Grandma is Right…

I’m starting to get it.

This is TK at 3.

This is TK recently.


This is what he made at preschool last week.

I know. How cool is that? He can now read 3 and 4 letter words, his favorite thing to do is 100-count dot to dots, and he is bummed when he comes home from ‘school’ and he doesn’t have ‘homework’ to do. So we make it up!

Grandma is Right…. they do grow up fast. Especially when it’s your youngest. And as much as I LOVE having a few hours 4 days a week while he’s at school.. What will I do next year when he has all day Kindergarten?

Holy cow I remembered to post for wordful wednesday, yay Angie!

16 Responses to “Grandma is Right…”

  1. Tiaras and Tantrums Says:

    Oh I’ll bet you will shed a few tears – do a couple of jigs and blog the mornings away! hee hee

  2. Marvin D. Wilson Says:

    Beautiful child – and this post brought back so many beautiful memories. Yes, young lady, treasure these days. Precious. My kids are all grown, I get to see my daughters oh, maybe once or twice in a month – the one daughter has four little ones that just burst my heart open with joy and the younger daughter is pregnant with her first baby. And my son – he’s off in the Big Apple making a go at forging his own life and career. I get text pics and email, but no hugs except maybe once or twice a yeah – Grandma is right, honey. So am I.Grandpa Wilson

  3. angie Says:

    I’m so glad you remembered! Your preschooler already recognizes numbers up to 100? And three letter words. Um. I guess I’d better start working with mine……:)

  4. ♥georgie♥ Says:

    oh Carissa embrace these moments…they only come once-take it from me I know….I gots an 11,13,and a 15 yr old….so precious!!!!

  5. Jenni Jiggety Says:

    He is sooooo cute!

  6. Alicia Says:

    What a handsome boy!!!Oh yes..they grow up so, so fast!

  7. Kristina P. Says:

    He’s clearly a genius!

  8. jill jill bo bill Says:

    Frame that and remind him when he is 17. TOO cute!

  9. I am Arizona; a person, not a place. Says:

    Yes, they do! Its bittersweet. Luke looks so different now too. Just last summer he still had a little boyish look and now he looks like a little man. I love when Luke brings home “homework” from preschool. Its so cute! He also loves to write his name in the snow…fun!

  10. Melissa Ann Browning Says:

    Oh my, oh goodness – what a handsome little guy! I think he favors your hubbie a bit and the girls favor you…Boy time does fly doesn’t it..? I keep telling Brooks this is how people end up with more kids – they look at their babies all grown up :)You are an amazing mom -xxoo, M.

  11. Zip n Tizzy Says:

    It really flies doesn’t it?It’s such a whirlwind it’s hard to keep up, yet you look down and they’re half grown.

  12. Super Mom Says:

    Oh he’s a Barker alright! He looks like you and your sibs, Carissa! What a cutie! And I’m not surprised he’s smart too.Jenn Oleen Rook

  13. Bonnie the Boss Says:

    So adorable!!! Love the painting!

  14. The Daily Blonde Says:

    he’s so adorable…..and yes, they do grow fast. I have a picture of my two oldest daughters in my room…they were 4 and 6 in the picture. They are now 22 and 24. I look at it every day and wonder where time goes.Enjoy….

  15. Octamom Says:

    He’s just adorable! And I just love that he is having such a great time learning!Blessings!~

  16. Straight to Your Hart Says:

    They do grow up way to fast!!…time? what to do what to do as I click click away at the computer!!

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