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Diary of A Move

August 29, 2008

I’ll try to write up a better version of this thing we call MOVING. (And totally remind me to tell you all about Texas Jake. Really you WANT to hear this part.)

But for now…

The photos will have to do.

Before the movers…ALL THOSE BOXES.



11 hours in a van, WITH a cat. Who rode in that exact postition the WHOLE time. She didn’t drink. She didn’t eat. She didn’t use the litter box (thank Heaven for small miracles).

A ‘DETOUR’. (I’m blaming Melanie…we TOTALLY missed the turn off).
(What Fields, Oregon Looks like.) I told you we are NOT moving to the lush green forests you think of when you think of Oregon.

(What gas tanks in Fields, Oregon Look like.) You do realize you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon? Cute 17 year old young uns pump it for you. I soooo wanted to take a pic. of this kid for you. I didn’t.

(click to enlarge…it’s worth it)

AND…the rental house waiting empty for us to sleep on it.

After a night in the local hotel…wake up bright and early to THIS:

(Yes that IS a 70 foot trailer high centered at the corner near our house. Thanks for asking.)
After another truck came to ‘raise’ the traler, they were able to drive around THE WAY WE TOLD THEM in the first place and get right to the house. So all was well.

Except for this.

Can you tell what’s in this (now busted to pieces) Poster Frame?

That’s it. I still have no internet in our house. Ahem…’borrowing’ from the local hotel…*don’t tell*. And yes IT IS killing me. But kids are all enrolled in school, know who their teachers will be and have just today met 3 kids who live 3 doors down who will all be in the same grades! And I have 15+ bags to make, just as soon as I find my sewing machine.

You so totally wish this was your mess don’t you?


Have you Met these Blogs? (And my horror list.)

August 24, 2008

That Crazy Mom

April Twitters here. She is a single mom, and I find that amazing. I love her ‘green’ posts. And I hear it on the gas prices too! And how cool is this!! She does awesome graphics for blogs and such, check out her other site here

Magpie Ethel
(This photo isn’t her you’ll have to read her bio to find out who it is…)

I had no idea what the deal was behind the blog name, and just today I read her about page…sorry I’m slow. So start there. And then oh my. Enjoy all the Estate Sale Friday finds. Who knew all that kitchy holiday…um…crap…could be turned into such cool things! I’m serious, hit that link and then scroll down to see all the amazing things she picks up. I can’t wait to see them all reborn at Christmas time!!

Oh please, can I just pet some of these tiny reindeer? Just a little bit? And last. Oh. Could you just die and go to heaven in this place? I could. I really could. I plan to have a little room out back and call it my studio. What…? I do.

Loving Heart Mommy

How cute is this blog title? Awww. Kristinia is one of these moms who has got it goin’ ON! You know what I mean? I honestly can’t keep track of all the things she has up in the air at once…From reviews to giveaways to funny stories…amazing. (and I’m not just saying that because she has my ApricotAlot shop button up on her site….) Let’s see she also is mom to two kids and EXTREMELY pregnant with baby number 3, and married to a hunky Navy Man. I just read that she’s dealing with Crohn’s disease (while pregnant!) ugh. I love checking in with her site often to see what’s going on over there! Lots of fun! PS if you dig back a few pages you can see photos of her very pregnant naked belly. I’m not linking it you have to go find it yourself.

On The Upside

You might have seen this lady around, she’s a complete commenting dynamo. I know I’ve seen her profile stamp on a lot of your blogs already! Her blog title says it all. This is one serious glass half FULL type. And since I’m not…it’s a nice breath of fresh air to read her blog. Kellan has 4 children the oldest two are twins and 16 yrs old and the youngest is 6. I love reading the funny stories about her escapades with teens and with the young ones… Here’s the best, best one about the twins. And this one is great about the 11 year old. And this one’s for youngest one. Note her style of writing on her blog…LOVE it. And her little post script ‘on the upside’ at the end of each post…see I told you, …half full kinda lady. I like that. Read Thursday’s post, cuz I think it’s a lot like how we all feel about this weird thing we call blogging. I agree anyway.

