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I’m a failure..

September 30, 2008

At many things I suck.

At many things I fall flat on my noggin.

One of those things?


I got this in the mail. (I know. Another post about mail.) I was so excited though.

It’s the earrings I won in a NieNie auction over at TBC

Created by HollyDoodleDesigns!
(Oh my heck, I dare you not to LOVE THIS over in her shop? Just try.)

When I opened this unassuming little box….


I could tell right away this was WAAAAAY out of my league.Photobucket
I could tell I will never measure up.Photobucket
I could see that Holly’s handwriting is sooo much better than mine.

And flowers? On the package?

With ribbon?!Photobucket
I could barely tell what exactly I had bought? Photobucket
I could tell these were perfect for me.Photobucket

And you try taking a picture of your EAR.
I think my 4yrold did a pretty darn good job don’t you?

Does anyone know how much $$ was/is being raised for the Nielson family?
I know there is a lot of suffering out there, and so many people need help. But I am so amazed by what I personally saw of people being willing to help a family they didn’t know.

Why is there world hunger, I keep wondering?

Head over to Angie’s blog for more terrific WordFUL Wednesdays!

GNO…Hit me one more time?

September 29, 2008

So far so… Great!

We’ve had two rockin’ Girl’s Night Outs! Shall we try again?
Half hour earlier this time?? There were around 35 of us last week… We’re hoping for more and for a lot of new folks…

Do you Twitter? Do you want to learn how to Twitter? Already a pro?

Please join us this week!

Tuesday September 30th. (Times below.)

Easy instructions for Mr. Linky.

1) In the Name box: delete what’s there and type in:
username’s Twitter”
(where username is YOUR twitter username, see my example in the first link)

2) In the URL box: delete what’s there and type in your twitter URL.

(Your twitter URL is:
Where rogbark is YOUR username)

PLEASE add your Twitter URL in Mr. Linky first and then (hit refresh) PLEASE add your blog URL. We want to get to know you first of course!

PLEASE comment here!

PLEASE come back and click on everyone else’s twitter link to ‘follow’ them!


<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ alt=”GNO Button” src=”; /></a>

Use this button to tell all your friends!


See Jyl’s MommyGossip blog for the Main Topic.
For a technical topic can we talk about Stumble Upon?

Don’t forget to add Last Week’s Twitter Gals!


Instructions for using the #GNO Tag to use on Twitter while participating.

(It’s only 3 steps…and worth it, to keep track of everyone!)


Pacific (Oregon California) 7:30PM

Mountain (Utah, Arizona, Idaho..) 8:30PM

Central (Chicago-for Arizona who might mix up Arizona’s time?, Arkansas,
all YOU in the middle) 9:30PM

Eastern (Atlantic coast, this means you JiggetyJig! You. can. do. it!) 10:30PM

See you there. — I love this crap!

(Jocasta felt left out. –Whiner. She says that it’s 20 hours in the future in New Zealand. That makes it: 4-5 O’Clock on WEDNESDAY for her? Weird.)

What do you do with ‘Awards’?

September 29, 2008

Hmmm. I’m trying to find a way to make fun of or otherwise be snarky about a bloggy ‘award’ given to me by an online friend. She’s expecting some serious snark. (Head over to Jocasta’s and help me out with that please?)

Like… the way I snark over tags and MeMes..? It’s hard. I want to snark this. But..

You know. The whole gracious thing, right?

Thank you

Photo by darwinbell

I mean… back a while ago, I was given an ward about the green pico art sauce or something, and I thought…well, I guess that’s cool. And I totally told the person thank you so much! But then. I did some research on the actual award and um….it’s like the biggest blog scam ever invented. The originator of the bloggy award is now getting millions of hits from the blogorama and well…the pico sauce blog is in PORTUGUESE!

Yup. Weird.

And I totally understand that the award was given in earnest. It’s just that…what now? It becomes blog jewelry? I’d so much rather just link to all the people who I think are awesome bloggers and then go READ their blog and should I feel it’s a really good post…to STUMBLE THAT BLOG. Or Twitter about that blog. Wow, now that would be a great award? I’ll call it the

I Stumble U/Twitter award (ISUTA of course)

I think I will start right now.

