DUDE! I thought I was the last person in America to get a Flip??! I’ve entered every contest I could find for one.. they are everywhere… and search for Flip Giveaway !!

  10. Jenni Jiggety Says:

    Are those some sort of french fried vegetable????I got a Flip for Christmas!

  11. Casey's trio Says:

    Great post….there are lots of pics that don’t get properly recognized aren’t there!

  12. Mama Zen Says:

    I love my Flip!

  13. Amy @ Living Locurto Says:

    Lucky girl with the Flip! I’m jealous:-) Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  14. Lori E Says:

    I don’t have a flip but I don’t know what a flip is so I guess I also don’t give a flip. I love the beets though. Raw beets get rid of inflammation in the body. Trouble is I put it right back there with the red wine.

  15. ciara Says:

    huh? wha…? how’d you get a flip? might be forever for me now :-/

  16. Lori Says:

    Love the lost pictures idea. Heaven knows I have many. Also, I love my Flip. Got it 2 years ago for Christmas and now can’t live with out it.

  17. Rachel Says:

    The FLIP is the awesomeness! CONGRATS TO YOU!!!!All the food looks num num nummmy!!!MWAH

  18. Christine Says:

    1. Those are the prettiest red peppers I’ve ever seen.2. Root vegetables of some kind, I believe. They’re really pretty too!

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