The Witch is NOT in.

Gagged - Not in Use

Sorry. I am not here today.

I am HERE.

She is not there, she is in the hospital having ANOTHER knee surgery. Go wish her well?

I’ll be back around noon today. TYVM.


9 Responses to “The Witch is NOT in.”

  1. jill jill bo bill Says:

    Headed over there now!!!!!

  2. Kristina P. Says:

    What is that a picture of? Fire hydrant thing?

  3. Marvin D. Wilson Says:

    Came here from there! LOL Hey neato blog, Carrissa – I’ll be back fo sho.Marvin Blogs at Free Spirit: Twitter 2 –

  4. Krissy Says:

    OOOOH! TWO new bloggers in ONE day! I’m on a roll!!!! lol 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be adding you to my blog list, and my subscriptions, AND I bookmarked your page. lol Feelin the love? Good. You should. Cause I’m a giver. And speaking of which, I’m posting a give away today. lol

  5. Joy Says:

    What is that thing?

  6. Jenni Jiggety Says:

    That looks like the bottom of a gumball machine…did you eat all the gumballs???

  7. Jocasta Says:

    It’s a mail box!Glad you have managed to cross one thing off your to-do list

  8. Melissa Ann Browning Says:

    I bopped over to the other site & read your post — we are all happy that you're in blogland, Carissa! And so glad to know that you truly enjoy it. And you have a knack for the blogland and tech stuff like no other!And, you do a really nice job of making everyone who reads your blog feel like they're the only one. What I mean is that, you respond to each posting and at length — it makes reading your blog feel like a personal connection to you, which is why it's nice. And to think that you do that with so many people!?!Hats off :)(ps – but I'm still you're fav, right? 'S')

  9. Bonnie the Boss Says:

    I saw that post box and it made me get all nostalgic!!! I want one.

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