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Mom It Forward’s First Gab & Give!

January 27, 2009

Enter for a Chance to Serve & Score!

Four Different Giveaways.
Five Amazing Prizes.
Thirteen Winners.
Four Ways to Enter: Vlog, Blog, Photo, or Comment.
One Great Purpose: To Mom It Forward!

Introducing Mom It Forward’s #GNO Gab & Give Event. In celebration, we are having 4 different giveaways. You may enter all of them, but you may only win once.

Hint! This giveaway is all about promoting service—the mission behind Mom It Forward. We are partial to those that truly embrace the spirit of Mom It Forward and help others catch sight of the vision as well.

Click on the links and images below to learn the entry requirements, see the specs for each prize, and find where to enter each giveaway. Please do not enter in this post.

Vlogging Giveaway 1
HP Mini 1535NR Laptop Specs
Click Here to Enter
Deadline: Saturday, February 14

Blogging Giveaway 2
HP Photosmart 6380 All-in-One Printer Specs
Click Here to Enter
Deadline: Saturday, February 7

Photogging Giveaway 3
Muvee Reveal Movie Editing Software Package Specs
Click Here to Enter
Deadline: Monday, February 2

Giveaway 4
He’s Just Not That Into You
Movie Soundtrack CD or Hoodie

Click Here to Enter
Deadline: Tuesday, January 27 (10 p.m. EST)

Thanks to Sugar Jones from Living In Theory for awarding us winners of the HP Magic Giveaway. Giveaways 1 and 2 include prizes from that contest and these giveaways are an effort to spread the HP Magic even further.

Do you use social media? Join the MomItForward group accounts:

Momitforward Facebook
Momitforward Flickr
Momitforward YouTube group

Inspired By Melanie

January 22, 2009

I had request for a black bag with brown accents? And I wasn’t too sure… until later I had a request for a black bag with tan accents… and then I realized they were asking for TAUPE?

And my little design brain went a little crazy… what if I could find a small print taupe colored fabric to go with the black ohhh how yummy…. How about damask?

Xtra Large Bucket Bottom Tote with Matching Toddler Pod.

Thanks Melanie, you did good.


Grandma is Right…

January 21, 2009

I’m starting to get it.

This is TK at 3.

This is TK recently.


This is what he made at preschool last week.

I know. How cool is that? He can now read 3 and 4 letter words, his favorite thing to do is 100-count dot to dots, and he is bummed when he comes home from ‘school’ and he doesn’t have ‘homework’ to do. So we make it up!

Grandma is Right…. they do grow up fast. Especially when it’s your youngest. And as much as I LOVE having a few hours 4 days a week while he’s at school.. What will I do next year when he has all day Kindergarten?

Holy cow I remembered to post for wordful wednesday, yay Angie!

Does This Header Make My Blog Look Fat?

January 17, 2009

How to make your header fit.

There are a couple possibilities. Create a new header in a photo editing software and create it exactly the width you want it. Then in blogger Layout click edit the header and upload it with the option: INSTEAD of title and description.

Then go back into the HTML layout code and find:


And delete the line that includes: border: 1px solid….
Now there will be no line around the header either..

If you have a header but it’s too short or too long, and you don’t have a way to edit it… you can upload your header into and use the resize feature. Be careful though, only a few pixels at a time or you will loose too much resolution when enlarging. Try it in 10 pixel increments.

Save to your computer and upload in the header editor as above.

You may need to change your Header-Wrapper size as well.

MORE bloggy tutes

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How Social Media Caught Up To Me

January 11, 2009
(Reprinted from MomItForward)

I started blogging in February of 08. I began my online business in March of 08. I met hundreds of people in just a few short months…! I’ve even figured out Facebook, (Jyl forced me!)

I began writing for the community site BoutiqueFlair in July of 08. I think I had submitted a single article when one of the other contributors there sent me a nice email and was so welcoming to the network! Wow I thought… people are so sweet and I felt all warm and squishy inside.

After I replied to this author I got a zippy email back….

Hel-LO!! Carissa, this is ALYSON! You know, your college roommate? The one you set up on a blind date. The one who MARRIED that same blind date! The one you faithfully exchange Christmas cards with yearly and haven’t seen in 13 years!!

