Earth Day is next week
(Wednesday in fact!)

How do you Green your Planet?

  • I grow tomatoes! (This year in pots on my deck, but still that counts right?)
  • I really want to use reusable shopping bags but always forget? Someone help me find a way to remember? Maybe if I attach them to my belt buckle?
  • I was a composting fool. But in my new house.. no yard, very sad about that.
  • We keep filling up the old water bottles, filter the water, works for us!
  • I yell at the hubby when he ‘forgets’ to put the recycle-able things into the recycle bin!
  • I buy locally grown fruit and veggies. You won’t see me buying raspberries in January.
  • I moved to a tiny town, and my automobile gas use? Cut down more than half! (I totally whine when I have to drive a whole 5 miles to Wal-Mart!)

Speaking of Wal-Mart… I am participating in their Earth Month! I even made a couple Vlogs about some great green products.. and I soooo hate my voice!

I think my favorite new items are the new Clorox Green Works cleaners. Oh my gosh these smell sooo good! Real essential oils! They are plant based biodegradable cleaners. I found these on sale and to be similar in cost to other brandname cleaners.

And since I already wash my clothes in cold water, and I already use Tide, trying out Tide for Cold Water? Awesome.. LOVE that. Less natural gas use! Overall this Tide is more expensive per load, but if you save on the gas bill, maybe it comes out closer and you were being green?

Here’s the video.. but I’m warning you. Do NOT make fun of my voice, I swear!!

And how to talk about toilet paper? I guess you don’t. You just post a picture of some of your close friends, who are ‘testing’ it out! Is it soft considering it’s recycled paper TP? Yes. It is!I would buy White Cloud!

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9 Responses to “GoodNGreen”

  1. Mama Zen Says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Green Works stuff.And, I’m growing tomatoes, too!

  2. Kristina P. Says:

    Who knew Walmart was so earth conscious? I may have to stop shopping there now.

  3. SweetChicken Says:

    I make my own powdered dish and laundry detergents: greener because there’s less packaging. I also do a WHOLE load of laundry at a time. My 5yr old has been known to “floof” his loads with clean clothes so I’ll wash his favorite pajamas. Buy products with the 1 or 2 on them so I can recycle. Buy in bulk for less packaging and splitting costs with friends. Use vinegar for almost all cleaning. Naturally antibacterial and germ-killing. Isn’t that great? And GREAT for septic tanks and isn’t poisonous for tiny baby who puts his mouth on EVERYthing (the toilet seat this morning!! I just about had an heart attack!).Use lemon juice and water on a rag to wipe baseboards. Spiders can’t walk over it, so I have fewer bugs and better smelling house. And no compression to burn a whole in the ozone. (lol) And again… no poison for the baby.

  4. Melissa Ann Browning Says:

    LOVED your video! And you have a lovely voice 🙂 None of us sound the way we think we do – also hate hearing myself. But outside opinion (outside your head, that is): your voice is lovely :)Re: reusable shopping bags – I also had trouble remembering them until I started keeping them in my car. That’s where they live now – on my passenger seat or floor infront of the seat, but they live in the car. So when I bring them inside to unpack, I hang the empty bags on the door leading out to our garage and put them back in the home the next time i go to the garage. Totally works.And thanks for the tip! I’m going to try Tide for coldwater now!Much green love to you!

  5. * TONYA * Says:

    ooh I love Green Works too. I would love to make my own green cleaning products. One day. In all my spare time. For now though, it’s Green Works for me. You posted some fabulous tips and I’m so glad you are involved in Wal-Mart’s earth month

  6. Muthering Heights Says:

    Wow, I love White Cloud…I’m going to have to look for the recycled version!

  7. Sticky (not too) Says:

    I really want to try the Green Works stuff…did you love it? I use a lot of vinegar and make a lot of my own. We grow lots of veggies and recycle everything and compost!I am going to have to try the White Cloud! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Joy Says:

    We grow a HUGE garden every summer tons of veggiesoh and we also pick home grown blueberries and wild grown blackberries:)I use reusable bags, it took a bit to not forget them but I have been using them so long I don’t forget them anymore-keep them in your car, when you unload them sit them by the door the next time out throw them in the back of the car.I want to try the Clorox next time I have to get cleaner stuff I plan on it.We bought those “good” bulbs and as the “bad” bulbs blow we are replacing them with the “good” ones.I compost in the summer time-I really should do it year round but it is hard to muster up the strength to hike out to the back to throw it out when it is Freezing cold outside:)-yes I am lazy.

  9. SweetChicken Says:

    Something I thought of way too late: when you’re driving through the pharmacy drive through (or a restaurant at lunch) and you know it’ll take more than a minute: turn OFF your engine. We figured it out for our vehicle: if the car is OFF more than 30 seconds, it uses less gas to turn it back on than if we let it run the whole 30 seconds. Save gas money, too. 😀

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