And now.
Off to bed.
The house is 90 percent packed up. That other 10 percent? Oh it’s awful. Awful as in a bad horror flick awful. All the weird little stuff that you should really just throw out (and you should see the bags and bags of CRAP I already threw out), but you keep telling yourself, I’ll just have to go out and buy it when I get moved right?

I’m talking about:

  • Lip balm.
  • Tampons, (Sorry guys, they’re in the cupboard).
  • Printer ink.
  • Mayonnaise. (Doesn’t travel too well does it?)
  • Hubby’s shaving cream (and since it’s an aerosol can’t be packed on the truck and will have to drive with us in the van….)
  • Tennis Racquets–where the heck do you PACK them?
  • PENS…What? Do they multiply all naughty in the back of the drawer?
  • Your mother’s tomato preserves in glass jars. GLASS! Crap.
  • Photo Albums. Can’t trust those to a giant truck, I don’t care who the driver is.
  • And of course. The computers. When, tell me, should I begin packing them up? And NO. They will not be traveling on the truck. They will have a front seat position next to me!
  • Lastly? THE CAT! Oh my. The cat? The vet offered to sedate her. (Me too?!) And the pet store gave me some sort of herbal ‘calming’ drops (Can I use ’em on the kids you think?)

Sorry, I should have called August the ‘Diary of a House for Sale and what the People who used to live there are going through.’ (You can see my THREE junk drawers here. They are no more.)


More reviews and an Update…

August 21, 2008

First, the update. It sucks. All of it.
We did find a nice house to rent, so that is one HUGE stress to stop worrying about.
But the packing. Stressing over this house. And the packing?! I know there are so many out there with a lot worse problems than a husband who has just found his dream job and needs his family to move 2 states away so he can enjoy that dream job?
But right now, it is so giving me grief. (Good thing I don’t have time to pee, much less think on it, or I’d be a complete boobing mess!)


Saag Paneer
photo by Parvinder Singh
This is Saag Paneer. My FAVORITE Indian dish. I think the Paneer is about the homemade cheese and the Saag is about the spinach. But I am all about eating this with rice and garlic Naan. It’s what we ate last night. Take out. Don’t let the green sway you…it’s YUMMY. We are about to embark on a week long take out tour, cuz tonight is the official pack up the kitchen night!

Okay quick reviews today, sorry they are short, I swear it’s not that I don’t love these ladies. Cuz. I do.

Don Mills Diva

Okay– for the longest time I thought this gal’s name was Don. Which is fine of course, so Mills must be her last name? So She’s Don and she’s a Diva? But no. I’m a dunce. Don Mills is the town in Canada where KELLY lives!!! Hello? Duh. And my favorite line of hers comes from her bio: ‘Clinging to the crumbs of my coolness’. Oh I hear you. Well, I wasn’t cool before kids so maybe I don’t hear it… oh, you know what I mean…

I loved these two posts. One right after Blogher (I guess there was some hullabaloo over Mommy Blogging not being real?–I wasn’t there, so maybe I’M not real?). And this one just about writing and blogging and the whole privacy thing. It’s true. How do you figure that stuff out? Did you notice the part where she mentions like it’s nothing that she’s a float plane pilot like it’s nothing? Go ahead, she’s a real writer, so you (ahem, I) might learn something! I like this one too…Ducks, Float Plane, Cute Kid!

Bloggety Blog Blog

This one calls herself Saucy. And I believe her. She calls her husband Veto for heck’s sake! And I’m pretty sure I found her through Today’s Creative Blog. Which means…yup. She’s creative! You should see her kitchen re-do on a house they affectionately call the ‘flip house‘. (Scroll down to the amazing kitchen transformation!). But I still think her own laundry room wins. I asked her if she was Mormon with a laundry room like that? She said, no. She’s a JAP. Jewish American Princess. So there. And to prove my questioning… here’s a terrific Diaper Cake Tutorial? See, she could be Mormon? Just sayin’.

A Real Anti-Supermom

Oh the good blog titles! Are you keeping track? I’m serious I may be giving away a prize at the end of this and make all of you vote for the best blog title. So be ready.

