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Boredom Buster: THE SCHEDULE….

July 17, 2008

The last post in my little Beat the Heat and the Boredom (with a stick) series!


How do I incorporate all those great things my very own kids came up with in the great LIST of Summer 2008? Here’s how. Remember the KID’s are in charge of most of this!

There’s only one real hard and fast rule.
The television and computer are limited to 1/2 hour per kid. So in my house, that could mean 1.5 hours of total TV time if they all agree to the same show! (This was the alternate plan, the first plan involved putting cable on hold. They were happy to agree to this plan, believe me!)

Mid-Morning is Movie day: (Our local Dollar Theater has 50 cent Mondays. We saw Speed Racer this week. And we don’t even care if we’ve seen the show before or not! For 50 cents, and free a/c we don’t care! And I’m totally cheap, no way am I paying $20 for popcorn and soda, we bring our own water and small snacks.) Check you local Cinemarks for Movie Deals.
Then we spend the rest of the afternoon using the list as a guide.
Mondays are also Planning Days:
Plan out various activities for the rest of the week. Any recipes for the cooking time, calling friends for playdate days and items needed for kid’s camp.

Early morning: Tennis–we make use of free courts in local parks. None of us knows what we are doing, but that’s the best part. And when we get tired out, we head to the swings and the little stream that runs near the park.
The rest of the day we fill in with items from our 4 hour list, and if playdates have been made they join in!

Pool Day–We try out a new pool each week. There are 6-8 county pools to pick from and
even a few friends with backyard pools to mooch off! We never get bored! (And the kids are beat by the time we get home, they don’t need entertaining at that point.)

Early Morning: Hikes and Walks. Plenty of local trails to mix it up! Some allow bikes, we LOVE that. Fill in the rest of the day from THE LIST and/or host a kid’s camp. This week we are having a ‘sidewalk chalk art show’.

Mid Morning: Park day and then over to adjacent library for our weekly ‘fix’. Fill in the day from THE LIST and have a Lemonade Stand! Especially good if they can use whatever they made from cooking time at the stand.

I know everyone is going to say what a lot of work… But seriously the kids do a lot of this. And remember I get as much as 4 hours of ‘work’ time. So it’s totally worth it to drag ’em off in the mornings knowing I get creative, happy kids come afternoon, with very little TV as babysitter!

The weekends you ask? What the heck is Dad for, after all?

How do you spell Weird?

July 16, 2008

What words do you mispell all the time?
(And don’t say I’m the only one who doese that?)

My most mised words?



Anything with an ent/ant ending!



I screw these up ALL THE STINKIN’ time. Love spell check. I espetially love it when spell check comes up with creataive alternitive words!

I wonce was trying to spell out dagnabit…and spell check came up with Danube. Yes, thats it, I was thinking of The Blue Danube insted of my mild expleltive!

My favorite is when spell check is no help. When I can’t even spell the word close enough for Mr. Check to even guess at what I’m trying to type!

According to the top 10 misspelled words on websites?

Incorrect — Correct

  1. · Independant — Independent
  2. · Accomodation— Accommodation
  3. · Definately — Definitely
  4. · Recieve — Receive
  5. · Opportunites — Opportunities
  6. · Thier — Their
  7. · Occured — Occurred
  8. · Infomation — Information
  9. · Offical — Official
  10. · Acitives — Activities

Wanna see the top 50?

Note they don’t mention Your/you’re issues. Dude that’s like it’s own post.

Princess TuTu to you…

July 15, 2008

Oh my heck, is this the cutest find ever? Handmade by Lisa who blogs at Two Lovelies. This little Monkey ballerina princess is in her etsy shop! And there are more… hint (ARGYLE)!


Boredom Buster: THE ACTUAL LIST

July 14, 2008

(The rules and schedule are next I promise. Well soon anyway….)

I shouldn’t have done that. Teased about the big list my kids came up with. The big list that was going to save our summer boredom lives.

The goal?

Fill up 8 half hour blocks of time with activities that (mostly) do not include mom. 4 hours, people!

Category 1:

Cooking Time— This works out to be snack time and play time all rolled into one!

(one day’s half hour is spent- a)finding recipes and b) writing up a list of any ingredients we might not have in the pantry!)

Recipes on their list:

  1. Strawberry Bread
  2. Chocolate Cheesecake squares
  3. Homemade Macaroni and Cheese
  4. Fruit Kabobs with yogurt dipping sauce
  5. Nachos
  6. Carrots and Ranch, Cheese and Crackers
  7. Sadie’s famous Chocolate cookies (2 eggs, ½ cup oil, one box chocolate cake mix—presto!)

(Later they added in the brilliant idea that once a week THEY would cook dinner! I love that one!)

Category 2:

Education/School Time—Believe it or not they love this one?

