Our Saturn, Our Barbie Car

When you are graduating from Law School, with a mortgage worth of student loans and you live in Brooklyn and you have a 6 month old baby and you can’t afford to eat a slice of bread with another slice of bread for a sandwich…

What kind of car do you buy? A Saturn.
We leased this baby back in 1998. We finished the lease 3 years later only to realize turning it back in would cost us more than just buying the dang thing. So we paid it off a few years later. We figured…once we got settled… once we moved into a house… once we had a couple kids….once it needed more repairs than a new car payment would cost us?

Never happened.
ELEVEN years later, 150,000 miles, a cross country move, 3 kids and 4 job changes later… still ticking. The dang thing loves us. Never breaks down. (DO NOT ask me about the momvan.) We purchased the A/C ‘upgrade‘ but not much else. Manual window opener… did you even know they still existed? No cruise control. I mean how do people drive on freeways anymore with out that..? WE DO.

Even though apparently it will keep driving until we have grandchildren old enough to drive it! There comes a time when the grown ups need to feel like they are not driving around town in a Barbie Car. That’s what we affectionately call it. It’s time. I’m just sayin’.


Oh… so fun! Car shopping. (We call that date night!) Most of the ‘team’ at the hubby’s office drive around in Monster Trucks. (After all we live in tinysville rural to the extreme.) The executives insist on wearing jeans to work. But we aren’t falling for that.. we’re thinking…

Choice number 1—

Subaru Tribeca

And I mean with all the bells and whistles. Comes with all wheel drive but after the snow-plow-less winter we just endured.. we are seriously wondering if FOUR wheel drive is what we need (not a monster truck mind you) but…

Choice Number 2—

The Ford Escape

Not as huge of a gas guzzler as the Explorer, but does have a model that includes Four Wheel Drive. Don’t need too many fancy gadgets, this is mainly a commute vehicle (all 1.2 miles of commute- our rush hour is hilarious BTW.) But you wanna know what the hubby’s dream upgrade is? Should I tell ya?

An MP3 adaptor built in. Yup. The radio stations here? I don’t really know how to explain this clear enough.

As in… rotten vegetable fart—stink.
Sorry but they do.

If you had to choose between the Tribeca and the Escape…??

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23 Responses to “Our Saturn, Our Barbie Car”

  1. Melissa Ann Browning Says:

    Between the two, definitely the tribeca. (congrats by the way! I also drive my cars into the ground before moving on, and then I mourn a little bit). But what about Hondas and Toyotas? That's the way we'll go when my little guy kicks the bucket (in ten years or so, I'm guesstimating). Hondas last FORVER, they're still a little edgy even the mommy-friendly versions, good gas mileage, & you'll be keeping my hubby employed (hee hee). Toyotas make some good hybrids – 4-wheel drive, too…. Have I converted you yet? But DEFINITELY NOT the ford.

  2. SP Says:

    I’d vote for the Escape, 100%. They are small enough to move around but with the 4wheel drive option you just can’t beat it.

  3. Halftime Lessons Says:

    OOOhhh…you’re not gonna like what I have to say about any of this, so Im gonna keep it to myself.(Im a Dave Ramsey and Clak Howard loyalist…more like crazed fan…)That being said, there is NOTHING like driving home in a new car.Have fun, sweetie…great time to buy!!Jay

  4. Alisha Says:

    haha, I am for the Escape. Almost got one myself.

  5. Straight to Your Hart Says:

    Um…I would pick a murano..oh that not an option?!:)Subaru…they also keep on a tickin.We still have our trooper parked out front that never gets used..figured in 2 1/2 years permit time and NO car payment! So we will diligently hang on to it..however have 3 people wanting to buy the dang thing!I do have a followers widget..I’ll move it up..

  6. Megryansmom Says:

    Why not another Saturn? I love my Vue, need more room, the Outlook is purty too. It has XM radio and LOVE LOVE LOVE that. But if my choices are only those 2, then the Tribeca over the Escape. But you should consider the Saturn again.

  7. Kristina P. Says:

    I love getting new cars! It’s so fun!I would go with the Escape.

  8. texasholly Says:

    We are on the 12 year car plan too…I think either car will feel like a limo after that!