Beth is pretty funny and makes it easy to find good posts to share…Thursday’s post is funny, and don’t we all love it when the kids share more information than they should? My 4 year old kept telling people that he had a little brother, and everyone kept asking me if I was pregnant or something! Ha! NOT. And here she is doing a good deed in the form of a PSA. (Um…boobs or not, it was worth it?) Lastly this is one of her posts that I totally understand…. I want to be an Anti-Supermom too.

It All Started At Kent State

Hmmm. I just realized I do not know the why behind her blog title? Laurie must have met her husband there right? I mean cuz there are a lot of other things that started at Kent State…war protests, student riots…? Nah, it’s gotta be the love story thing started there right? I’ll have to ask her… Here’s what I do know. She’s a nurse. She loves the Cleveland Indians. (And Manny Ramirez). She has two cute kids. And I first met her when I read a very touching post about the loss of her twin babies. She’s actually one of the Momo moms I’ve stumbled onto, but the high risk part was devastating for her and her family. Here’s the lines from that post that still reach out to me:

1. Why can some people have twins, triplets, quads, etc. and are able to handle it?
2. Why can other people have twins with siblings and can handle it?
3. Why would God take my babies?
4. What did I do to prove to God that I could not handle it?

Heartbreaking huh?

She’s such a trooper though, and I enjoy reading her blog. Go check out this post about her daughter’s favorite stuffed animal. Very CU-UTE.

That’s all for today. Heck probably the week.

Off to that kitchen junk up. I mean pack up.

Kids back to school got you down?

August 20, 2008

Thinking about all the upcoming schoolwork, gives me hives. All those projects where it’s more about how well the MOM does than the fifth grader?

I wrote an article over on B!F!— See if it doesn’t help out those back to school blues…

Are You….

August 18, 2008
A Glass Half Full…
half full
Photo by Marshall13

Or Half Empty?

Broken Glass
photo by Duke LeNoir

Sometimes I’m just the glass half shattered.

I swear I don’t see being a half empty type as a bad thing? It’s more like I follow the mantra, idea, philosophy–“If I worry about it–it cannot happen.” Or maybe it’s the boyscout in me? Be Prepared…if I plan for the worst it won’t happen, right?

My Utah house is giving me stress right now. Will it sell? Can we find renters? If so–will they work out? Will they trash the place? Should we allow pets? If we can’t get renters, like, how many months before we get foreclosed on and go bankrupt?? Will they throw us in debtors prison and only feed us rancid bread and weevil water? Will we look like the awful couple from Les Miserables singing about pickpocketing from dead people? (Most of them are goners so they won’t miss much!)

See? I’m just making plans. Isn’t that okay?
Someone please fill my glass already.


Four Score for You about You in August.

August 18, 2008
Our Dog Eared Digest

Okay. Great Blog Title again.
LingoVise is the lady with the Pseudonym here. (I know her real name, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy. And you know what I’d have to do if I told you?)

From her bio:

“Our not so little family is made up of 3 humans, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 turtles and One tortoise!” And my dear Lingo, that’s a lotta crazy for one house! My cat puts us over the edge, much less all that!?

I’m guessing here, but I think I linked up with her from The Great CecilyR’s PSF carnival (see CecilyR post here).

Some posts I’ve enjoyed: This one reminds me of my own 4 year old’s escapades. You must see the T-Shirt he is wearing…. And I’m not sure but I think she is mocking the rest of us in this one. I think she was seriously asking for sympathy? NOT from me…Jealousy, maybe? And this is one of the first ones I remember reading of hers. Who doesn’t enjoy someone less tanned than and my slightly darker tanned skin (and likely more cancerous) say, ha! (Still jealous about that kitchen).

Off we go to the next blog…

Classy and Fabulous

Oh my fun little (and MUCH younger) (and much blonder) (and much cuter)…

Well crap, Sarah sucks.
See– here’s a picture of her to start.
I know? I told you.