Options for this half hour time slot:

  1. Reading (to self or to younger sibling) Sadie is up to book 5 Harry Potter, Sassy is reading Magic Tree House and anything by Barbara Park, (just finished “Operation Dump The Chump”).
  2. Computer Games (you can find a bazillion suggestions for great edu/games, just google it!)
  3. A couple we like are: and and
  4. Play ‘school’, usually Sadie’s the ‘teacher’, but every so often I see ’em switch it around?

Category 3:

Sports—preferrably outside…

  1. Golf
  2. Soccer
  3. Baseball (or T-ball for TK)
  4. Learn how to play Cricket?
  5. Bowling
  6. Tennis

(Make up your own ‘yard’ versions of these games and away you go!)

Category 4:

Science—this is a lot like cooking time…

  1. Make goop.
  2. Make sidewalk paint (from cornstarch)
  3. Make homemade bubbles
  4. Dig up worms from the ‘worm factory’ AKA mom’s compost heap.
  5. Goto Library, get book on science experiments for kids (this was on the list I swear…I’m just typing it).

Category 5:

Art Time—always a favorite…

  1. Rainbow Paint
  2. Markers, crayons, regular paint
  3. Work on scrapbooks
  4. Chalk art
  5. Foam Shape art
  6. Make props for Drama (see Cat. 6)

Category 6:

Drama—(and other live action stuff)

  1. Skits
  2. Plays
  3. Commercials
  4. Magic Shows
  5. Choreograph their own Dances
  6. Fashion Shows

And then video their hard work…that’s the best part!

Category 7:

Free Time—They love this one too. (After coming up with all this other stuff, they love just hanging out)

  1. Time alone in bedroom
  2. Play in playroom
  3. Read
  4. Play in backyard
  5. Find friends in the neighborhood
  6. Barbies/Polly Pocket/Cars/Ben10

Category 8:

Bigger projects–

  1. Kid’s Camp—On the weeks we run one of these, a lot of the other categories are spent planning and preparing for this. See my post about it here.
  2. Lemonade stands fall under this one too.

At the bottom of the big list, they added a few ‘hopefuls’

  1. Go bowling.
  2. Museums.
  3. Drive to Cove Fort, Utah.
  4. Ride the train and have lunch with Dad.
  5. Visit the local ‘gardens’.
  6. Spend a day at the local Theme Park.
  7. Have cousin’s over for several days at a time.

Don’t ya love Summer time with kids?


July 11, 2008
Have you seen great hats like this? I have. And I immediately think when I see ’em, “I can’t pull that off”.

I’m still not sure how I managed to get this hat? Rhea over at TexasWordTangle, (is that the best name for a blog or what?) was having a great contest giveaway. (This hat was part of it!) She had a whole assorted set of stuff to give away. Hers happened to take place during the same time I was having my first contest. I entered her contest and did not win. She entered my contest and DID!

I was joking with her about finding out that some people will not give out mailing addresses, even when they win a contest (why do they enter I was wondering). I asked if she was going to be that kind of winner? (No, I sent her the bag) Turns out one of her winners didn’t respond or wouldn’t give out their address… I whined a little that sheesh, I really wanted one of those GREAT PINK HATS! And she was all, sure why not, I have an extra one anyway.

And via the great postal system, our two contests passed in the night. She ended up with a great pink silk tote, and I with this cool hat.

What do you think? Can I pull it off? Yee-Haw! And all that?

PhotoStory Friday
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Boredom Busters: Summer fun for Kids…

July 9, 2008

Here’s our second idea from the ‘big list’ to beat the summer duds and doldrums.

Help your kids put on their own Kid’s Camp!

We’ve managed it twice so far. First Sassy makes handmade invitations. She then delivers them to with kids up and down our street. They read like a birthday party invite, so of course everyone’s thrilled. They add: cost is $1 per kid. (Yeah, don’t usually add that for birthdays, eh…?). Mom has already fronted the cash for some dollar store crafts. Sassy and Sadie then make up some P-nut butter rice crispies, and (after finding out one of the little boys up the street is a diabetic) Sugar-free Kool-Aide.

Once the kids show up, they are divided into three groups (which my daughters insist on calling ‘centers’—school language these days has changed eh?) One group to the garage for chalk art and giant bubble blowing contests. Second group to the backyard for swinging fun and splashing in the kiddy pool. And last group was supposed to be at the art station.

BUT… have you seen the little make it yourself bouncy ball kits?

I thought they seemed like the perfect craft for kids to make and then TAKE outside, right? Wrong.

They do work up easy enough, just pour in mold (only one comes in the kit however), and dip in water. (Weird? The scientist in me really wants to know what the heck the reaction in water is doing!?) Here’s the but part. They take a while to dry out and be usable…as in play OUTSIDE with?? Plus I really had to do all the craft part, the tiny dust/beads were hard for little fingers to pour into the ONLY mold. And ONLY one person could be making one at a time…

Back to the camp.