Alyson of 3Ps In A Pod fame (and the Blind Date)!

Oh. My. Crazy.
THAT Alyson?
Are you serious!

Turns out she’s a Blogging Fool and writer extraordinaire and I didn’t know it? I hadn’t come across her site in my bloggy travels and it took our membership and eventually our contributing to a social media networking site to catch up our real life friendship to our virtual friendships!

Wow? What has Social Media done for you? Do you catch up with high school friends via Facebook? Do you Blog and meet new bloggy friends daily? Is Twitter your social poison? How many Networks do you belong to and if someone asked you how many people do you talk to on a weekly basis… can you answer 4,000!?

Over at MomItForward we’re taking it up a notch and combining it all. Where mom’s are making a difference one social media network at a time!

PS I was just talking with Alyson making sure I could borrow that lovely Tutu pose of her husband… and guess what? She will be heading to Nashville for BlissDom 09! I get to catch up with her in real life… are you going?

I’m getting cold feet…

January 9, 2009

No really.
I mean as in COLD.
My feet are cold. All winter long. Every day. Every night.

I could write a whole post on how much I LOVE my electric heating blanket. DUAL sides so the hubby can sleep at a normal temperature. LOVE my blanket. As in saves my marriage…

Okay back to my feet. (but I heart that blanket..)

Someone told my husband that while volunteering for the Utah Winter Olympics they found socks that really did keep their feet warm. And while my husband was on a business trip to Vermont… he just happened to walk into an LLBean store. Now that’s cool on it’s own of course.. But they had THE SOCKS.

And even better? He bought me some! Merry Christmas! (He got himself some too don’t worry).

Wanna know what they are? You do don’t you?

Should I tell you or keep them all to myself? (I would you know?)

Okay since you asked so nice… They are SMARTwool Brand! And the best part…
YOU don’t have to head to Vermont to buy them. You can buy them online! Enjoy.
There are children’s socks.
Dad socks.
Mom socks.


The only problem…? I only have 3 pairs… you really need one for every day of the week. THAT good. That warm.

As good as the electric blanket? Well… yes!

A Twofer Cuz I’m humbled

January 6, 2009

I was all set to write up this great (and snarky) post about how my parents came to visit over the weekend. They got in town just after New Year’s and they brought my little old grandma, who is pushing 90. She has early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and she hasn’t fully adjusted to not living on her own. And while her short term memory is non-existent, she can recall with full clarity and even annoyity (forgive my fake word) the smallest details about a trip they all took down the California coast 30+ years ago!

(4 generations)

I was going to write how my parents have raised 10 kids with a few extras sprinkled in for good measure. And they have really never lived alone empty nest style more than about 6 months at a time. A sibling (along with their kids and/or spouse) moves back in while waiting for a house to get built, or while waiting for a divorce to finalize or while some other part of their good & crazy life gets settled. And now they have my grandma living with them who is little more than a kid. Complete with the fact that she goes to daycare during the day!

I was going to write how my parents traveled over 10 hours to visit us for only a few days so they could support my 8yrold who was getting baptized. How the weather get’s scary in this part of the country and the roads…ahem… aren’t always cleared very quickly.. (grrr).

I was going to write a thank you to my parents for all they have done for me and are still willing to do…. (And I’ll still get to that.)

But instead…

I’m writing a giant thank you to Jay over at Half Time Lessons.

(And to Deb from Dirty Socks and Pizza)
Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

I’m not even sure why? Why would he chose to be a woman if he could? Why he compared Jyl and I and Mom It Forward to Mother Theresa… Or was it Jenny McCarthy??

#GNO started because I was lonely. And I selfishly figured if I taught a couple online friends the Twitter ropes on a Tuesday night in September ’08, I would get some more social fulfillment… And I did. Boy did I ever and MORE! #GNO– where everybody knows your na-a-ame….

Wow, it’s amazing to see the stories and willingness unfold from so many women through #GNO (and men…yes you… Jay and Chris and Steve). And humbling. Even surprising that there are so many people who ‘get’ the Mom It Forward vision. Can we help each other while strengthening ourselves and our families and our communities… Yes We Can! (thanks Bob). And Thanks Jay. I plan to visit you in YOUR community and Mom It Forward… Don’t be scared I’ll give you warning first!