Here are my Stumble U/Twitter awardees: (they’re new to me) can call him Mr. Ratburn. I do.) See this post for sure..
Baby chicks? What can beat that?
Argyle background? Cool. (Oh and she liked my NO-Reply tute…ahem)

Last one for today: This one is my real life honest to goodness SISTER. Srsly.
Tell her I sent you and pull her hair or something,
she’s the littlest sis of SEVEN girls!

That should get you started. Enjoy.
Tell me if you stumble one.

Oh. And thanks for the award Jocasta. You’re neat.

While Watching House

September 27, 2008

To the tune of folding laundry….

Me: I think House is turning all Picket Fences…

Hubby: What?

Me: You know. Picket Fences was weird and funny and new and fresh…and then it just wasn’t anymore. I think the writers ran out of weird. Maybe the House writers ran out of snark?

Hubby: Oh? They already made up a phrase for that.

Me: What?

Hubby: Yeah. You say: this show has ‘Jumped the Shark’.

Me: Who jumped the what?

Hubby: Go google it. From Happy Days. The episode where Fonzie is waterskiing and ‘jumps the shark’, was the beginning of the end for that TV show. (Srsly click that link..The Fonz with leather jacket and all).

Me: Fonzie? From like 200 years ago? THAT Fonzie? How in all that is holy does Fonzie compare to HOUSE??

Am I showing my age or what?

YOU go google ‘jumping the shark’. Sounds like a naughty sex act if you ask me.


Robin just informed me that there IS in fact a website all about this. You can go vote whether you think House has ‘jumped the shark’ or not… I already told you how I voted…

Let me know if you do!

I’m still in love with Hugh for the record.

Dear No-Reply Blogger,

September 26, 2008

'you didn´t crash did you?'

How can I link my email address to my blogger profile?


For me?

Would you mind? It’s easy I promise.

Will you edit your blogger profile to SHOW your email address?

I really want to reply to YOU. I have no idea who No-Reply is? I’m sure she’s nice and all. But I just replied to 15 comment emails and AFTERWARDS realized half of them were to Ms. Fancy Pants No-Reply. Crap.

How to add your email to your blogger profile. (A tute)

Why? I love to reply directly to YOU when you comment! And it’s goofy to put a response to my blog in your blog comments!

{Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be the first one to comment on your lovely post!}

  • Step One: Open your profile page, click EDIT Profile on left side of profile.
    (If you need help finding your profile page let me know).
  • Step Two: make sure the box marked show my profile and show my email address are checked.
  • Step Three: Under Identity, add the email address you want comment replies to be sent.
  • Optional, change your display name to match your blog somehow?
    Or leave as your fist name? (I use GoodNCrazy so people can relate it back to my blog).

  • Step Four: scroll to bottom and click save!


You did it. Now come back and comment, so I can reply to you in real email form!!


MORE bloggy tutes

Welcome To Oregon…

September 26, 2008

Inspired by Melanie’s NYC posts recently, in more ways than one….

(See Updated Fried Fair Food list below)


Yes. It HAS come to this. They honest to goodness dip the Snickers bar in
corndog batter and then…. fry them deep?

I didn’t get a picture of one, and NO I did not buy one. Way too busy eating my giant corn dog thank you very much.


Didn’t take my camera to the fair, can you tell these are from my phone?

I really don’t think she is flipping me off…?? Is she!?



Two Oregon Originals. A restaurant called Starv’n Marv’n. And Men. In shorts. In sandals. In socks. Hubby is the one on the right w/OUT socks… (click the one on the right to get the FULL SOCK EFFECT!)

Arizona would fit right in.

Join over at the Great CecilyRs place…


Apparently I’m not the only one to see this, several comments mention deep fried:




Coca-Cola (still tryin’ to figure that one out?)…3littlemonkeys said this:

“I have no idea! lol It was squishy congealed-like Coke covered in batter and deep-fried.” —Um? Ew? Then she sent me this LINK…. cool huh?

Peaches? (See here)

Pop Tarts (in Fresno?)

Spam Curds (Whoa?…)


PB&J Sandwiches!