After a few rotations. And the snacks were well eaten, (and the kids were well soaked from the splashing part). It was time for Ice Pops, and good byes.

Including mine, there were 11 kids total. And enough money to buy supplies for the next round…

As if.

But it does get some serious creative juices flowing in my kids for the preparation part. They planned everything out down to the last crumb. And they get so excited on the actual ‘camp’ day, it’s great to watch them!

If you’re busy and you know it, CLAP your hands…

July 7, 2008

You know you are busy when….

1. You have more orders than you have time, and honestly you didn’t do any real marketing?

2. You can’t keep up with your kids and they are on summer break for heaven’s sake!

3. You agree to be a contributor to a fast growing mommy networking website. (Me? Really? Are they kidding?) I posted my first article, and it was a little like shoving out my first child… so please, somebody read it! This is what the picture looked like anyway….

4. You can’t find the time to make the website that is bringing in the orders look professional! (Because orders are already coming in…?)

5. You spend a long weekend out at your mother’s, ‘to use her serger’, but your sister ends up on bedrest and you spend a lot of the time helping out with her kids and playing in her pool with your own kids…

6. You can’t find the time to update your dang blog…and it’s the one thing that got all the rest of this stuff rolling!

But at least you have these to show for it:

Oh my heck! The Giraffe print finally…And while I planned to pair it with pink…my funky friend chose the green. And wow! It’s totally fab.

The red paisley in a small tote…

A request for a key fob inside the tote? How cool is that?

More spirodots. Very popular.

And my second black paisley large tote.

And last but not least…See I like the pink with the Giraffe, after all!


How’d your fireworks go?

July 5, 2008

We totally groove on the 4th.

Uncle Sam.
Potato Salad.
The grand ole flag.
Neil Diamond singing “AMERICA” (TO-day….).
A great flippin’ parade (we were sitting right next to Senator Bennet..pretty cool eh?).
A bloody lip. (TK’s–not mine).
Our family hanging out together.
Glow sticks.


FIREWORKS. 20 minutes of fireworks. Who doesn’t love that much pyrotechnics in one little park? And don’t say Babies and Grandmas. I won’t believe you.

Sassy (7yrold) said:
“This is my favorite holiday…, next to Christmas.”

That’s a pretty big deal I’d say?

TK said: “This was a really long holiday.” On our way home from the fireworks nearly falling asleep and nearly 10:30PM.


4th of July….Our style…

July 4, 2008

Happy 4th-ing to you! Go out and light it up for us (Cuz no fireworks are allowed in our neck of the foothills).

Potato Salad vs. Macaroni Salad for the picnic? Help me, please. As a former Idaho gal, potatoes rule of course. But the kids prefer plain ole pasta…. oh well.

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Make my blog header fit! (PLEASE!)

July 3, 2008

Does this header make my butt look too big?

Some people think I’m rude. I prefer ‘forward’. But oh well.
This online stuff just seems to make it oh so easy to barge right in and ask:

“Can I fix that for you?”

Twice now, I’ve been happily reading along on my rainbow blog tour, and seen a blog header that was hanging out over it’s wrapper. And I just asked. Didn’t even know the good sisters.

“Can I show you how to make your blog header wrapper wider”?

And it turns out. They both said yes. And they even still seem to be my friends. Despite my rudeness forwardness.

I helped Ms. SassyPants fit back into her Sassy Pants. See this header below? Today it fits.

And for my little now you see it-now you don’t. Check this blog. I’m going to teach Kaye how to get that header back in line! Ready? Let’s cheer her on…

If you have a standard blogger template then let’s get started.

Goto layout—HTML.

Highlight all of the code in the box and save it in an email page or something. (in case we totally screw it up) We won’t. But still. Because you will never hit save unless you have hit preview and it worked…right?? Right???
We are going to make 3 changes. The outer wrapper (the whole thing). The main wrapper (where your posts are), and then your header wrapper. Can you do it? Yes you can! After each change check the preview. Then wait to save the whole thing at the end. Here we go…..

Hit control F. Then in the little find box at the bottom of your screen you will search for:

#outer-wrapper {
width: 660px;

You will change the 660 number to 850.

Then you will search for:

#main-wrapper {
width: 410px;

Change 410 to 600 (this will give you a bigger posting space. And don’t we all need a little more room to maneuver? It’s just a phrase.)

Then you will search for

#header-wrapper {

This is tricky. I think you can change the header size to 840 and be just perfect? Might have to hit preview a few times and see if it fits? If it’s still too wide, you will go back and change the #outer-wrapper width to bigger than 850. Or if it all seems too wide you can bring the numbers down in 50 pixel increments, and then even tweak them by 10 pixel increments?

My blog’s outer wrapper is 950. And my header is 850 for comparison.

Also, please see Miss PrincessandthePeas. (I helped ‘pink’ up her header).

Any questions? You know what to do.