It’s time to be grateful…

Because Oh My Gosh. Life is crazy right now and maybe a list will keep me sane…

  1. My foot hurts, not too bad, just enough. (Thanks ya’ll for caring!) But believe me I’m grateful I have feet!
  2. Our sprinkler system blew up over the weekend. How grateful I am that we have water at all, right? I live in a mountain desert, it can be priceless sometimes..
  3. My computer also blew up over the weekend. And *maybe* we didn’t lose the photos…still hoping… And now I am grateful for backup hard-drives. (I intend to use it ALL THE TIME now!)
  4. I have to pack. The WHOLE house, in about 3 weeks. And yes, I’m grateful for our stuff. What’s left of it after a rockin’ garage sale.
  5. I just got about 20 new orders for bags to make (most for Holiday gifts)! I’m totally grateful to my mother who taught me to sew.
  6. We don’t have a place to live…yet, in Oregon. We move in less than 4 weeks. Um…um…help me here? How do I find a happy thought on this one? Wait, I’ve got it. I’m grateful for my church. There is a willing and helpful network waiting for me there, and they are already working on finding us a home! Thanks Mel.
  7. We fly out to look for a place to live in less than two weeks. I am grateful for parents who are willing to watch our kids, even though they would rather we didn’t move…
  8. And of course last, sometimes least but usually most, I’m grateful for my family. Seth who loves me despite late night cursing at IE6 (oh how I love firefox), and 3 kids all smart, all mine, all the time!

I feel much better.

See below for the next Dog Days installment…


13 Responses to “It’s time to be grateful…”

  1. JenniBeanV Says:

    You have a lot to be grateful for!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Glad to hear your garage sale was rockin… haha!! Bummer about the sprinkler system – that’s so random! Good luck house-hunting – I’ll send some good vibes your way!!

  3. LingoVise Says... Says:

    Oregon! You lucky Dawg! Oregon rocks… we used to live in Corvallis. You’ll love it.So much to be thankful for — good luck house hunting! And god’s speed on the packing 🙂

  4. Melissa Says:

    I wish I could hop in a plane and come & help – I am an EXCELLENT packer! And sorter, organizer, etc… it's the type 'A' in me. Do you think your 'moving allowance' would cover me? What if we listed me as a private moving administrative assistant? Ahhh, come on!I'm so glad you have the ready & waiting-for-you community in Oregon already – I truly am jealou sof that :)Sending you love & support from the heartland,melissa

  5. Kristen Andrews Says:

    at least you have a great attitude about it all! Things can only get better!

  6. Kristen Andrews Says:

    at least you have a great attitude about it all! Things can only get better!

  7. anti-supermom Says:

    You are wonderful to post something about being grateful when you have so much that has been causing you trouble. Good reminder and again, good luck lady. I hope you find a house and sell your quickly 🙂

  8. angie Says:

    Great list of things to be grateful for!

  9. Laurie Says:

    I hope that you all are able to find a house. I like the grateful list!! I need to do one too.

  10. Amz Says:

    I love your attitude! You will definitely be missed though.

  11. Threeundertwo Says:

    I love the list. Such a great idea. I grew up in Oregon, and loved it. Hope everything goes smoothly with the move!

  12. Jaysi Says:

    I love, love, love that you are the kind of gal that looks for the blessings amid the chaos. Thank you for giving me something to think about today.

  13. Melanie Says:

    So glad to help!! I hope you find a place you like there. We just got home and so happy to be in my own bed.Would love to have you in our fam. I know what it is like to not have family around…sometimes not such a bad thing tehe!

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