(Oh and there was mention of Garlic Ice Cream–lovely.)

YO-YO! Yoga-ahhhh.

September 25, 2008

I took my first yoga class in college.
It was the only class the pre-hubby and I could find
that we could take together.

Bowling? Nope. Bad time.
Golf? Nope. Already filled.
So, off to yoga we went.

He was a trooper and did his best.

However, I….. was hooked.

One year later in Brooklyn, I found a yoga class where the instructor was everything a good granola yogic teacher should be. I took that class right up until my belly from my first pregnancy was about to pop. I had an awesome set of lungs by the end after all that ‘Fire Breath’ stuff.

On and off since, I’ve been able to take some yoga classes, but never like that… Once a week, Every week, with NOTHING more important? But 3 kids later, fat droopy butt, and too many afterschool activities? In short. It’s been years.

And my 30-ish body has had enough.

That, and we found a seriously affordable gym here in my new town, new life.


Was the first day of my renewed love affair with my spurned lover.
And it felt good.
And I vow to be loyal.
And I HURT all over!


All photos taken by hubby, Seth. Yes. That really is me. In all my glory…Ha!

Am In Love With The UPS Man

September 24, 2008

Four! Four lovely brown boxes were on my front step waiting for me to bring them in and open them, and love them.

The UPS man is the love of my life at these times.

In box numbers one and two:

FABRIC! Wonderful toiles. RED and BLACK. A turquoise stripe. Oh yeah.
AND! And? The top three? NEW from my most like to stalk designer? Sandi Henderson’s new Farmer’s Market line…ooooh…I li-ike.

And oh my gosh what’s in that third giganto box? Oh goodie another box inside the big box…
It’s…it’s…MY NEW SEWING machine!

I told myself once I made enough money from my bags, (no not ‘profits’–ha, ha, ha,ha), just actually made enough from sales–I would buy a new (real) machine!
That day has come.

Here it is. No bells and whistles. Not pretty. Not digital.
Not fancy.
Just Seriously Heavy Duty.

You like?
Already sold it. But there’s more….!

Upside down…but you get the picture?

And sideways. For my friend Carole Hippostoes!

You didn’t even ask what was in the fourth box?

Play along at Angie’s Blog!

{Answer revealed in the comments…..}


Twitter GNO: Define Feminist

September 22, 2008

Hey everyone!

Join us for Twitter GNO!

Due to fabulous response last week, and requests to try it again this week…

I present Mr. Linky for Tuesday Sept. 23rd (See times below)…be sure to follow everyone on the list after Mr. Linky!

New this week, hurry follow them!
Jennifer Tankersley
Robin Honig
Angelika Aryanti Sani Melanie Hart Angie Pam Jennifer James Michelle

You have three choices…

1) add your blog URL to the Mr. Linky list above–and we will check there to find your Twitter username!


2) add your Twitter URL…it’s easy… Open your twitter ‘profile’ page and cut and past the URL at the top of that page into Mr. Linky above.


3) add both? Be a rebel. Stand out. Name one your website, and Name the other your twitter username?

And then…leave me a comment of course! Come back here to add any new twitter gals to follow. Plus let all your bloggy friends know so they can join.

Here’s an easy way… Take this button and add it to the end your most recent post.


GNO Button

Here’s my latest plan…this could change and evolve, stick with me, I’m still learning how to best go about this…

I’d like to present a couple topics for GNO? I’m sure it will end in discussions about the relative benefits of Oreos versus Red Vines…but that’s the beauty of it all isn’t it?

~Topic for Tuesday’s GNO~

“I am a Feminist”

I know.

Shocking isn’t it?

I love female authors:
Barbara Kingsolver, Ayn Rand, Margaret Atwood and Alice Walker. I’ve read nearly all of their books. I am addicted to strong women protagonists. I would so love to meet Dagny.

However. I don’t always look like a feminist in the standard negative definition.

I quit my job as a molecular biologist (fancy name for genetic engineer), to stay home with my then 18mo old. I never looked back.

I love to bake. I love trying new recipes, the whole nine yards, I own a Kitchenaid stand mixer for crying out loud?

I knit, crochet, cross stitch, –and maybe you’ve seen my sewing?

