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Goodness in a Jar

December 22, 2008

You know those nasty cookie mixes in a jar? NOT THESE.
A few years ago I tested a bunch of recipes for cookie mixes. And this is the winner. And really. When the main ingredient is chunks of Reeses Cups, how could it not be the winner??

I’m not very good at packaging. As I’ve mentioned before. So it’s a good thing these babies look awesome before you add anything.

(The little tubs in the pic are homemade lip gloss for kid friend gifts–didn’t turn out so well… still experimenting on that recipe…I think we’ll keep ’em around for an April fool’s joke or something because they are AWFUL tasting—too much Kool-Aide mix!)

Merry Ho Ho Ho.

You want the recipe? It’s not a secret. And it’s not mine.
I love the part where it says DO NOT USE Diet Margarine.
What the heck is Diet Margarine? And do you have a better mix in a jar recipe…? I’m thinking about creating a hearty oatmeal pancake mix for next year…


Church Chat: A Calling

December 21, 2008

In my church we have a lay clergy. I have no idea why they say it that way. It sounds dumb. But it means we do not pay the people in charge of a ward (Mormon translation; congregation). In fact the whole priesthood leadership from the congregation level to the next level up and all the way to the big TWELVE in Utah are all volunteers.

Yup. They don’t get paid.

Nada. Nothin’.

The ward leadership consists of a Bishop and his two counselors (or is it councilors I can never remember which is which?). These gentlemen are usually asked (or called as we say it in Mormon Speak) to hold their positions for around 5 years. Just regular Joes willing to step up and run a ward. The bottom line. The Bishop is the big guy for a ward who is the only one designated to receive revelation for those members (yes, I mean from God) you can think of it more like ‘instructions for the ward sent from Heaven’. We’re crazy that way with the belief that God talks to us. (In a good & crazy way :).

There are various other organizations including: A women’s organization called The Relief Society. We’re kind of proud of the fact that it’s the oldest organized women’s group in the Nation, cool eh?

Also there’s a Priesthood organization for the men (all worthy adult males can hold the priesthood), a young men’s organization, a young women’s organization, and a children’s group called Primary–(I think short for Primary Sunday School? But we never say anything but Primary). Babies go to nursery while the grown-ups are in the various meetings. But everyone attends the main Sunday meeting together. Sacrament meeting. Because we all take the sacrament at that time… makes sense.

It’s funny to write this all out. Because these aren’t things I think about; to me it’s just always been this way, I never wondered why or how? But lately I’ve been seeing the beauty of the depth of the organization of the Mormon faith.


I just found out that after only 3 months in my new town and new ward (and believe me 3 months is a REALLY long time for this) I have a new calling–or–position I’ve been asked to fill. Remember the whole volunteer thing. No one gets paid to do run any of these organizations. I was asked to be the secretary in the Relief Society (the women’s group–stay with me). The Bishop said when he asked me to do this job, and I quote: “It will be a good way for you to get to know the sisters in the ward”.

I’ll say. After three months I can barely put a few names to faces, and DO not ask me last names, and do not ask me spouses names!

I may have to teach lessons on occasion, if I do… beware. I’ll likely have to share them with you.
If you give a mouse a cookie…

And if you are still reading (Hi Melissa and Deb) here’s an uplifting article by the grand poobah of my church (We call him President Monson, and we also call him a prophet–see what you think.)


Not Totally Off the Grid…

December 18, 2008

Hey there dear readers,

I promise I’m okay. I promise I’ll be back.

A real life friend called last night, I think she was genuinely worried that something had happened to me… It reminded me that there are (or were!) some real life friends and virtual (but very real) friends who might be wondering the same thing…

Everyone is busy at the holidays right? So I’m no different. This is my first year running a ‘sales’ business during the holidays! And it’s fun and crazy and wild and exhausting… I have filled all the orders I promised. And I’m almost through with one that I only partially promised… and still crossing my fingers that I can get it in the mail AND it will ship in time for Christmas!

Plus we now live in a town that isn’t afraid to hold Christmas concerts… in fact they are pretty bold about it, don’t even say ‘holiday concert’… and I’ve been to three of them so far and 3 class parties coming up. And the snow and cold weather finally hit here (they’ve been warning us about it.. but we were all.. oh? we can handle it, lived in Utah for Pete’s sake…! Ahem.. had to go get STUDDED tires for the van.. what? I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Now I do.)

Oh and a little thing that I managed to co-create… that little thing called #GNO over on Yeah, well. Due to the vision of my Biz partner Jyl, big things are happening, and bigger things seem to be coming down the pipeline every day. Stuff like this comes out of my mouth, “I have to run, cuz I have a business conference call…” I love saying that!

Yesterday we found out that the great Sugar Jones, had chosen to award MommyGossip-GNO with the $6,000 worth of HP magic she was giving away! Talk about hyperventilating…

We are so excited and we have great plans for what to do with ALL THAT STUFF!

We have been shaping our vision for several weeks now, and we really want MommyGossip-GNO to be a force for good, yes, in the most cheesy way… We want to change the world, one mom at a time. Can we do it?

