Social Networks, What ARE they?

Social NetWHATZ??

And why would I want to use a Social Network?

Believe me I’m not totally sure. And it’s taken me several months to figure out the little I know! But I’ll share with you anyway.

I kept asking? What is Twitter? (And I’m so not into Facebook or Myspace—so don’t ask about those—won’t have teenagers for a while- I’ll deal with ‘em then…)

And the answer to my Twitter question?It’s a social network”.


Gee Thanks.

If all these outside things are social networks, what the heck is my blog? Cuz it’s pretty darn social? Isn’t it a network? Probably not. Unless my mom reading about TK’s stitches counts?

I tried it.

I registered on –Or tried to. Everything I came up with related to Good&Crazy was taken. That sucked. So I resorted to my old handle, my email username “rogbark”—don’t ask. It goes way back. I didn’t do much with my account at first. It will check your email addresses and find your ‘friends’, if they are registered Twitters. (Which is kind of creepy if you think about it—having it reach into your computer that way?) But it found a few people I ‘knew’ and there I was ‘following’ them.

At this point I didn’t contribute anything. I just pulled up my ‘home’ twitter page and could see the running commentary of my fellow twitters. (You can only type in 140 characters—and this small snippet is called a ‘tweet’). I finally got brave enough and tried a couple of my own tweets—it asks: “What are you doing right now?”

Okay? What does that mean?

My first tweet… [Foot surgery Recovery…Fun stuff… And Ice Cream.]. And later…

[ Oh my heck, heck heck, ThreeUnder I know you. Like I sort of know you. And like, I think twitter just worked for like the first time evah!

So now what? Who cares?
Well, a handful of those I ‘followed’ chose to ‘follow’ me back. So they now could see my tweets—but no one else could? How weird is that? You’re tweeting off into the nether worlds of the internet… Slowly a few more folks decided to ‘follow’ me and I began following their fellow twitter pals, and then more…are you with me so far?

I ‘talk’ sort of…with

Scribbit, Velveteen Mind, Mommypie, Alladither, threeundertwo…and I think I might have convinced MooshinIndy to follow me…but there are 67 other followers too. And I love them all just the same.

Now the question is why? Why do I want more twitter followers? Well (finally) here’s where the networking comes in. Do you want the world to see your Etsy shop? How ‘bout a few extra bloggy readers and pals? Did you just post the coolest shots of a fabulous chair you refinished yourself? TWEET about it! Did you accidentally find a great mommy blog and want to share your new find? Tweet away. Now all your fellow Twitter followers will know about your shop/blog/new find!

Off you go. Click rogbark and then hit the follow button and register yourself on Twitter. Who knows, you might like it. Socially and

PS. Last night? I twittered with Fussypants, Wearethatfamily, DomesticChicky and Janeycat. All pretty cool cats.

Some good tips I just found…


16 Responses to “Social Networks, What ARE they?”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    Oh good gravy I have no idea what you just said…but dog gone-it if I’m going to let that stop me! Here I am, supposed to be WORKING (yeah…at home, really???) and I’m trying to figure out twitters and tweets. Is this like the “My Spaces” for the 30-somethings?! They sure made it a whole lot more complicated for us old-folk. Geesh. Thanks, I’ll now be up till 3am.

  2. Jocasta Says:

    OK I’ve registered – not that that is going to help me!I’m lost!!!Facebook is far easier – I don’t get myspace however!!!

  3. Laura Says:

    Wow that quote a lot of T’s. Sounds like another way to spend WAY too much of time on the computer. I have issues limiting that.I love FACEBOOK. Having left my hometown I have reconnected with many of my old friends. It’s been wonderful. It’s not all tween like Myspace. Totally adult and grown up way to find your friends. DO you think I am defending facebook too much? Ha ha.

  4. Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life Says:

    First…thanks for the link to the bread post…it’s almost exactly what I picture my first attempt to be…As for this…I personally don’t think I could handle one more responsibility…I alrready spend 2 hours reading…ugh

  5. noble pig Says:

    I remain Twitterless.

  6. JenniBeanV Says:

    And now I am following you! Comment once? You’re pretty cool! Comment more than once? You have my undying adoration. ;-D

  7. Cecily R Says:

    Twitter is fun…and you’re right. It is a good way to get people to see your sites. The guys I work with and for are WAY into social marketing. Its a huge part of online marketing. 🙂

  8. LuckyGirl Says:

    I have been resisting the whole Twitter thing, but maybe it’s time I give up and jump in. Maybe. We’ll see tomorrow.

  9. Alice Says:

    All this social networking stuff gets a bit overwhelming. But now I feel the need to check out Twitter. Urgh.

  10. Scribbit Says:

    It’s hard to tell how effective social networks can be–I’ve read good posts that vote both ways on this. I figure why not?

  11. angie Says:

    I have been wondering about Twitter. I’ve heard it’s a must but haven’t been convinced.

  12. mrsbear0309 Says:

    I’m new to this whole Twitter thing, thanks for clearing some of that up, tho I still feel like I’m in the dark…I’ll follow you.

  13. Rachel Says:

    I started to Twitter — and then I stopped Twittering. I’m not sure if I’m cut out to Twitter.By the way, I can remember the make/model of that car because I drove it for nearly 12 years!!!!! I hated that car!

  14. All Adither Says:

    I resisted twitter at first. But it sucked me into its tweety little vortex. I’m gonna go double check that I’m following you.

  15. Yes, my name is Arizona Says:

    I just joined twitter. I don’t know why. Just sounds fun since I’m usually doing something someone would be so interested in hearing about (like changing a diaper blow out, wiping a snotty nose, or picking toe jam). Maybe i’ll twitter next time I go pee. Won’t that be interesting? lol! My twitter name is itsarizona. I’ll find you and add you to my list of people I follow.

  16. Kristen Andrews Says:

    I love my social networks! still trying to figure our the Twitter thing, not sure if I am into it.

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