But…and here’s the TWITTER girls night out topic…

“What is your definition of a Feminist?”

And if that’s too meaty for you..I’d also like to talk about Do you have it? Do you use it? Anyone who wants to learn how to set it up, we’ll be talking about it live Tuesday Night at:

8PM Oregon/California.. (I’ll be a bit late so start without me…)

9PM Utah, Idaho…

10PM Chicago/Arkansas..

11PM East Coasters…

And don’t forget to ‘Follow’ all of the twitter Divas from last week…

You can find them here.


A little church chat…

September 21, 2008

Remember Dana Carvey in a Dress?


(Or am I reminding you of my husband imitating Dana Carvey, also in a dress, wig and in front of his whole high school during a pep rally…?) He imitated Dana Carvey as the church lady, better than Dana Carvey did the church lady, am I making any sense? (I’ll find that dang old picture and prove it to you, I promise.)

Anyway. My goal for today’s post was to get across to you how cool it is to find yourself in a new place… Let’s say Brooklyn, New York. And you find your newly married self living in a tiny 3rd floor walk up in what turns out to be one of the poshest places in NYC? (Subsidized by the new law school your husband is attending for sure). AND you know absolutely no one. You haven’t met your soon to be boss, as he hired you via email (which only barely existed and no one used at home…). Did I say cool? I meant freaking crazy scary!

What do you and your husband do? (After first buying a futon, to both sleep and sit on, as you brought absolutely NOTHING with you to the VERY LOUD NYC, in fact you sold your car to buy a one way cheap ticket and brought only your luggage.)

You find a phone book and look up the church you belong to, right? And it gives an address, and you assume meetings will start sometime around 9AM, right? And you walk the 20 blocks on a Sunday in August in Brooklyn, in your church shoes, right? And when you get there the doors are open and you walk in, right? And then you see about 2 souls in the whole place and they are setting up chairs. So you help set up chairs, right? Then you find out church starts at 10AM. And who should walk in about 30 minutes later? Your husband’s college roommate and his wife, both of whom you knew from 2000 miles away!

And they are moving back 2000 miles away. And they don’t want to take any of the crap stuff in their tiny apartment. And they give it all to you. Including a very nice, and very real (and not a futon) bed. And there is a whole congregation of people who you come to love, and who share their lives with you in about the space of 2 weeks.

THAT is the Mormon network as I know it. Now imagine that same thing played out in Long Island 3 years later. (Except we bought a car, moved our real crap stuff, and no one gave us a bed.) And all over again when you move to the New Jersey suburbs. Only this time YOU give THAT bed from Brooklyn away to a gentleman who lives in an apartment with 8 other men from Nigeria, who are all working as taxi drivers attempting to help their own large families immigrate to the United States. (He happens to be the Sunday School teacher in your new congregation). Next you move back to Utah, but this one doesn’t count as much cuz you also have your giant Mormon family as a network. But you do have some rockin’ neighbors who are willing to help you in a moments notice (LDS or not).

And now? You find yourself once again transplanted into a new ecosystem. And it should take months and months to find a safe and secure network of friends and playdate givers, right? Wrong. You’ve met the CEO of the local hospital. The high school football coach. Several professors at the local technical college. And a handful of mommies who already attend the local library with you and your kid for pre-school story time. How did you manage this so quickly (it’s been less than 3 weeks)?


You attend church each week. And so do they.

I had a friend once ask me how I found a church so quickly after moving to Brooklyn? I was baffled by that question. I just looked it up in the phone book was my answer. (This time around we located it via the internet). But she answered back: “Oh? It took me months to find the ‘right’ church. I finally found a building that was pretty enough, and a pastor that I liked, and a time that was good for me….”


We met in an old Longshoreman’s Union building on Court street. It barely had windows and we were a little bit scared to venture into the basement for fear any corpses might be found… But still it was CHURCH for us. There wasn’t any choosing to do. We just knew where to show up and they all just knew how to help us.

And this takes place in Australia, Malaysia, and Zambia. It just does.

That’s how cool it is to move to a new place.

(Are we wearing RED today….Hmmmm? You KNOW who wears red

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