We think so. We think Moms Make a Difference.


Moms Make a Difference

December 6, 2008

What Is Magic?

When I think of magic, I think of something appearing out of “nothing.” A rabbit from a hat. A bunch of flowers from a shirt sleeve. Or a quarter from an empty hand. I also think of women that give their all—even when their all feels like nothing or they have limited resources—to raise their children—our future leaders, teachers, and our children’s future spouses.

This December, HP is redefining magic by making a very big something appear not out of nothing, but out of the goodness of its heart. It has bestowed its magic wand on these amazing bloggers—Firemom from Stop, Drop, and Blog (left), Sugar Jones from Living in Theory (below right) and Merlot Mom (below left)—for help in spreading a little HP fairy dust, if you will. More specifically, these gals are holding contests and will be awarding one lucky lass or lad each with $6000 worth of amazing HP product. Because this holiday season is all about sharing, Mommy Gossip—GNO would love to take a turn with the Magic wand to sprinkle a little HP fairy dust.

At Mommy Gossip—GNO, our goal is to change the world one mom at a time. Our mission is simple: to help moms improve their lives and achieve personal and professional success so they can, in turn, better their families, better the community around them, and ultimately, better the world. This change can start with just one mom. But why help just one mom when we could help four? Four women in our community—moms with generous hearts, giving spirits, but limited resources and/or significant challenges. Just imagine the ripple effect these women could produce if they had a little magic.

We are dazzled by the magical women in our online community. We see SAHMs, WAHMs, WMs, and every other mom-related acronym balance on the personal/professional tight rope. Many of these women have disabilities, are supporting children with disabilities, have little family and/or financial support, and are facing many other types of challenges. We hear of their struggles to gain an education; give their businesses a go; and do it all while battling infertility, raising their children, and keeping their chins up. We are humbled to watch them line up to volunteer for our fundraisers. We are overcome with their contagious positive attitudes. We are amazed to hear the random acts of kindness they are performing this season to spread holiday cheer. And, we are motivated as we watch them network to find solutions to their situations.

If Mommy Gossip—GNO got to take a turn with the Magic wand, we’d sprinkle a little HP fairy dust on four GNO Gals—women like those you see in the video or like those described above—women in our midst that need a little HP Magic to better themselves so they can, in turn, better their families, and ultimately better their communities and the world. We feel that generations of children impacted by a mother’s success would be the most magical miracle of all.

Note: We have chosen not to divulge the names and situations of these women here, because if we win the contest, we’d love the gifts to be a surprise!

Do you RA(w)K?

December 5, 2008

RAK= Random Acts of Kindness.

Do you RA(w)K?

Random Acts

Small or big?

Here’s my plan. To actively find (at least) one RAK everyday for the month of December. Will I blog about each one…? Probably not. I hope to have some RAK for the bloggy world too… hmm have to get creative about that eh?

Here’s one big thing my family is doing this year. We found through our little town an organized program where you ‘adopt’ a family. You get the clothing sizes and the genders of the family members and maybe some small items on a wish list. You then do the shopping for these items, wrap them up and bring them in for the organization to deliver. Talk about the perfect thing to do with my family this year.

It’s been a roller-coaster ride for us this year, nothing awful, ups and downs and lately I’m having a hard time listening to the me me me whines coming from three three three little kids. They will get so much more out of picking out a Christmas for another family, than continually whining and picking out more more more for themselves.

How about something small I’m doing? This might sound evil or selfish but honestly I am working on patience while standing in long lines this year especially when there are *not so smart* people ahead of me or whatever… Sure I’ll let someone in line ahead of me and all that… but my big..okay little RAK is to be kind while in line.

And for you?

Some girly shops. Why? Because you RA(w)K.

Dusty’s Designs.
Lately people have been asking –how can I get a great little 125×125 button, or –I just need an etsy banner or –how about a new holiday themed blogger header? My friends, this is the place. She makes these for $5, and from what I can see she will work up a custom banner in awesome style! FIVE DOLLARS? WhooHoo! Nicole is behind these great graphics!
I met this next shop girly gal via twitter when I noticed her talking about fabric…well of course I had to follow her and find out what/why/how…
Sweet Girl Boutique is her shop, and if you dig a bit you’ll find her fabric shop too! Are we in heaven? Girly stuff AND fabric? Yes.
And for the girly girl’s stomach? Wow, I’m in heaven looking through these. I think the grapeseed infused oils will make awesome gifts… I’ll be keeping one for myself, TYVM.
See Kristie’s Wildtree site.

And last… I love Funky Finds. I’ve had conversations with the girly girl behind this one and she cracks me up and finds awesome items. I see coupons and discounts over there right now… go take a look…


And remember..
reminders from the dashboard (RAK 3)
Photo generously allowed by Jill Allyn @ flickerJillAllyn


Oh. To Be Seven.

December 2, 2008

Don’t you wish that was your to do list?

Be Happy and Go Home. Amen.

Check out much better WordFulls over at Angie’s crib…