It’s a love hate thing.


Have you read Twilight?

I did. I was totally obsessed. Read the book and THEN read the whole Stephanie Meyers website. If I had seen the mass Edward shirts? I would have bought one. I would have dressed up as Edward for Halloween for Pete’s sake.


I read the second book.

Um? Not so good. And when I realized it wasn’t ending? And all that stuff about Jacob…NO…Edward….NO…? Oh brother. Not for me. I did read the third one, but only barely. Oh let me guess there’s going to be a 4th book. No thanks. Just KILL her off already!

I guess it’s like sexual angst, only it’s Should I Kill her instead of the whole virginity issue? Blah?

Convince me? The Fourth one…Or not?
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Oh. And you have to admit this is kinda funny.
I’m not really anti-twilight, so don’t send hate mail just yet…

I vote for THIS kinda TWILIGHT…

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26 Responses to “It’s a love hate thing.”

  1. georgie Says:

    Everyone knows where I stand-I am reading eclipse now…I did a twilight post last week that had my mom contemplating the white jacket for me bawaaaaaa

  2. Emily Says:

    I just can’t get into them to be honest. A girl at work has read all of the books and she couldn’t put them down. Now they have the movie coming out and I didn’t think it even looked any good. Just not my thing I guess.

  3. Deb Says:

    i won’t have too much to share, since i am not a fan, but i wouldn’t miss it for the world! i’ll be the one trying to lure everyone off-topic!

  4. Jaysi Says:

    Not a fan?? What?? I hear you on the angst, but is life without a little angst??? I gotta differ with you on this one crazy lady. I do love the books. All of them. I am half way through the 4th one, and it is true, cliche and all….I can’t put it down!!!

  5. Kristina P. Says:

    I think I love you even more after this post. I’ve only read the first two.I think I need to add the cross out symbol to my profile pic.

  6. KatieZ Says:

    Oh I am totally with you! I loved the first one was completely lost in it! Didn’t do housework for nearly a week while I was trying to finish it. But I absolutely hated the second book. Did not even attempt the third! Will be there tomorrow night!

  7. Allison Says:

    I am reading them because I heard they were better than HP… I thought oh heck no LOL! So I am reading them to see… so far I like it, but I am only on the first book, but no where near the HP!

  8. Melissa Ann Browning Says:

    I only know about the Twilight books because I saw a big display in an airport bookstore a while back. I thought it was a teen phenomena? Looks like I’ll have to take another look — I love angst. I have angst. Angst makes me edgy :)What would I do without you to keep me in the loop?

  9. Lula! Says:

    We are breaking up…for several reasons.Firstly, it’s sacrilige to ask me if I’m Team Edward or Team Jacob. Girl…that’s the silliest question in the world. Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, please. Forever. Amen.Secondly, you must read Breaking Dawn. You must. Angst is resolved. Bella rocks. And that’s all I’ll say.Finally, that “anti-Twilight” picture was not funny at all, and it has only served to be more fuel for Kristina P.’s fire. Seriously.We are breaking up. Me and you. It’s over. Unless you start making amends. Please.(and now people are going, “Dude–that Lula chick is out of her mind!” Well, duh!)

  10. Good N Crazy Says:

    Dear Lula,Okay. Forgiveness and repentance on the way. A friend was going to lend me a copy of the 4th…but forgot about me. Maybe if someone were to SHARE….?Breaking up with me? I don’t know whether to cry or laugh maniacally.You know you’ll be back. AM LOVING THE WHOLE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE BY THE WAY… Somebody’s got to do it. Hmmmm. Have to chose between Pulsipher and Lula… I think I’ll leave this up to the GNO crowd to help me out with!!!!PS. THAT image? OH MY HECK, there were sooooo many MUCH worse than that including F. Edward! I know!?

  11. hippos toes Says:

    I haven’t read any of them and it’s not really my thing. I guess I like to go against the flow. I always tend to stay away from the new “it” thing. I do this with TV shows too. I did it with ER when it first came out and I have been a follower now for about 10yrs. I waited a year or two 🙂 But I’ll try to pop in late again. Have the workshop again Tues night. It lasts for 4 wks.

  12. Jenni Jiggety Says:

    I think you really need to read the 4th book! You NEEEEED to read it. This is not a request. I am a teacher and I am assigning it to you. You have one week. I expect a 2 page book report…single spaced.

  13. Kaye Butler Says:

    I’m judging. I’m not judging the book by its cover. I’m judging by the subject matter.I understand it is about vampires.I never have liked vampires and my mother wouldn’t let us “do” vampires so, I’m judging. MM wants to read it. I won’t let her, just another way to ruin her 13 year old life.

  14. Straight to Your Hart Says:

    Oh you kill-joy!! Just read it..That make you want to?? Well worth a pooper!!Did that change your mind..wussy..afraid you will cry?? That get you in the mood to read it?? YOu knoW I said all of that for you to read it!!Hey..I’m ampin myself up for next weeks twitter…tinyurl all the way!!I wish I could look good pasty is all I have to say…

  15. Dawn Says:

    I love the books so much I have them on display in my house – just cause they are so cool looking! LOL (kidding – but I love them that much!)And, I just ordered my Edward t-shirts for my friend and myself to wear to the premier of the movie! Can’t wait! You might as well read book 4. You’ve come this far. I was NOT a vampire person before these books. I was sort of forced in to reading the first one because our book club was reading it. I couldn’t put it down. But, not all vampire books are the same. I’m now TRYING to read interview with a vampire by Anne Rice.. not so good. But, I’m determined to finish it.I love how this gal (meyer) came out of nowhere with these books and has made it big time. She has a way with her writing. It really flows and she writes so clean… not anything trashy. I *heart* Edward and Jacob! 🙂

  16. Ann Onymous Says:

    I know absolutely zero about twilight. And am unlikely to obtain a copy and read it between now and tomorrow night! But I love a good GNO…of course, this will be my first virtual one. Should be interesting….

  17. Rachel Says:

    LOL — this is good fodder for me to use against my sister when I see her next week (she’s convinced I need to read those books!).

  18. Cheryl Says:

    tagged you over at my place because you said you don’t like it. lol

  19. Kristina P. Says:

    The link for Leigh Ann goes to her blog. What do I search for to find her on Twitter?

  20. Cant Hardly Wait Says:

    i didn’t use my twitter url. wtf. fix ittttt

  21. Scary Mommy Says:

    I can’t believe this! My post today was about this whole obsession and I had no idea what you guys were planning. Too funny. Think I may join you and see what the fuss is all about!

  22. Renée aka Mekhismom Says:

    I love that photo of twilight on the water. I enjoyed the series but by the end was ready for it to be over.

  23. Scary Mommy Says:

    You’re going to need to walk me through this next time– I’m lost and can’t keep up with Twitter- it’s driving me nuts. I feel like such a moron!!!

  24. Sandra Foyt Says:

    There are MUCH better vampire romances out there, written for adults no less. Beyond Anne Rice, other great authors: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lyndsay Sands, Katie MacAlister, and Mary Janice Davidson. Some of them even have a sense of humor!Still, I urge you to finish the Twilight Saga just so you can truly compare books in the genre. And, really, how can you go through life not knowing how it ends? That’s like walking out at the movie’s cliffhanger.

  25. aGibby Says:

    I loved Twilight, didn’t mind the next two, but hated the 4th. I wish I hadn’t read it. It kind of wrecked the series for me.

  26. Laura Says:

    Loved all four books. If you did not like 2 and 3 then I suspect you won’t like four.Although you may be glad to have everything revealed and have Bella finally free to be with Edward. I don’t know.

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