How Social Media Caught Up To Me

(Reprinted from MomItForward)

I started blogging in February of 08. I began my online business in March of 08. I met hundreds of people in just a few short months…! I’ve even figured out Facebook, (Jyl forced me!)

I began writing for the community site BoutiqueFlair in July of 08. I think I had submitted a single article when one of the other contributors there sent me a nice email and was so welcoming to the network! Wow I thought… people are so sweet and I felt all warm and squishy inside.

After I replied to this author I got a zippy email back….

Hel-LO!! Carissa, this is ALYSON! You know, your college roommate? The one you set up on a blind date. The one who MARRIED that same blind date! The one you faithfully exchange Christmas cards with yearly and haven’t seen in 13 years!!

Alyson of 3Ps In A Pod fame (and the Blind Date)!

Oh. My. Crazy.
THAT Alyson?
Are you serious!

Turns out she’s a Blogging Fool and writer extraordinaire and I didn’t know it? I hadn’t come across her site in my bloggy travels and it took our membership and eventually our contributing to a social media networking site to catch up our real life friendship to our virtual friendships!

Wow? What has Social Media done for you? Do you catch up with high school friends via Facebook? Do you Blog and meet new bloggy friends daily? Is Twitter your social poison? How many Networks do you belong to and if someone asked you how many people do you talk to on a weekly basis… can you answer 4,000!?

Over at MomItForward we’re taking it up a notch and combining it all. Where mom’s are making a difference one social media network at a time!

PS I was just talking with Alyson making sure I could borrow that lovely Tutu pose of her husband… and guess what? She will be heading to Nashville for BlissDom 09! I get to catch up with her in real life… are you going?

14 Responses to “How Social Media Caught Up To Me”

  1. Octamom Says:

    How fun! I’ve been amazed by the friendships that I been blessed with through social media–a ‘real-life’ friend introduces me to a ‘virtual’ friend, who then puts me in contact with another ‘virtual’ friend, and so on–sort of like internet 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon sortofathing….Blessings!

  2. Kristina P. Says:

    Blogging is where I have done the most social networking, and have probably met 25-30 women in real life.I’m on Facebook, but I don’t love it, and you know what happened with Twitter. 🙂

  3. ♥georgie♥ Says:

    i would say blogger/blogs is my poison of choice…I like face book but I am still new to it and twitter makes my eyes hurt tryin to keep up…Thats so cool about your friend!

  4. Jillybean Says:

    I’ve met some really good friends through my blog. Some days, this is the only socializing I have with people over the age of three.I’ve also discovered some blogs of people I used to know. I never comment, just quietly stalk;0)

  5. Jenni Jiggety Says:

    I realllllly would like to go to Blissdom. But it will really depend to the whole money factor!

  6. KatieZ Says:

    I think this is so cool! I haven’t met anyone that I know yet by blogging. But I did meet a girl that I went to school with thru my at home business! How funny is that! Thanks for the 6 words! I loved them. I actually sent the email to two sisters that I thought would be less busy than you! Guess I was wrong HUH?! Still haven’t heard from them! And what is the “Kitty Story”?

  7. I am Arizona; a person, not a place. Says:

    I love the friendships I’ve made via blogging. There are so many creative, wonderful people out there! I have a twitter account, but don’t use it much. However, I love the Ravelry and PatternReview communities.

  8. ParentingPink Says:

    I've been blogging since August 08, and have met some really great people in my bloggy world (yes, you're included on the list!). Much like yourself, I had no idea when I launched my parenting site how much 'stuff' was out there to know. I'm definitely still learning the in's & out's of social media, but it helps to have friends that know what they are doing!I LOVE Alyson – in fact, she's written several articles for my site (one of them is the "featured article of the week") and I am also lucky to call her my "virtual" friend! LOLLooking forward to MIF tomorrow night!

  9. Marvin D. Wilson Says:

    Wow – what a cool connection you made there! I haven’t gotten a “blast from the past” connection thru social media yet, but gosh the amount and quality of friends I’ve made in the blogging and online networking communities is WAY off the hook.

  10. The Daily Blonde Says:

    I started blogging in Jan ’08 and I can’t think of life without it. The connection with others out there is amazing.As far as you, young lady, you impress me to no end. I do love your snarkiness because that appeals to me but I like the real side of you, too. Thanks for making my favicon. So awesome…

  11. Maegan Says:

    omg how crazy and fabulous! I too have found old friends & gained a tremendous amount of new ones via blogging!

  12. angie Says:

    I’ve had A TON of old HS friends contact me via Facebook recently……plus, there is the whole train that Octamom wrote about in her comment…..LOVE that.

  13. ChefDruck Says:

    That is an amazing story! I got into blogging because my sister was such a fan and it’s really done great things for our relationship. She’s in CA and I’m in NJ and it has given us a chance to get a better sense of our daily lives. I can’t wait to go to BlogHer with her this summer.

  14. angie Says:

    I’ve been amazed by social media avenues, too. I do the most networking via blogging, but I do use facebook, too. I’ve tried twitter, but I just don’t have the time…..or inclination, really.Did you get my article?

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