Anyway, even though I hate her…(I don’t really)…well not muchShe’s also crafty. Had possibly a MORE rockin’ garage sale than I did. (Ohhh please click that one, for crying out loud, THE GUY WITH THE HONDA! Did you click it? I will so know if you didn’t?) And the poor thing recently lost her mother. And I so feel for that. How awful. At any age? She’s still in school, everyone say “blech”, but has a cute boyfriend, everyone cheer. And since she’s like my only friend right now who doesn’t have 2.7 children and a dog (real or imagined–being a friend part not the dog), everyone please stop in and say hi to her. Cuz, after this feature, I’m not sure she’ll let me keep her otherwise…. (Plus this one is just funny).

The Bean.

I’ve been saving this one. And don’t let that oh too sugary sweet baby picture at the top of her old blog fool you. She’s hilarious. But probably I wouldn’t call her sugary sweet. Um No. I just have to tell you there are swear words in her writing. But I still laugh. Hey, they just write ’em and I’m just featuring is all. I think she’ll understand my little disclaimer. She doesn’t use the F-word in this one (at least I don’t think she did? Beware anyway) but there is talk of boogers. So go there first. But she does in this one and I’m still linking it (even though I am NOT on her dinner list…oh well.) You can meet her Jake Ryan and everything.

Last one for today, we’re back to Rated PG…

Straight to Your Hart

The tYpo isn’t mine, it’s her last name…get it?
How creative is that?
And oh my heck, Melanie is so very much FROM the same tiny town in Oregon that I am MOVING to? She moved to Utah. I think that’s Irony?
(You’ll get the funky font size-thing when you click over to her blog…)

She’s killing me with all of her recent posts. She just got back from a whole huge family reunion in Oregon and ALL THOSE PICTURES!. Go have a look. Harris Beach. Lava Caves. I’m so excited to see these places for MYSELF. I think this was the first post of hers I ever read. And I’m not sure but the list at the bottom of each post I think is her daily grateful list? (You wish you came up with THAT idea didn’t you?) Everyone say awwwww. Sweet huh? And oh. my. heck. who doesn’t love a before and after post…of the writer! Love that Jr. High feathery look Mel!
And Mel? What’s up with Scorpions AND Enya on the same That’s just…weird? And PS. Thanks SO MUCH for the Nibley’s referral. ExCeLLANT!


Thank You, and Lessons Learned

August 16, 2008
Hi everyone.
And by that I mean ALL of you!
Thanks so much for caring about my lack of nutrition.
{My stomach thanks you too.
See post below.}

For understanding.
Really, you’re awesome.

I promise in about 3 (….maybe 4) weeks. I’ll be back. I’ll be commenting on your blogs…wait, I’ll be reading your blogs, and then commenting. I’ll return ALL your emails (Did I mention you are awesome?) And I swear on my mother’s china (oh please let it make the move intact) that I will get back to real food. Serious homemade-hand-shucked-bottled-myself goodness. {And no-my kids aren’t living on jellied chocolates and Mountain Dew…I swear!} Okay Macaroni and Cheese, and peanut butter sandwhiches. (The jellied chocolates were in the food storage tucked away since Christmas…what? I didn’t want to move them all the way to Oregon, might as well eat ’em now right?? I mean right?)

And now. Really quickly. I have about 2 minutes to share some pictures.

First. Welcome to BEAUTIFUL Oregon:
Mt. Hood from 24,000 feet. Breathtaking. I know.

Second: Would you like to know why they do NOT show you outer pictures of some rental houses?

This is why.

Gorgeous, eh?
Instead they highlight the ‘view‘.

And while it is pretty amazing. It took 3 switchbacks on a narrow lane of a path to get up to it in the first place. I kid you not this was the first house we saw. (Things did get better).

Now for the Thirdly: When you are only looking at rentals, you quickly learn that while the house might work for you and your brood…

The yard may not. But yards? Whoneedsem?


Meet My New Menu

August 14, 2008




I know. Awful.

4 More. Kind of Random.

August 13, 2008
Moving at the Speed of Life
Jacki is the hostess with the mostest on this one.

It’s sad, I honestly can’t remember how I ‘met’ Jacki?
If you remember please share?

I’ve enjoyed talking with jacki through her blog and emails. I’ve even talked to her husband (cool photoblog…there I go again with the photo addiction).

