Four Score for You about You in August.

Our Dog Eared Digest

Okay. Great Blog Title again.
LingoVise is the lady with the Pseudonym here. (I know her real name, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. And you know what I’d have to do if I told you?)

From her bio:

“Our not so little family is made up of 3 humans, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 turtles and One tortoise!” And my dear Lingo, that’s a lotta crazy for one house! My cat puts us over the edge, much less all that!?

I’m guessing here, but I think I linked up with her from The Great CecilyR’s PSF carnival (see CecilyR post here).

Some posts I’ve enjoyed: This one reminds me of my own 4 year old’s escapades. You must see the T-Shirt he is wearing…. And I’m not sure but I think she is mocking the rest of us in this one. I think she was seriously asking for sympathy? NOT from me…Jealousy, maybe? And this is one of the first ones I remember reading of hers. Who doesn’t enjoy someone less tanned than and my slightly darker tanned skin (and likely more cancerous) say, ha! (Still jealous about that kitchen).

Off we go to the next blog…

Classy and Fabulous

Oh my fun little (and MUCH younger) (and much blonder) (and much cuter)…

Well crap, Sarah sucks.
See– here’s a picture of her to start.
I know? I told you.

Anyway, even though I hate her…(I don’t really)…well not muchShe’s also crafty. Had possibly a MORE rockin’ garage sale than I did. (Ohhh please click that one, for crying out loud, THE GUY WITH THE HONDA! Did you click it? I will so know if you didn’t?) And the poor thing recently lost her mother. And I so feel for that. How awful. At any age? She’s still in school, everyone say “blech”, but has a cute boyfriend, everyone cheer. And since she’s like my only friend right now who doesn’t have 2.7 children and a dog (real or imagined–being a friend part not the dog), everyone please stop in and say hi to her. Cuz, after this feature, I’m not sure she’ll let me keep her otherwise…. (Plus this one is just funny).

The Bean.

I’ve been saving this one. And don’t let that oh too sugary sweet baby picture at the top of her old blog fool you. She’s hilarious. But probably I wouldn’t call her sugary sweet. Um No. I just have to tell you there are swear words in her writing. But I still laugh. Hey, they just write ’em and I’m just featuring is all. I think she’ll understand my little disclaimer. She doesn’t use the F-word in this one (at least I don’t think she did? Beware anyway) but there is talk of boogers. So go there first. But she does in this one and I’m still linking it (even though I am NOT on her dinner list…oh well.) You can meet her Jake Ryan and everything.

Last one for today, we’re back to Rated PG…

Straight to Your Hart

The tYpo isn’t mine, it’s her last name…get it?
How creative is that?
And oh my heck, Melanie is so very much FROM the same tiny town in Oregon that I am MOVING to? She moved to Utah. I think that’s Irony?
(You’ll get the funky font size-thing when you click over to her blog…)

She’s killing me with all of her recent posts. She just got back from a whole huge family reunion in Oregon and ALL THOSE PICTURES!. Go have a look. Harris Beach. Lava Caves. I’m so excited to see these places for MYSELF. I think this was the first post of hers I ever read. And I’m not sure but the list at the bottom of each post I think is her daily grateful list? (You wish you came up with THAT idea didn’t you?) Everyone say awwwww. Sweet huh? And oh. my. heck. who doesn’t love a before and after post…of the writer! Love that Jr. High feathery look Mel!
And Mel? What’s up with Scorpions AND Enya on the same That’s just…weird? And PS. Thanks SO MUCH for the Nibley’s referral. ExCeLLANT!


3 Responses to “Four Score for You about You in August.”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Good Gosh girl…you crack me up!! We are home and loved being in Oregon…You will fall in love with it just like we did…Funny thing, our last ward we were in was the 1st ward (only a year, when we got married and lived on Eberlein Ave. in the apt. just north of Fred Meyers)…I still can’t believe what a small world we live in..Hope you find a good rental..

  2. SP Says:

    I’d love to do a writing gig. Thanks for the comment. Pop me an email (sosassypantsatgmaildotcom).

  3. bejewell Says:

    Ummm, I hate to be the one to break it to you, honey, but there’s pretty much an F-bomb in every post I write. The really really old ones are the only ones that are safe – and that’s just because I hadn’t really found my voice yet. Turns out my voice likes to curse. A LOT.Thanks for the link – you are too kind!!P.S. Your word verification thingy is trying to kill me.

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