I’m Lijit. Are You?

What is Lijit?
3 weeks ago I had no idea myself.

I landed in Nashville for the BlissDom09 conference. It had been a REALLY long flight day for me. The last leg of my trip was out of Denver, and I picked up my luggage and searched for the hotel’s shuttle van…

I located it and hopped in, and was happy to see there was another woman riding to the hotel as well, it was fairly late, so I assumed she was
1)also in on that same Denver flight and
2) headed to the same Blogging Conference.

We talked a bit and I learned that she was representing Lijit.com, one of the sponsors for the event! (Sorry, I didn’t have the sponsors memorized.) Her name was Tara and I was feeling lucky to have met her like that, one on one, ridin’ in the van…

But I still didn’t really know what her company was all about? I got that it’s a search engine specifically for blogs?? Oh okay? How much does that cost I thought?

Fast forward to NOW. The answer? FREE.

Yes. Lijit.com is a free service, you can upload a search widget to your site (see mine over there on the left?), and the best part is that it will help you search your own blog AND if you have a website it will search there too, AND it will search your Stumbleupon feed or twitter account at the same time! Plus you can switch it over to search the web when you need to.

I don’t know about you, but I have totally ‘lost’ posts from a 6 months back about a vegan salad… and how cool to have some help locating it!

Now imagine this little Lijit search weapon is on your favorite blogger’s site? You’ll be able to search through their site for that one great story you remember about waterskiing on the lake in their boat, but you can’t remember the post title…

Oh you know… people like Jessica Smith from JessicaKnows.com, yup she has a Lijit widget on her site. So when I’m searching for her 15 days of marketing… voila.. I use her Lijit search widget and I can pick and choose day number 7 and then 14! Who else? Oh Guy Kawasaki, Blogher and Blissfully Domestic.. see what I mean?

I’m totally loving the stats section of the Lijit site…

For example: Here are some search keywords from my blog…

  1. good and crazy people 7 times
  2. “blogger post template” code 4 times
  3. label 4 times
  4. crazy people 2 times
  5. nathan pacheco byu 2 times

Apparently I should write more blogger tutes and stories about hot singers from BYU?
(NOT! Come on People. I went to UofU, ahem… THE Rival!!)

There’s more..and I’m learning fast, in fact Tara from the van ride in Nashville? She’s totally willing to help you figure the whole thing out. And she said she’ll help you too, just say the word and I’ll forward you her email..well, I’ll ask her first of course.

Here’s what Ms. Tara (Did I mention she’s engaged.. that’s how tight we are now—) …said about linking up with other friendly bloggers in your Lijit network:

If your invited friends choose to sign up and install Lijit, then you can add them into your Network. Ideally, they would also add you into their networks. The beauty of that is that your blog is showing up in search results from searches that are done on other sites and you’re getting new readers sent your way from being included in someone’s trusted network.

Next to figure out? content networks..revenue sharing? but at that point my tiny brain explodes.

Content Networks=huh??

Time to DM Tara. Oh Tara….!? I’ve got some more questions.. Can you help me? …Again…


Tara answered my questions in the comments. (she left her email in fact so feel free to ask her any questions as well!) She’d love to talk with you via twitter as well and she’s @tarable. Plus I just learned about their Lijit Facebook Group. I added a discussion there, check it out join in and add to my conversation there!

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10 Responses to “I’m Lijit. Are You?”

  1. Brandie, The Home Office Organizer Says:

    I love Lijit too! And I have that shirt too…rock on!

  2. tarable Says:

    Carissa, I appreciate the post and would love to answer any questions that your readers might have about Lijit. The content networks are simply a way of letting bloggers self-organize and aggregate their content into one place. This is a great way of cross-promoting content and allowing new readers to discover your blog.Revenue-sharing is a simple opt in process that lets Lijit give you half the money we’re making on serving up ads on the search results page. You can join the program by clicking on the registration button you see on your profile page.Other questions? I’m tara at lijit dot com.

  3. Kaye Butler Says:

    Yes, I’m Lijit!!!!!!

  4. thedomesticfringe Says:

    Sounds great. I’m going to have to explore it…thanks.-FringeGirl

  5. tidymom Says:

    I’ve had the Lijit search on my blog for quite a while, not sure anyone uses it though – it shows the searches I’ve done to see if it works! LOLThanks for this, I need to look into this site and see more about it – and I also need to make a blog post pointing out how to use the Lijit search on my blog- I’m really finding that there are a lot of reader who don’t know how to “do things” on our blogs – for example, with all of my giveaways this week, I found people don’t know how to leave comments – so that’s my first project – I’m going to write a post about that – and then refer to it in future giveaways!Thanks for all your help this week! – tomorrow is the last day and there will be lots of giveways for the last day.woah, sorry, didn’t mean to write a book! LOL~TidyMom

  6. Carissa(GoodnCrazy) Says:

    -fringegirl be sure to let @tarable know what you think and if you have any problems or questions.. !And I just checked my network over at lijit.com and a few of my invited peeps joined in! But even cooler I just saw on my ‘home’ page profile, that my network ‘friends’ show up complete with all of THEIR social media sources! I want to check out.. @busydadblog ‘s stumbleupon page? THERE IT IS! How cool, nothing like stalking someone in ALL their various hangouts!

  7. Kristina P. Says:

    Guess what! I can come on Thursday! I need to leave at 12:30, but I just paid and RSVPd.

  8. Kelly Says:

    I was JUST trying to find something on my blog last week and it took me 10 minutes to go back through all the previous posts. Where was this last week? I’m happily hopping over to my blog and will be happy to report that I am Lijit as of today. Thanks for the post Carissa and Tara, I’ll twit you later with my review!

  9. The Constant Complainer Says:

    Hi. Found your link on Blog Catalog and decided to check it out.Just sitting here in chilly Cleveland, OH, reading some of your posts.Anyway, I found your work interesting and wanted to comment.

  10. Jb Says:

    I've been Lijit for a few months now!

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