GNO…Hit me one more time?

So far so… Great!

We’ve had two rockin’ Girl’s Night Outs! Shall we try again?
Half hour earlier this time?? There were around 35 of us last week… We’re hoping for more and for a lot of new folks…

Do you Twitter? Do you want to learn how to Twitter? Already a pro?

Please join us this week!

Tuesday September 30th. (Times below.)

Easy instructions for Mr. Linky.

1) In the Name box: delete what’s there and type in:
username’s Twitter”
(where username is YOUR twitter username, see my example in the first link)

2) In the URL box: delete what’s there and type in your twitter URL.

(Your twitter URL is:
Where rogbark is YOUR username)

PLEASE add your Twitter URL in Mr. Linky first and then (hit refresh) PLEASE add your blog URL. We want to get to know you first of course!

PLEASE comment here!

PLEASE come back and click on everyone else’s twitter link to ‘follow’ them!


<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ alt=”GNO Button” src=”; /></a>

Use this button to tell all your friends!


See Jyl’s MommyGossip blog for the Main Topic.
For a technical topic can we talk about Stumble Upon?

Don’t forget to add Last Week’s Twitter Gals!


Instructions for using the #GNO Tag to use on Twitter while participating.

(It’s only 3 steps…and worth it, to keep track of everyone!)


Pacific (Oregon California) 7:30PM

Mountain (Utah, Arizona, Idaho..) 8:30PM

Central (Chicago-for Arizona who might mix up Arizona’s time?, Arkansas,
all YOU in the middle) 9:30PM

Eastern (Atlantic coast, this means you JiggetyJig! You. can. do. it!) 10:30PM

See you there. — I love this crap!

(Jocasta felt left out. –Whiner. She says that it’s 20 hours in the future in New Zealand. That makes it: 4-5 O’Clock on WEDNESDAY for her? Weird.)

24 Responses to “GNO…Hit me one more time?”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hey – I’d love to take part in first ever Girls Night Out on Twitter…I’m such a slacker about twitter, I need to up my game.

  2. Melissa Ann Browning Says:

    Testing to see if I will now show up as myself, vs “Anonymous”…. Is it working?Geez – I might just have to become a twitterer… But probably not until next summer, when I’m out of grad school hell… which has just begun by the way… Don’t forget me!

  3. georgie Says:

    oh good grief what did i jack up now? geesh i am a walking diaster lately

  4. Rachel Says:

    Ooops! Sorry about that! I added the twitter url.

  5. Kristina P. Says:

    Maybe we are related! I’ve been blogging since March, but my blog has really taken off in the past couple of months! Thanks for commenting.I love new blog friends. I saw the tutorial for adding a blog button, which I will need shortly, as one of my blog friends is making me one. Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I will add you to my Reader and blogroll. I assume your name is Carissa?

  6. Jay @halftime lessons Says:

    I have predominantly estrogen, can I come?btw, being male, this took me just under an hour to figure out. Exhausted, headed for the shower.Jay

  7. Mommy Madness Says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Aways looking for new stalking target. GNO Twitter sound great! Gotta figure it out!

  8. Jocasta Says:

    What about me? Surely I deserve a time reminder!!!

  9. Mikki Says:

    I’m hoping to be there/here. Just kind of depends on the kids and hubby.

  10. Cecily R Says:

    I WISH I had time to do this, but I have TONS of work to do on top of a bushel of peaches to put up. Sigh. Maybe next time?

  11. KatieZ Says:

    Okay……..I am now ready to partic. in the GNO Twitter Date! Very excited, might be late though. Kids don’t go to bed to 9. And Hubby and I usually in bed by 9:30. So we’ll see how this goes. Thanks for the help learning me to Tweet!

  12. Rhea Says:

    I was totally confused last week when I saw all those GNO posts. lol Now I get it.

  13. Leigh Says:

    I’m psyched even though the timing is WAY past my bedtime. 🙂 BTW, I just started using twhirl for my twitters and it has a filter field built into it. So you could filter all the #GNO’s and still type your responses all from the same application.

  14. Brenda Jean Says:

    I’m not sure I can come but I added everyone– so I’ll be ready for next time. I had fun the first time, or was it the second? Anyways it was a blast!

  15. Giazz Says:

    I’m in, and I signed up for the ladies night too. Some of the links on twitter are private, so let’s hope they follow me instead, and I’ll follow them back.My blog is

  16. Kristie Says:

    I should have already been on the list, since I participated in the last two GNO’s…..hahaha. I added my name and twitter link again :-)Who is bringing the cocktails?

  17. Stephanie Says:

    I’ll be there! Can’t wait.

  18. georgie Says:

    I think i just added a million gno’s twitterers LOL

  19. Johnson4 Says:

    Darn, I missed tonight, but hope you do it again SOON! What a great idea!

  20. hippos toes Says:

    Crap!! How did I miss this? I want to play next time 🙂

  21. Lisa-licious Says:

    I am soooo in! LOVE THIS! Thanks for including me…I will bring the “Virtual Kahlua”!

  22. Your Pal Pinki Says:

    I totally missed it, we were at the park alllll day playing. Next time! : )

  23. MomsReality Says:

    Was great fun – can’t wait for next week!

  24. Elizabeth Channel Says:

    Such fun! I’ve got so much to learn but it was truly neat!

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