They just got back from a family trip to Denmark! Jea-EAlous! I love the windy beach pictures from this post.

And this dog post is great… And oh my heck, cute kid pics here… Go on. Tell her Carissa sent you.

The Zoo

Bonnie is the Boss over her world. She has 5 kids and none of them are twins for a change, eh?

She’s a funny lady and I’ve ‘known’ her almost from the beginning. (I’ve only been doing this blog thing for 6 months.) We bonded over GetThatOutOfYourMouth and I especially like the nicknames she has for her kids.

I almost got to meet her….but in the end she didn’t want my craptastic piano after all…

I’d still like a meet and greet. (And I think it might happen! All you Utah mom bloggers! Head’s up, let’s do do lunch before I ditch this joint?—more on that later).

Back to Bonnie the Boss. Funny lady. And she’s inspired me more than once. Here’s one I out and out copied. And I swear I never called them Gorilla poops? And the poor girl has had a bit of a rough one with hearing loss and vertigo. So go visit her and laugh along…into her good ear.

Noble Pig

How cool is it when famous people comment on your blog?

How much more cool is it when famous Pigs comment?!

I assume everyone knows Cathy. If you don’t. Well. You should.

Oh my. Where to start? Where? Here? Well yes. But not everyone loves asparagus as much as I do. How about here? But then This One would feel left out. (And believe me we don’t want that). And she says this one is easy…but…? I don’t know? I could screw it up.

Coast Rat

And because I met this gentleman somehow through Noble Pig’s site, seems appropriate to introduce him to you now?

I may get this wrong, please correct me? Lance lives in Wisconsin, but has been on a personal mission in Mississippi helping hurricane victims purely on his own dime? He is back in Wisconsin right now but will be going back to Mississippi… is that right? I have a couple bird loving friends back East and he reminds me of them when I see his bird watching updates (cool photo on that one). And how about some coastal good eatin’. Oh how I miss living near the ocean for seafood? (I’ll be several hours in-land in Oregon, but a heck of a lot closer than here!). And what else? Civil War Reenactments! Of course!


It’s late….

August 12, 2008

I should be packing…

But I’m not….

I start and then, it turns into such a mess, and that mess starts to look at me.

Do you have any idea how much CRAP a ten year old can cram into her tiny girly desk drawers? A LOT! A LOT of crap.

Instead I’m here. Listening to Pat Benatar–I need a hero. And I do.

Did you know that you can search for a specific exact thing inside a blog title URL like this:

“cupcakes” (Just like that. No spaces.)

Huh? Didja?

Cuz I so totally could have used that little tidbit last week when I was looking for awesome photos of awesome cupcakes.

And Didja know that it’s totally hilarious to type in “Carissa needs” into the google fun machine?

My favorite one is this:

Carissa needs to wipe off 2/3 of her make up” I do? That would leave me with only face, cuz girlz, I don’t wear MAKE-UP!


Carissa- needs two surgeries and Ive been told that each one will cost about $12000 along with an airline tickets and hotel stays” And that is funny of course, because uh…I just had TWO surgeries, but that makes it sound like I should have gotten new boobs, butt and a lovely trip to Costa Rica out of it!! (All I got was the screw back in a pee cup).

This is good:

“Villa Carissa needs to be cancelled at least 60 days prior in order to avoid penalties.” I’d say. Villa Carissa is closed right now due to an infestation of boxes and crap avoidance…but it will re-open in September…in Oregon! Feel free to make your reservations now!

Last one I promise:

“Carissa needs to wake up and realize it may be her husband next! ” It’s so true. He could succumb at any minute to the late night blogging addiction. What would we do if both of us became Mouse Potatoes?

Geez, wasn’t that fun? Your turn. Let me know if you enjoy it as much as I just did.

PS. I totally stole this idea from someone, and I cannot for the life of me and my 1:30AM brain remember where I saw it? MerlotMom? Bejewell? Sorry if it was YOU…I suck.

And another PS.
I made something beautiful today. (Yes I was supposed to be packing…but LOOK at this!)