  9. Jenners Says:

    I vote for the Tribeca. I’m not a huge fan of Fords… bad luck with them. And it looks more stylin.Poor little Saturn..never caused a problem but it gets shoved aside for a newer fancier model. Sniff.

  10. Sticky (not too) Says:

    No Ford, please…I would go Tribeca.Sounds like fun…

  11. Carissa(GoodnCrazy) Says:

    You guys are great.. To Jay I say.. I know.. 11 years isn’t enough to not be called a spendthrift huh??To Megryansmom I hear you.. but Saturn is about to be discontinued and um… FORD didn’t take any government handouts..!TexasHolly, I hear that, we could get a teeny tiny Mini or something and it would seem luxurious after this!And Jenners.. I promise we are KEEPING the Saturn. I’m almost excited to drive it around instead of the momvan all the time when I’m ALL ALONE NEXT YEAR when youngest goes to all day kindergarten.. ahhhh!!

  12. Scott Monty Says:

    Thanks for putting Ford on your consideration set. The Escape is a good solid small SUV, and the hybrid version is the most fuel-efficient SUV in America, which isn't too shabby. ;-)Your husband knows that every Escape comes with Ford's SYNC system, right? It's not an upgrade. You get the USB port and AC adapter plug as part of the system, as well as Bluetooth technology that automatically connects to your phone and address book. You can control your music and your phone calls hands-free. And the latest version of SYNC has 911 Assist, which means that in the unlikely event of an accident on your mile-long commute, if the airbags deploy, SYNC will automatically connect to a 911 operator for you.As far as size & style, I think the Ford Edge comes closer to the Tribeca than the Escape does. You might want to check it out too.If there’s anything else you need, please let me know.Scott MontyGlobal Digital CommunicationsFord Motor Company@ScottMonty on Twitter

  13. Jaime Says:

    I think they would both be great! I just bought a Ford and love it!:)

  14. Summer Says:

    We have a saturn that just wont quit either. My husband now drives it to work, and I’m sure he’s just waiting for the day it drops dead. Not sure it will ever happen!

  15. Ann Onymous Says:

    The Escape! We’ve got one and we love it!

  16. ♥georgie♥ Says:

    well I have never had a new car so i am envious of them both

  17. Kaye Butler Says:

    My sisterinlaw has the Escape. I love it. I’ve never never had a brand new car.

  18. Jocasta Says:

    Never had a new car here and with my car tastes I’m never likely to! Strictly European fan here – my hubby hates it (and the part costs!) I can hear him in my head stating “A car is just a tool, a car is just a tool!”

  19. SweetChicken Says:

    I think I’d just keep the Saturn. After all… it’s paid off! (sorry, big Dave Ramsey fan, like Jay) And Saturns are Awesome cars. I loved mine (stupid guy behind me at the stop light answered his phone instead of stopping. Pushed me through three other cars. poor little ’86 Saturn just couldn’t take it), at 350,000 miles it still worked great. Oil leaked a little, but not excessively. The radio was grumpy most of the time, but I loved that car.But I think I would go with the Tribeca, too. And I agree with your Hubby. The biggest “upgrade” I want is a CD/mp3 player (for those books on MP3 from the library) and a USB input for my already MP3 player.

  20. * TONYA * Says:

    Oooh, I love car shopping. My husband wants to get a little scooter next. Oiy, help me. Great for the environment and cost effective, but I can’t stop laughing as I picture him riding it to school every day.I have no idea which of those cars is better as I’ve never driven them so I’m absolutely of no help to you whatsoever, sorry hon.

  21. Andy Says:

    My bro drives an Escape and really likes it… I do know several people who drive Saturns forever and ever, so that doesn’t surprise me your Barbie car made it this long.Actually, why don’t you just get a pink Barbie Powerwheels?

  22. Joy Says:

    Oh I don’t know but that Scott guy did a good job on selling me the ford and I like that Edge that he mentioned

  23. daddy bookins Says:

    Talk about cool, another Saturn owner, thanks to ‘Student Loans’ and LIFE!! Isn’t just so true! Now as a ‘proud’ Saturn owner (two presently) not including the past, I would say go with neither that you listed and try the Saturn Outlook….then again..since Saturn is going to be DUMPED by GM :o( go with Ford….~daddy bookins

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